Pakistan, blasphemous picture on Facebook: woman and two little girls arse lives.

LAHORE-a woman and two teenagers ahmadi, a Muslim sect, were killed by a mob in Pakistan after an adolescent of their community has been accused of publishing a blasphemous picture on Facebook. The triple murder took place yesterday in the city of Gujranwala, located a hundred kilometers north of Lahore, capital of the central province of Punjab. According to reports by the local police, a teenager of the ahmadi minority, Aqib Salim, he posted on Facebook a blasphemous picture that sparked the wrath of a Muslim friend. It seems that the image would contain a nude scene with, in the background, the great mosque of Mecca. The two teenagers have begun to see that the under the gaze of the crowd, who then burned the homes of people of faith Ahmadi. A woman, a child of seven years and another just a year are so death by suffocation, according to the Chief of Police called to investigate murders and about possible accusations of blasphemy against the young ahmadi, which remained unscathed in the fury of the crowd. Blasphemy law in Pakistan provides the death penalty for people who insult Muhammad and life imprisonment for those who burn the Koran. In recent years were addressed several appeals to Pakistani authorities to change this rule, often used against Christians and Ahmadis. The ahamdi consider themselves Muslims and revere their founder Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, believed to be the Messiah awaited after the death of the Prophet Muhammad. However, Pakistani law of 1974 considers them non-Muslims, does not authorize them to call their mosque, a place of worship or to go on a pilgrimage to Mecca. . For extended data about this topic click web site.

Escalation of violence in Libya.

A cloud of black smoke obscured this Monday the skies of Tripoli, the Libyan capital. The day before, a rocket struck a tank containing six million litres of gasoline, located on the road to Tripoli airport. Zone scene of heavy fighting between rival militias. The tank on fire is close to several other tanks of gas and diesel, and a second tank would have received, according to the spokesman of the Libyan national oil company, Mohamed al-Hrawi. The latter calls for international assistance while the situation beyond all control. "Firefighters have left the site permanently. The situation is now out of control", he said Monday. The Government has called "citizens living within a radius of 3 km from the location (of the fire) to leave their homes immediately. The outbreak of violence that strikes the capital but also the city of Benghazi in the East, is the worst since the fall of Muammar al-Gaddafi in 2011. In the South of the capital, fighting between two rival militias fighting for control of the international airport of Tripoli, closed since July 13. One side, the Islamist brigades and Misrata. on the other, their rivals in the town of Zentan, considered moderates. Heavily armed militia made of former rebels who fought against Gaddafi, that this fragile Government is unable to control. Since the clashes erupted two weeks ago, 94 people were killed in the capital and more than 400 were injured, according to the Ministry of health. In addition to the incessant fighting, the population must also cope with increasingly more frequent power cuts and a shortage of gasoline. At Benghazi, in the East of the country, fifty-five people have also lost their lives, while the fighting intensifies between the forces of the retired general Khalifa Haftar and Islamist groups. Faced with such violence, the Libyan Government does not hide his helplessness, warned against "the collapse of the State. The fear of a civil war is in all minds, and the transitional authorities have so far failed to set up an army and a police professional. In addition, the clashes at Tripoli airport illustrate rivalries of Libyan politics, after the legislative elections of June 25. In these elections, candidates could present themselves as an individual. The training of parliamentary blocks is still TBD but according to elected representatives and observers, the Islamists have lost ground, that they thus attempt to catch up militarily. The new Parliament, which will sit in Benghazi, which will come into service on August 4, will be as heavy strives to purposes violence hampering the country’s democratic transition. Climbing has prompted the United Nations, the United States, the Turkey and several European countries to withdraw their diplomatic personnel in the country. The France was thus asked Sunday to its nationals – less than 100 – to leave the Libya. "Due to degradation of the security situation, it is asked our nationals in Libya to leave the country for emergency and get in touch with our Embassy," said the website of the french Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Full appeal in the evacuation, a convoy of the British Embassy also was attacked Sunday morning near Tripoli, without injuries. Facing these departures, the Libyan Ministry of health fears a shortage in medical personnel, especially after the announcement of the Philippines of the evacuation of their nationals, including 3. 000 doctors and nurses, according to Tripoli. . For additional information regarding this topic read

The State Council wants to maintain the confidentiality of the conversations of prisoners.

The Council of State ordered the prison administration to guarantee the confidentiality of telephone conversations at the centre of detention of Vezin-le-Coquet, near Rennes, learned on Monday in a press release of the international Observatory of prisons (OIP). During a visit to the detention centre in 2010, the Comptroller general of places of deprivation of liberty noted that phones made available to persons detained in this facility were placed + near the landing grid where the noise is important +, forcing detainees to + speak loudly, and even screaming + to be heard with so + impairment to privacy and confidentiality when it comes to his spouse or his lawyer.explains the OIP. Lack of improvement in the situation, the judge of the administrative tribunal of Rennes had been seized by the OIP, the Union of young lawyers (UJA), the Syndicat des avocats de France (SAF) and the order of the lawyers of the bar of Rennes. The judge of the administrative tribunal of Rennes ordered April 23 the Director of the penitentiary centre to make improvements to ensure this privacy for telephone conversations of prisoners with their lawyers or their families, within three months. But the Minister of justice had appealed this decision. In a judgment given on 23 July, the Council of State dismissed the appeal of the Garde des Sceaux and therefore confirms the judgment of first instance. Contacted by AFP, interregional Directorate of prison services (DISP) of the Great West said that her organization had seized administrative jurisdiction over a subject which concerns not only the DISP Rennes and the penitentiary for men of Vezin. The cabins have been designed and installed in institutions following a precise specification, indicated the same source. What will be done will be following the instructions of the Central Administration, says the DISP. The OIP in its communiqué considers for its part that to address this issue of confidentiality among the measures which would be less costly for the administration appear to authorize a framed use of mobile phone in prison, as claims including for years the general control of places of deprivation of liberty. It is now urgent that this reflection is committed, ensures the OIP. . Extended data can be found reading blog.

We are all a brand the web guru for business.

The speech on the brand came out from the confines of things, goods to reach people. Remember that it all started at the time of the explosion of the Benetton brand, projected into the global world and when the legendary Andrea scholar Mohammed started talking about social dissemination of the brand while Jacques Séguéla wrote that makes for the imagination are like people have a character style, and a mission. Hence the possibility for communication to make brands of star Hollywodiane. It was called star strategy. Since that time for entrepreneurs but especially managers more prepared road was tasked to look at the cultural context whose brand is part and leave the technicalities of self-reference and aziendalismo because only in this way was and you can compete and projecting the brand in other cultures. Today the situation is bounced from the brand to the person, people, individual identities in relation with social media and network draw and attract the identity of brands. With an interesting note that personal branding is different from what the appellant means building a Vulgate here change image typical expressions of the ‘ 80-’ 90 tired and outdated that suggest at least the support to a speech by a promise based on the excessive emphasis of the elements deemed positive. There must be more to build an image, but have a reputation, even in its communication. This My personal branding Sofia Unleashes web writer and Professor of psychology at the Catholic University, offers a wide and thorough guide that unlike other disciplines of personal improvement suggests how key communication focus in on the real values of the person those who do stand out from the crowd, those who do notice and remember escaping from the cloying self-reference. To learn how to manage the complex fingerprints that inevitably we leave for the best possible brand. In the book the foreword is by Odile Robotti author of women’s talents.   Interviews with Nigina Salvatore-Virgilio/Tech and Sonia Peronaci of Giallozafferano. For readers Ravenotation previewed excerpts of an interview with Lauren Luke, aka Hijabi, thanks to social networks become the Queen of make up tutorial, disputed by giants such as Estée Lauder and Max Factor. The story of Lauren Luke, aka Hijabi, Queen of make up tutorial, starts in the poor province north-east of England. But what seems normal passion for makeup of a MOM-bullizzata and isolated teenager has become an international success sensational views on YouTube that led to a stellar career in the sacred Olympus of cosmetics. Today finds itself to dominate the market with a personal make-up line alongside giants such as Estée Lauder and Max Factor. How did your passion? I certainly was not very glamourous. I started to wear makeup to 12-13 years because I wanted to be prettier in school so you have more friends. Unfortunately the friendship is not served at a lot but slowly there I took my hand and c-revo the little free time (I have three younger sisters) closed in my room to try and try different tricks. Which curriculum you followed? Always during the middle child, I felt very lonely and I was constantly the subject of bullying. For many this would be a deterrent but I rather I was convinced that I would have been able to change my life, I’d be able to do something special. I didn’t know what or how or when but I was sure that time would come. Until then I hadn’t expressed willingness nor fondness for no matter if not art. I always liked how the colors you can mix and put next to each other to create pleasant and positive emotions.   When you got the right idea? Well, then I didn’t know it would be the right idea but determined-free hours-to set up a store on eBay for the sale of cosmetics. I could manage it at home, this being with my little one, and had no cost other than the purchase of cosmetics from a wholesaler. Even now I remember how much I struggled to put together the minimum indispensable hoard and the fear that I had! But so was born Pancosmetic, the store on eBay Hijabi cosmetics. The Internet has rewarded? Sales there were but they were really small, not enough to declare the company a success. I thought then about how to sell more of my products and I began to take a photo myself using the eyeshadows, lipsticks etc. that I sold. In short, my photo from life rather than the standard one on the packaging. This was the turning point. Began raining literally thousands of emails a day, so much so that I couldn’t stand behind and parallel rise in sales, so I can afford (it was the 2007) to leave my work to the taxi company. When it happened? When I had to ingegnarmi to find a way to answer all your questions and emails I received. Suddenly I thought: If I create the tutorial explaining step by step how to use the various cosmetics saving me a lot of time and I get to give answer to all my customers. I learned then to use the webcam on my pc because, obviously, the whole thing had to take place without leaving my room, exactly what you see in all my videos. The video was not easy (even 12 hours I had to go for only one!) but post on YouTube was a matter of a click and then there I gave in. What it feels like to see millions of fans that subscribe to your channel? It was like taking sides again, all over again. A kind of nightmare returned. The tension that was waiting for Like registration or the channel was the same that I was trying to school when expected that I expect to play. Only on YouTube went well and Word of mouth has been the sounding board. The turning point was when I decided to learn to play famous make-up, the star of tv or film. The number one was that of the video Keep bleeding by Leona Lewis, the X Factor winner year UK. At that point, your career is really started to ,. Just like that. YouTube contacted me with the proposal revenue sharing that came thanks to advertising on the pages of my videos. The media have noticed me and I began to be invited to tv broadcasts, interviews on large circulation magazine, radio, speeches at conferences, lectures etc. etc. I became professional testimonial cosmetic international houses (MAC professional makeup Division of Estée Lauder and Max Factor) that I provided their products in order to achieve my tricks. But the real surprise was yet to come. One day I was contacted by a New York company inviting me into his Office to set up my own make-up line that exists today, is called By Lauren Luke, and is on sale in the chain Sephora. . Additional facts can be found visiting

Limousine service uber: The 200-billion dollar-hype.

Recently I spent an afternoon at the headquarters of Airbnb, a company that 2010 really started as a hotel alternative and recorded approximately a million nights per month. It was just the beginning, according to Nathan Blecharczyk, one of the three founders, as we discuss the future plans of Airbnb. Sober Blecharczyk describes how Airbnb sees itself not only as a new part of the hotel industry, but wants to roll up the entire tourism. A market, where it’s not billions, but trillions of dollars go to says he also self-evident tone without warp the face. Indeed, uber is now a hugely successful business: start-up that is already in nearly 140 cities and 38 countries represented. In the ultra chic new headquarters in San Francisco, it’s like in the hive, monthly dozens new employees are hired. Only: Even in the most positive scenarios has so long nothing in the price class of car manufacturers looking for a start-up like uber. The taxi market in the United States is around $11 billion. Estimates for the global market at around $100 billion. More than 20 per cent market share worldwide are unlikely in the medium term even in the best case for uber. And just when you look to Germany, one must wonder whether the uber-model in many markets is not highly limited when it hits well functioning local taxi services. At the end of the sprawling tech company valuations for this reason not only to have to do, that there are so many great new business models, but that the financial world is so bored of all the others. There are not only the professionals by Wall Street, the gamblers and Casino fans who drive prices to dizzying heights. The global money flows, lined with our savings from life insurance, mutual funds, pension funds, flooding the venture capitalists and money distribution in Silicon Valley with always new billions. . Main data could be studied visiting the following site.

Muslims in France are celebrating the Eid al-Fitr.

The CFCM, created in 2003 to represent the authorities the islam of France but weakened by internal strife and external oppositions, announced its decision at the end of a short, symbolic ‘night of doubt’, which should enable the observation of the Moon – the Muslim calendar is Lunar. The instance joins the choice already announced by the Union of Islamic organizations in France (UOIF, close to the Muslim Brotherhood) and representatives of the Turkish community, all supporters of the determination of the dates by the astronomical calculation, not by the lunar observation. This "Festival of breaking" the fast falls the first day of the said month of «Ramadan», which follows ramadan. The faithful is then invited to a prayer at the mosque in early morning (at 9:00 at the mosque of Paris), to carry alms from the breaking of the fast (Zakat al-Fitr, which is 5 euros per person this year in France) and visit to relatives and friends to their present wishes for health and happiness. CFCM has seized this opportunity to ensure the French ‘of all beliefs"of its"fraternal prayers"so that" our bright Nation in more peace. In a separate release, the great mosque of Paris ‘implored Allah"that he"relieves those who suffer by the terrible events that affect them, particularly in Gaza. " . Additional information can be found checking source.

Gaza: after Obama, the UN calls for a ceasefire “immediately and without conditions”.

In the aftermath, convened an emergency UN Security Council adopted, on the night of Sunday to Monday, a unanimous declaration calling it also for an "immediate humanitarian cease-fire" and without conditions in Gaza. The Council urges Israel and Hamas to take this cease-fire during the Muslim festival of Eid which marks the end of Ramadan "and beyond". The Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon has, meanwhile, reiterated "in the strongest terms" the need to extend the truce observed for 12 hours Saturday. Subject to criticism from the international community for the heavy toll paid by Palestinian civilians, the Israeli army has assured not to be responsible for the deaths of the school of Beit Hanoun (North) Thursday, one of the greatest bloody dramas of this war. According to Palestinian relief, about 15 refugees were killed by Israeli fire in this UN school where they had sought refuge. However, if it recognizes that one of its mortar shells is well down in the courtyard, the army says that it was empty and that his shooting is not originally from the dead. In his meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu, Barack Obama said that "any solution long term to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict" will go through "the disarmament of terrorist groups and the demilitarization of Gaza." According to Israeli media reports, the Israeli security cabinet met Sunday night. The Israeli Government is subject to the pressure of his opinion public, very sensitive to the threat posed by the tunnels and Hamas rockets. According to a survey made public by military radio, 85.6% of Israelis are opposed to a ceasefire. . You should read this to read extra regarding this amazing topic.

American intelligence agencies could provide information for airstrikes Kiev.

The US Department of Defense and American intelligence services could provide information about the exact positions of anti-aircraft missiles of pro-Russian separatists in the Eastern Ukraine the Government in Kiev. This would enable the Ukrainian military faster and means to destroy them. The New York Times reported that, citing anonymous sources. With the White House, the considerations are still not spoken according to the report. It is therefore unclear whether President Barack Obama actually will agree to the disclosure of relevant intelligence information. However, it could speak, that the United States would thereby further drawn into the conflict in the Eastern Ukraine. In the American Government there since a long time a debate, how directly Washington should confront Putin the Russian President Wladimir. The question includes, how the United States should go far to prevent arms supplies from Russia to the separatists in the Eastern Ukraine. So far, the Government forwards satellite images and other evidence of movement of troops and arms on the Ukrainian-Russian border on Kiev. This information is old, "historical nature" quoted Government officials according to however, so each hours or days so that they cannot be used as a basis for direct air attacks. Forwarding of information in real time had spoken with President Obama, will but endorsed by senior officials in the Ministry of defence. Also, Secretary of State John Kerry support the plans, an employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is quoted as saying. In the last ten days at least five aircraft are been – shot down in the East of Ukraine by air defense missiles including the passenger aircraft that Malaysia Airlines with 298 civilians on board. Most recently the deliveries of heavier weapons have grown clearly pro-Russian separatists, according to the Pentagon. . For extra insights on this subject read

Ukraine: in shock, Slavyansk opens its first mass grave.

More than three hours that the research began. Suddenly everyone freezes. A piece of white canvas detaches from the Earth. A few minutes later, four bodies are exhumed: Slavyansk has just opened its first mass grave. After weeks of intense fighting, the Ukrainian army resumed in early July, this ex-bastion of the pro-Russian rebels. But for nearly three months, the separatists have reigned supreme masters on the city and dozens of people disappeared. Thursday, around the huge hole dug in a central district of the city, behind the hospital, about 30 people attend the exhumation: police, municipal employees with gas masks, medical examiners and a few inhabitants. All are now looking towards the bottom of the pit. All but one. The brother of one of the missing who was buried there. Sitting on a low stone wall, it turns its back on the scene. The pit dug into the backhoe loader is now at least three meters deep and five municipal employees in large grey overalls are activated, the shovel to clear the body without damaging. It is a terrible tragedy. Here, were buried in a common grave, four Protestant parishioners, innocent and who were tortured and killed by the rebels, said Anton Gerachtchenko, Advisor of the Ukrainian Minister of the Interior, who presided over a brief ceremony before the exhumation. Our dear Viktor, the part of your children and parents at our beloved brother, Dima, Lisa and children, our husband and brother,. Close to the pit, several wreaths and the portrait of the four men were deposited. Kidnapped, June 8 at the exit of the mass on Sunday, nobody has had their news later. The four men were married. The youngest was 24 years, one of them had four children and another eight. -Other pits – in total, there are surely a score of body in this grave. In addition to four of tortured, we believe that there are bodies of terrorists who died during the battle of Slavyansk against the Ukrainian army, tells Mr. Gerachtchenko. He then explained that residents saw rebels bury bodies at this location. We believe that other pits like this exist in the city but we do not know where, and this is the first we open, he added. I was out front of the building, on 11 June, the morning when a backhoe came to make a hole in the morning. After 15 hours, two vehicles have come very close to the hole and they threw the bodies inside, said Valentina, who lives in the decrepit building bordering the field. The bodies were wrapped in white cloth, but there was no coffin, then adds that over his head, on the roof of his building, two snipers monitor the scene. How can we live after that? We are normally so peaceful people!, is sorry this woman. The streets of the city, totally cleaned dozens of barricades erected by the rebels, life seems yet resume its course. Shops have reopened and many people travel by bicycle in a park on the great Lenin square children compete for a bucket in the sandbox sand. At the same time, a few metres away, at the sound of the national anthem, a large Ukrainian flag is raised before the Town Hall. The hand on the c? ur, the 50 municipal employees present sing, tears in the eyes. . Inspirational source can be found reading the following

Marianne Crebassa, the glow of a voice.

Three weeks later, while the beautiful flew to the Salzburg Festival, where she repeats the title role of Charlotte Salomon, lyrical creation of Marc-André Dalbavie scheduled from July 28 to August 14, when is not my surprise by opening up Skype. Curved fringe and ball at la garçonne, Marianne Crebassa did cut her long hair. "I thought for a long time but everyone discouraged me to do, she says. And then in may, at the Opera of Amsterdam where I sang Siebel in Gounod’s Faust, my character was wearing a short wig. That decided me.  "Nothing of Slinger yet at this large dark woman to wise but not booked, maintaining a meteoric ascent has done in less than five years of Montpellier in Salzburg, passing by the Atelier lyrique of l ‘ Opéra de Paris, and who has already surprised his world more than once. The first? It was July 14, 2010 at the Festival de Radio France et Montpellier. The young woman, then unknown, had caused the admiring amazement of the spectators of the opera Wuthering Heightsde Bernard Herrmann. She interpreted Isabel Linton, the scorned wife of Heathcliff, infernal Cathy lover, based on the famous novel by Emily Brontë. At the beginning of Act III, it was thrown to play piano a languid and sad melody, accompanied a few minutes later in Love is like the Wild Rose-briar. The public, conquered, had discovered a voices rare, wonderfully projected, deep, emotional, sensual, double mystery of a gift and a rare talent. «It is the piano that I came to singing, says Marianne Crebassa.» But there was vocal predispositions of both sides of my family. My maternal grandfather, winegrower in the Herault and of Spanish origin, won contests of singing fans. I have the feeling of being custodian of a deep desire that you conveyed to me.  » Marianne Crebassa was born December 14, 1986 in Béziers. She lived an aquatic and happy childhood in Agde, two steps from the sea. A little girl with big black eyes who takes everything to heart and serious, not happy to be valedictorian, leads hardworking musical studies of the school of music of Agde at the conservatoire de Sète to the Conservatory of Montpellier area, where she began singing with one that is still his teacher, the counter-tenor Nicolas Domingues. "Today, I have the impression that the hardest is behind me so much these years have asked will and perseverance, she confides.". To the extent that I sometimes had the feeling of a sacrifice: it is not always easy to give up the life of teenagers of his age.  » Marianne Crebassa forgot this solitary asceticism as soon as she set foot on a plateau. A sense of evidence and joy to share with others the happiness to sing and do this business for which it fed, fouls to know, a few commonplaces antipathy the Castafiore’s comics-related. Of course, she first dreamed of tragic roles of sopranos before to recognize inherently mezzo. "As a teenager, I had a more shrill voice but to 17 years, after moulting, I felt that she will shove and took a darker colour. I became aware of the potential emotional of my voice when people came to see me to tell me how I touched them, what remains the most beautiful compliment that could make me.  » In December 2013 to the Opéra-Comédie de Montpellier, Marianne Crebassa yet tried in the role of a coquette among the most sensual of the opera repertoire: the Dorabella of Così fan tutte, Mozart. Sovereign grace and dream figure, the beautiful Marianne eclipsed unwittingly the joliette Fiordiligi of Erika Grimaldi. «I myself am much amused, it made me a very foolish!, she enthuses.» For once, I was not to despair. At the same time, I didn’t want a Cutie Pie: Dorabella has one side naive and spontaneous because I also.  "Let us hope that its Carmen may be exceptional. To listen so deeply livery in the exercise of his art, it sometimes has the impression to know Marianne Crebassa intimately. But the playful is not so easy to meet. The pressure of a growing career and the feeling of increased artistic accountability convinced her to learn how to protect themselves. I should look for at least me disperse to go to basics, ensures the young woman decided to close his Facebook account, that it deems too intrusive. I’m in a phase of transformation whose visible part began by the hair.  "There is no doubt that this is just a beautiful beginning. . You must check the following to read more regarding this amazing subject.