Series: 75 years second world war – “German soldiers uncontrollably against the civilian population went before”.

Although England and France declared war on Germany on 3 September 1939, Hitler’s statement went on. Because, in the aftermath of the Western powers remained largely passive. This phase of the second world war, which lasted until the beginning of the German West campaign in May 1940, went down in history as "Phoney war" or "Strange war". And in the East, the infamous "Hitler-Stalin Pact" gave the German dictator free rein. It was not only a non-aggression pact. In a secret supplementary Protocol, both parties had divided among them Poland and across Eastern Europe. "From the outset German soldiers went in completely uninhibited against the Polish civilian population", says Jochen Böhler, historian at the University of Jena. In some places, massacre with hundreds of victims had been held. Although it comes in each war to war crimes, but those of the September campaign had gone beyond that in conventional wars to there normal measure. "The reason for this was probably mainly, that in the minds of the German soldiers the image of the ‘Slav Untermenschen’ Herum was haunted, that the Nazis had always propagated", added the expert. . Similar data can be found reading

+++ NewsTicker Landtag election in Saxony +++: new extrapolation NPD sees No more in the Landtag.

The right-wing NPD failed after the recent ZDF projection with 4.9 per cent short of the five percent hurdle and is therefore not move back to the Landtag. According to figures published on the Sunday evening of the election research group comes the CDU to 39.8 percent, the SPD on 12.4, the left party on 18.3 and the AfD to 9.9 per cent. The FDP is represented by 4.1 per cent therefore No more in the Landtag. The participation in the Landtag election in Saxony is the second-lowest since World War II in Germany. According to first projections, only 48.5 percent of the electorate cast their votes. The turnout was only once before a State election less than 50 percent: in 2006 only 44.4 percent of the electorate voted in Saxony-Anhalt. The CDU has emerged as the clear winner according to a forecast of the ARD, must however seek a new coalition partner. The watch published forecast by infratest come dimap according to the Christian Democrats of Prime Minister Stanislaw Tillich to 39 percent on Sunday to 18 00, her previous coalition partners clearly fails FDP with 3.5 percent from the five percent hurdle. The euro-critical AfD creates the leap in the Landtag with 10.0 percent right off the bat. The party comes to 19.0 percent, the SPD improved slightly to 12.5 percent and the Greens reached 6.0 percent. The far-right NPD could be represented with 5.0 percent again in the Parliament. In Saxony the CDU Minister President Stanislaw chose Tillich clear the election is. According to the forecasts published on Sunday by ARD and ZDF, the left party as the second strongest force can say ahead of the SPD. The AfD moves accordingly for the first time in a Parliament. According to forecasts, the FDP fails, however, at the five percent hurdle. After already at noon an even lower turnout than in 2009 to have emerged, the next value remains Very much low. Until 4: 00, 33.3 per cent of the beneficiaries their voice fired first, how informed the national electoral Director. Five years ago the turnout at this time was 36.4 percent in the previous election, it was due to end in 2009 of just 52.2%. Be proceed even under 50 percent of the Saxons to the election this year? The turnout still well below the values of 2009 is also at noon. 12 00 pm had gone in rainy weather and cool temperatures only 14.9 percent of the voters to vote. 2009, there were 19.4 percent at the same time. In the Chemnitz region clock had chosen 12 00 15.2 percent of the electorate, in the region of Dresden, it was 16 percent in Leipzig only 12.5 percent. It is expected a share by mail voters by 9.1 percent. As a new coalition partner till ego CDU the SPD has provided already, that will be the third-strongest force behind the left party. The Greens could create the re-entry in the Parliament polls. Eagerly awaited was the cutting off of the euro-critical party alternative for Germany (AfD), which could retract in Saxony for the first time ever in a State Parliament. Already at the European elections and the Bundestag election the AfD in the free State had achieved considerable success. In Saxony, the State elections have started. Around 3.4 million citizens are called upon to determine the composition of the State Parliament in Dresden. The CDU Minister President Stanislaw Tillich can expect according to polls, to become once again the strongest party. The-FDP ruling so far with the Christian Democrats has, however, little chance a re-entry in the State Parliament. Thus, the Liberals are before losing their last bastion of power. . Related text can be inspected visiting link.

Cattle kill farmer in Upper Bavaria.

Altötting – attacks from cows to humans in the Alps have made headlines in the recent past. Now, a farmer in Upper Bavaria by his animals has been killed. A farmer has been attacked by his cattle in the upper Bavarian Pleiskirchen and killed. The 57-year-old was found dead on Sunday in a pasture of his court, as communicated to the police headquarters in Rosenheim. The farmer wanted to collect 60 cows and a bull, which were during the night in the open air, in the early morning in the barn. In one or more of the animals attacked the investigation after him. You injured him so severely that he died on the pasture. The wife found her lifeless man against 6 15. In the recent past, attacks by cattle on people in Austria had made headlines. End of July a German hiker in the Stubai Valley was killed in an attack by cows. 20 cows and calves wallowed the 45 years of bad Dürkheim, in Rhineland-Palatinate, to death. She was on the road with her dog on a hiking trail, when the animals attacked. Probably, the animals wanted to protect their calves from the dog. . For extended data on this matter read weblink.

Freedom of religion: Why threatened Christians now need help.

Today, the Federal Cabinet will probably decide weapon supplies to the Kurds in the northern Iraq. Terror itself but will not distribute the weapons – the Christians in the region fear that the guns are aimed at the end also against them. Therefore one of the help also, generously to include persecuted Christians in Germany. In the Iraq, but also in Syria will find Instead of a murderous religious cleansing of terrible proportions. They destroyed the culture of the region, which included the many ancient Christian communities. She will bear further violence, religious wars and warriors of the faith. She will be further apart world’s Christians and Muslims. On Sunday, the Federal Cabinet will probably decide weapon supplies to the Kurds in the northern Iraq. Maybe that will stop the rise of terrorists because the Kurds can build up to a balance of terror. Itself but these weapons will not be distributing to terror. Already, Yazidis as Christians fear that the German guns could be addressed at the end also against them. The N on the houses is a portent, a fire sign on the wall. It is the sign of the increasingly religiously charged conflicts – and the sign of a growing worldwide persecution of Christians. You must to not seek the macabre ranking of the Organization of open doors, at the North Korea Iraq, is ranked one of the Tracker, followed by Somalia, Syria. 2013, the major Christian churches in Germany presented an investigation: according to the Christians in 111 countries around the world of special discrimination and persecution are exposed. They are in North Korea and China, they are also in Latin America, where priests are afflicted, who stand on the side of the poor. They are mainly there, where they live as minorities in Muslim countries in Asia, Africa, the near and Middle East, there so, where fanaticism and violence have increased dramatically in the name of Islam. The Christians there To want be no martyr, unlike many of their predecessors in ancient Rome who is knelt in Holy zeal against hungry Lions. You To want Live simply, without being robbed without having fear of death to their children and themselves. However, they are now victims of the development of the last decades in the region and the world. They pay the price of that from the conflict between secular PLO and secular Zionists, the fight has become the radical Islamic Hamas against the religious right in Israel. You pay the price that will be inflated since the 1979 Iranian revolution and the attacks of 2001 clashes as holy wars and Crusades. The Christians pay for George W. Bush’s Messianism with which he wanted to make the Iraq by invasion to a better country. The IS terrorists don’t get the ex-President, so they adhere to those who are the agents of the West in their eyes – and them defenseless. No one protects the religious minorities in the region, this is the bitter realization of in recent weeks. There is there no civil culture, in which the Muslim neighbors for the Christians or Yazidis next door would stand up. Not only the weapons make strong the various terrorist groups. A many years of indoctrination has prepared the ground her, spread propaganda stations, financed with petrodollars from the Arabian Peninsula: the evil Judeo Christian West suppressed the Muslims. This affects in the Muslim communities in Germany. . Root facts may be studied visiting the following home page.

Referendum subjunctive.

You can already have many pr practice in saying things without saying them, or tell them so it does not appear that the s is saying, which is another side of the same coin. Or the m s consummate expert in folds them language can prevent capsizing when the facts approach, with their annoying habit of settled in the binary key: what dies does not survive, who loses no wins, which abstains does not. At least in this reality in which you have to meet your commitments, not it may be something yet and its opposite, or yet and its opposite sec n c mo, qui n and for what, to be desired, and save a lot of problems. To make matters worse, there are always unforeseen, or eventualities that quiz one should foresee but did not take into account, that it is often what they represent the surprise events. Not told with the final ticking sound with the accompany ing of the collapse of the big lie of the founding father of the franchise that holds you, exponi ndola there s thing to the scorn and the jibes of the enemy, but to the desktop I pulo and the reluctance of the other part of the Pact, forced to swallow and digest the Toad, worse or better, in order to prevent crashes that commitment to she requires one thing and for youWhat going you to do to another. . Original source could be studied checking the following

Health: why we need a clinical control of health services.

For more than 10 years I am convinced that one of the novelties that we enter is the method of control of health services on randomized samples of citizen-patients by me released in 2003 and 2008. Just the perception of control to decrease the risk of abuse.  Only in this way can you medical and health scoverebbero that "use" the medicine, the doubts and the fears of those who suffer. Only in this way would increase public confidence in the health care system by reducing defensive medicine real economic plague (10 billion/year): visits, exams and assistance not for the public good, but for the fear of a complaint or worse for the sole purpose of cashing out. For example, in a unit of Ophthalmology regional health structure, the Noc has challenged and crossed out a medical record of a lady made of cataracts that had not been done sign a consent (the official one of the Soi was regularly present and signed in folder). Certainly a formal error (although unnecessarily doubles), but probably no one has checked that the lady has recovered his full sight in that eye (10/10) which justifies the social spending. They stopped at the purely health not bureaucratic.   And, on the other hand, thanks to these kinds of controls, in my opinion, useless and limited, we forgot the Santa Rita, San Raffaele, Maharana, Stamina and many others where the lack of clinical controls led to an involvement of the judiciary, sometimes late, for damages up to death and refunds not motivated. . You can read the following to learn more about this great topic.

Finale of celebrity big brother: infinite inner wasteland.

Of course, Saksena said the party after the show, the after show party, but as accurate you may not accept that the APD Cheshire cat after 14 days, where it was always to present what hired a dozen More or less well-known Führte in a hermetically sealed under the supervision of about to the send clock cameras. As a result, that one felt In fact a little sorry for this year for those figures, which were exhibited there for two weeks and, worse, mostly left to themselves. Nothing was funny, all the more embarrassing for it. You saw the hit Wallace in the arguably ugliest white bathing suit in the world. We experienced the former Hamburg Senator Ronald Schill in the nude, and it was forced constantly to look any babes on the breasts. In between, it was then still ponders what could well be the tactics of Big Brother and how you arrive well out there. Imprisoned in a Cologne, the candidates were House, in which you could revel in luxury above, but below cool in the gloom there was and had to eat only grains. And had to change the candidates from the top downward and then back again. In it, the dramaturgical concept exhausted Very much quickly. . For extra on this matter click

Regional and departmental elections held before the summer 2015?

The Government is working to fix before summer 2015, in order to avoid censorship of the Constitutional Council, the date of the departmental elections and regional he wanted so far postpone December 2015 these elections were originally to take place next March, but the Bill on the new map of the regions, currently under discussion in the Parliament, provides repulsed in December 2015.  According to several sources, the risk is considered too high by the Executive for the Constitutional Council to oppose the holding of departmental elections (ex-cantonal) in December 2015, is much later than the theoretical end of the mandate of the General Councillors.  In order to avoid a censorship, the Government now seeks to find a date less distant to the departmental, but also for the regional, the idea being always the two elections to be held on the same day. We are still working on the concomitance of the two elections, assured a source close to Manuel Valls.  As to the exact date of the elections, it is premature to talk about March or June because no date is stopped, assured at Matignon.  But there is a work and ongoing reflection to allow regional and cantonal elections to be held earlier, together, says this source.  According to another source close to Manuel Valls, June is the more seriously considered. Bring forward the elections however a problem of size: it means to advance the date of creation of the new 13 regions, currently scheduled to January 1, 2016.  If we must move forward the date of the elections which seems likely, should create regions at an earlier date, work is ongoing to find the terms and conditions. Sought, Matignon confirmed a work and reflection to constitutionally secure the calendar of cantonal and regional elections. . For more data on this matter read url.

Photojournalism: 26th edition of Visa pour l’image between crisis and conflicts.

The Visa pour l’image international photojournalism festival opens Saturday at Perpignan in the South of the France with backdrop of this 26th edition a growing concern for a profession heavily threatened by crisis and conflict. News requires, the hot topics of the news will set the tone with this year Ukraine, Gaza, the Syria, Iraq,. but the memory of the many journalists who lost their lives on the ground, including 70 from 2014, should be ubiquitous. Journalists have no weapons and that is why they are targeted, exclaimed the Director and founder of Visa pour l’image, Jean-François Leroy with the 2014 edition in Perpignan this week. On this occasion, he paid a tribute to James Foley, American journalist hostage more than two years and then slain August before a camera somewhere in the Middle East. He also referred to the photographer American Chris Hondros, killed in Libya in 2011, or Anja Niedringhaus, German photographer shot dead in Kabul by afghan policeman in April in which two posthumous tributes will be made. Not to mention the young Frenchwoman Camille Lepage was killed in Central African Republic on May 12. Award Camille Lepage should soon be established, said Mr. Leroy. The risks incurred by this profession is compounded by the ease with which tens of photos today are produced and purchased for bite-sized pieces of bread. Thus the founder of Visa pour l’image denounced in an editorial introducing the program of the Festival, which runs from August 30 to September 14, an increasingly common practice: the package. It describes the distress of a great photographer that he does not appoint face photos of today price: 0.58 euro for a snapshot of the Arab spring or 0.88 for another on the fall of the Berlin wall. My photos (cheaper) are worth a condom, he entrusts this photographer, a heavyweight of the profession with more than 30 years of experience everywhere in the world. The president of the Association Visa pour l’image, Jean-Paul Griolet, calls using the political and financial world. We must act quickly to save the Photojournalism of current financial profit alone, he said. -Replay of the war in Vietnam – photojournalism, contrary to popular opinion, does not seem threatened by budding videographers and photographers who seek to sell exclusive documents, stresses Mr. Leroy. An exhibition tentatively titled Amateurs on the spot is also devoted to them at the Visa pour l’image 26th. This new edition presents also a replay of the war of the Viet Nam with pictures of those in the North, these Vietnamese photographers, Doan Cong Tinh, Mai Nam or Hua Kiem which covered the conflict under the bombs of the B52 Americans. Two exhibitions, one of Pierre Terdjman and Michaël Zumstein, depict the inter-community violence in Central Africa. Mary F. Calvert addresses sexual assault in the U.S. Army and Olivier Laban-Mattei the intensive exploitation of the subsoil of Mongolia. Anne Rearick has its tales of a township of South Africa and Gaël Turine 3 wall. 200 km between the India and Bangladesh, unknown to the general public. Finally, the AFP is present via a collective exhibition on the Typhoon Haiyan, which hit the Philippines in November 2013. Ten price (Visa Gold news, magazine, media daily,.) and fellowships (Getty Images, Pierre and Alexandra Boulat,.) will be awarded, for a total of about 157. 000 euros. . Related data can be found visiting

M6 puts Rising Star in orbit.

The show, already sold in 40 countries, had a success in the United States on ABC. "But it has worked very well to the Brazil and Portugal, where he defeated nine times on The twelve, Voice", argues Thomas Valentin. In France, the season 3 of ‘The Voice’, a telecrochet produced by Shine, made a carton on TF1, loyalty averaged 7.5 million viewers (33% audience share). M6 hope to do as well with Rising Star, purchased "significantly less than EUR 1 million", insists Nicolas de Tavernost. The chain hopes to seduce the public with several innovations as stitched hand, the format around the seam bought the BBC which starts next Saturday. Gogglebox, another English show filming the reactions of viewers before their small screen, will arrive by the end of the year.  Objective Top Chef, Top Chef declination, disembark during the season. M6 will also build on a new American series Extand with actress Halle Berry, and will also broadcast the season 2 of Under the Dome. Here in a few months, the chain may take an initial assessment and see if the bootstrapped changes are sufficient. . You must read the following web site to read extra regarding this interesting subject.