Psychology: Wise people want to go beyond the given.

Karsten: No, you can also in everyday things way be. And we are also not completely or not wise. Our research is based on the assumption that wisdom is relative. A deep insight into fundamental problems and a very good judgment include wisdom on the one – we call this aspect of wisdom wisdom-related knowledge, on the other hand action. People who have a high degree of wisdom-related knowledge, are interested in than other more common good. That doesn’t mean however, that they care only about others and are entirely altruistic. Karsten: People who we call wise, float not completely detached and unemotional about things such as Buddha, but can be quite emotional. Studies have shown that in our lab. To do so we collect only how much wisdom-related knowledge have the subjects. Then we show them photos or films deep emotional problems such as death, sickness, war, environmental destruction and capture their responses. People with much wisdom-related knowledge respond empathically, not to overwhelm and find faster back to serenity as less people. You continue to uncertainties, which often play a role in crises. They succeed more, to consider life’s problems by a meta-level out and to stay calm. . You should check this to learn more on this amazing matter.

Social networking trap the Russian army, suspected of acting in Ukraine.

The passion of the Russian soldiers for social networking puts Moscow in embarrassment: a Russian military has posted on Instagram two pictures displayed as geotagged in Ukraine, and others have multiplied the comments on the internet suggesting that their units would have intervened against the Ukraine despite official denials. Alexandre Sotkine, 24 years old, has posted on Instagram a series of photos geotagged in the village of Volochino, in the South of Russia, where his military unit seems to be stationed, before posting two others, on 5 and 6 July, geotagged ten kilometres from there,. in Ukraine. Revealed by the website American BuzzFeed, the geolocation of these two selfies – accompanied army key words and exercices2014 – could be evidence that the Russian Army crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border, despite the denials by the Kremlin. It is certainly possible to falsify the geolocation of photos posted on the net, but this requires particularly extensive coding knowledge, says a computer scientist interviewed by AFP. The Russian Ministry of Defense refused to comment. In the legend of another of his photos, this time ci Geolocated to Volochino, the Sotkine soldier recounts having spent the day sitting, to work on the + + Boparai, to listen to music. To BuzzFeed, this implies that the Russian military units from the Russian-Ukrainian border had in their possession of the surface-to-air Akash missile a few days before only was shot dead, apparently by one of these missiles in the West, a Malaysia Airlines plane in the East of the Ukraine. But the Bouk Word might also be the Russian abbreviation for notebook, and soldier Sotkine could have actually spent the day working on his computer rather than on a missile. Other Russian soldiers have also published the month last on the Russian social network Vkontakte’s pictures of their activities, this time without geolocation, but whose legends suggest that the Russia fired on Ukrainian positions, as stated by Washington and Kiev. It fired overnight on the Ukraine, wrote on 23 July the soldier Vadim Grigoriev, below a picture showing half a dozen shells, before publishing another photo where two artillery guns are stationed at the edge of wheat fields. These are photos that have been taken long ago. It is likely that it has hacked my page on Vkontakte, assured the next day, the chain of information pro-Kremlin Rossiya24, the soldier whose account has since been removed. A few days earlier, on the same social network, another soldier, Mikhail Chougounov, post two Grad multiple rocket launchers photos, with legend of the Grad in the direction of the Ukraine. And another soldier goes up to publish the map of the route of his unit to the Russian-Ukrainian border. -Handsomely to their girlfriends – these soldiers tell anything, they are in Ukraine for example, just to show to their girlfriends, assured AFP the Communist Deputy Vadim Soloviev. The parliamentarian, at the origin of a bill for a restriction of the use of the internet by Russian soldiers, believes that these publications are a danger for the Russia: they can be used by the West for purposes of espionage or disinformation. When they engage in the army, the soldiers should be subject to rules of confidentiality – and if they violate them, they should answer in disciplinary board, requires the Member. For military matters expert Alexandre Golts, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the news site Ej. ru. It is difficult to understand how this law could if apply, since it will engage the responsibility of the chiefs if information is still published by soldiers. They will therefore certainly cut off Internet – it is easier and more efficient. But, adds the expert told AFP, one understands why this law is topical: after all, it is thanks to photos posted by soldiers that the world knew that Russian special forces were present in the Crimea. Of mysterious men in green mesh, devoid of any distinctive sign, had made their appearance early March the Ukrainian peninsula, a few days before his attachment to the Russia. Photos of these soldiers have pushed the Soloviev MP, by his own admission, to revive its proposal for a law filed originally last December. It is exactly this scenario (of dissemination of photos on the internet) that the Russia wishes to prevent, believes Mr Golts. . You must read this to discover more regarding this great topic.

The first Cyprus casino allowed in less than a year.

Authorization of opening of the first casino of Cyprus should be granted in less than a year, announced Friday the Government of the Mediterranean island. Procedures progressing quickly, and the goal is to issue an authorisation (to open) for a complex housing a casino in less than a year, said in a statement the spokesperson of the Government, Nicos Christodoulides. Casinos flourish long in the northern part of the island occupied by Turkey since 1974. But in the half South, efforts to legalize had so far failed including facing the opposition of the influential Orthodox Church. The Council of Ministers finally approved last year a plan for the creation of a huge complex houses a casino, in order to attract players to the Mediterranean island more than ever dependent on tourism after the crisis that has seen its banking sector collapse. Members should approve the text of law despite objections from the main opposition formation, the Communist Akel. The authority will have a period of validity of 30 years, and the investor who will carry the market will benefit from an exclusive 15-year agreement, said Mr Christodoulides. The State will charge 15% of the gross revenues of the game, he added. The actual opening date is not yet known, and the localization of the complex decision would amount to the investor. . For extra information about this topic visit

“The private can block the public”: Piedmont veto constitutionality of ‘ currency ‘.

Matching schools can block the opening of public ones? If it asks the Government of Regione Piemonte requesting his legal office to assess the constitutionality of the rule contained in the so-called "Act of address" for the 2014-15 school year. According to this rule you may open the section of a public school for children only when not "harm" the private school already exists in the territory, which can put a "veto". For this reason in Bibiana (Turin), where there is a nursery school run by the parish, the municipality will not be able to open the newly constructed school (cost approximately 1.5 million) putting at risk the right to education of about 29 students. Waiting for the opinion, the Councillor to Gianna Pentenero statement stated that the rule will be re-evaluated in view of the 2015-16 academic year: "we will discuss with the Council orientation. We strive for a modification of the standard in September ". Through the pages of the press was also Education Minister Stefania Giannini whereby the dispute between State and non-State school "must be overcome in the name of the essential idea that education is a fundamental right of the person". According to Minister "to the State it is in any case the duty to guarantee the quality and the exercise of the right of choice for families", but "this Act certainly does not go in this direction." In the face of moves della giunta regionale, fate after the agenda of some Councillors of Sel and Pd, the Catholic world has talked about "a preemptive to our schools", as the Federazione italiana scuole materne (Fism), a body linked to the Cei which gathers eight thousand children institutions: "the IMF will continue its commitment at all levels to equal trueeven economic order ". Defends well Force Italy rule by former Education Minister Alberto Cirio and other representatives: "we believe that the rule is right, we believe and change it would kill the level playing field which already today are evil". As opposed to opinion of the basic unit today made a garrison opposite the Council asking for the abolition of the veto and the enhancement of public school. Meanwhile this morning the Secretary met with representatives and mayors of four municipalities (Turin, Bibiana, Villanova D’asti and San Damiano) who wanted to open sections in schools for children but were stopped by negative opinions and binding of the IMF Piemonte. Objective of the meeting was to find a mediated solution between region, municipalities and Federation of nurseries. The parties have reached an agreement for the case of Turin, while within Saturday August 2 would get a solution as well for Villanova and St. Damian, in the province of Asti. . For extended about this matter read

A U.N. worker cannot contain the tears when she recounts the situation in Gaza.

Chris Gunness could not hold back the tears while he was being interviewed by Al Jazeera television. Gunness started his speech: the Palestinians and especially children’s rights are being denied, and it is frightening. But the spokesman for the UN refugee agency could not follow his speech, he began to cry before the story of how the Palestinian people, the situation of the Strip is living. Gunness is a major player within the Organization, social networks. As well, and as a spokesperson for the UN, their tweets denounce the situation of refugees constantly. But this time already can’t take anymore and had to stop talking in the interview. This week echoed the detrozos taking place in Gaza, and wondered where they go to families when they have no home. When the guns fall silent many will have had their homes flattened in #Gaza Where will they go? RT pic. Twitter. com/u2FNOktQrS – Chris Gunness (@ChrisGunness) July 31, 2014 UNRWA school in #Gaza damaged by an Israeli shelling on Wednesday killing many RT pic. Twitter. com/BBgIaGBJak – Chris Gunness (@ChrisGunness) July 31, 2014. Original facts may be read visiting the following

Quiz. Are you sticking on Louis de Funès?.

Born on July 31, 1914, Louis de Funès would have been 100 years old Thursday.  Revealed on the later, who is considered the greatest french comic actor made himself known with «the Traversée de Paris», in 1956, opposite Jean Gabin and Bourvil. He was then 42 years old. The Funes phenomenon is being launched to print scenes cults in the collective memory. Real success at the box office, "La Grande Vadrouille", "le Corniaud», «the Gendarme de Saint-Tropez»,. will become monuments of french cinema. Actor began at the theatre in the 1940s after a brief stint at the Simon course. He debuted in cinema just post-war. Workaholic, Don Sallust’s ‘The madness of sizes’ shot total more than 140 movies and imposes its roles of grumpy and its great burlesque mimic to the generations of the world. Thirty-one years after his death, Louis de Funès continues to talk about it.   Test your knowledge on one that continues to make laugh your children! You must read the following blog to read extra about this great matter.

Milan-you write the word end on the relationship between Ferruccio de Bortoli, Corriere della Sera. The Board of Directors of Rcs MediaGroup, Publisher’s downgrades and Gazzetta dello Sport among others, currently ongoing, approved the agreement with Dr. Ferruccio de Bortoli for the end of his long experience in the management of Corriere della Sera, with full appreciation for the work done over twelve years (direction assemblies in two tranches, from 1997 to 2003 and since April 2009 to dateED) and felt gratitude for his contribution to the company and the group, which came at the end of 1973. The company asked the Director, says an editor’s note to remain at the helm of the Carrier until the next AGM of the company will approve the budget for 2014 (spring of 2015), in order to ensure the completion of major editorial projects. The company has also invited Dr. Dafoe to participate in the process of finding a new Director, in support of the Nomination Committee of the company, and Dr. Dafoe welcomed the proposal of the company. . Inspirational data can be found reading this

Unemployment down in June but is young drama: 43.7% unemployed, top from 1977.

Female unemployment higher than male-gender differences Remain with the male unemployment rate, equal to 11.3%, that of 0.3 points on the month and by 0.4 points on the year, while women, accounting for 13.8%, decreases by 0.3 points on the month but increased by 0.8 points on the year. The inactive are 14.3 million, down from the 0.9% compared to 2013 but stable compared to the previous year. The inactivity rate stands at 36.3% and in particular to 26.7% for men and 45.9% for women. (ANSA). For young growth of 4. 3 points on an annual basis-increases the rate of youth unemployment in June at 43.7%, touching the highest level since the beginning of the time series (monthly, or quarterly, 2004, and from 1977). Detect Istat in provisional figures for June, showing an increase of 0.6 points on the month and by 4.3 points on the year.  Unemployed persons between 15 and 24 years are 701 thousand, over one in ten (11.7 percent). The Istat report their incidence is declining by 0.1 point the previous month and an increase of 0.9 points year-on-year Eu new Unemployment calo, back to 2012-levels Continue to fall in unemployment in the euro zone and the EU, and returns to the 2012 levels: in June in the euro area was 11.5% (lowest rate from September 2012), down from 11.6 percent in may, the EU-28 and the rate drops to 10.2% from 10.3% in May (the lowest rate from March 2012). New fall even for young people. . Inspirational source can be found clicking this

Lana Del Rey in bride in her clip Ultraviolence.

To cultivate its vintage and the do-it-yourself Queen image, images are rotated in super 8, a recipe that made the success of her music video Video Games in 2011. That unveiled a few days ago lying to succeed, unless this is really bearing fruit, plays its charm and causes with delicacy. Only protagonist of this clip, the young woman makes the monologue of his song "" I love you forever". Provocative, until the tip of your nails, Lana Del Rey sensually peels an orange until human hands caress her lips. The signature song from his album was written by the singer and writer Daniel Heath and produced just like the rest of his album by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys group. Published Wednesday, the clip counts already more than 350. 000 views. A little amazing score with regard to the success of his new album. In one week, the disc is sold at 880. 000 copies and is happened in pole position in 12 countries including the United States, the Australia or the Spain. . For additional facts about this topic click home page.

Middle East: Criticism of Israeli attack on school in the Gaza Strip.

The United Nations and the United States have criticized the bombardment of a UN school in the Gazastreifenscharf. The location of the institution was, communicated several times Israel last a few hours before the strike, said UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, on a visit to Costa Rica. I condemn this attack in the strongest possible terms. Nothing can justify it. The United States also condemned the shelling of the school in the refugee camp of Dschabalia. According to Palestinian, at least 15 people died here on Wednesday. In the Egyptian capital Cairo, meanwhile apparently continued efforts for a ceasefire. Bans Deputy Jan Eliasson called for an end of horror after the school attack. We are at the point where we have to say: enough is enough. The Director of the UN relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA), Pierre Krähenbühl, said: children were killed as they slept next to their parents on the floor of a classroom in a hotel associated with the UN. Overlooking the Hamas, the spokeswoman for the National Security Council of the United States sentenced Bernadette Meehan, even those who are responsible, that had hidden weapons in UN agencies. About the incident, a spokeswoman for the Israeli army said militants had fired near the school of mortar shells on Israeli soldiers. The troops had returned this. It is the second school, which was made within one week. Israel justified its offensive began more than three weeks ago with the persistent rocket fire of radical Palestinians. Launchers and Hamas tunnel system are to be destroyed. According to the military, extremists fired more than 140 rockets from Gaza toward Israel on Wednesday alone. . Inspirational data may be found visiting the following source.