Last minute shock for Bavaria: 3-2 at Manchester City.

The compensation managed but after his early leadership Agüero before 44 510 spectators at the Etihad Stadium only in stoppage time, and even the surprising winner for the English champions. It’s such a shame, we played well, we deserved more here, Bayern professional Arjen said Robben in the TV channel Sky. In the last five minutes, we made two or three mistakes. But I think we have played very well. We knew that we had to pass gas also outnumbered, said Lewandwoski and admitted: at the last minute, we were not focused enough. Thus, Bayern missed the chance to win all six games in the group stage in the final home game on December 10 against ZSKA Moskau becoming the first German team in the premier class. Manchester City now has an opportunity to accompany the Munich in the knockout stage after the first preliminary round victory. Thanks to the surprising leadership took over the initially restrained and disconcerting Englishman once the initiative. There was a dangerous distance shot by veteran Frank Lampard just over the goal in the 35th minute. But the Munich disorientation lasted only a few minutes, the guests fought back with merciless efficiency. Lewandowski, virtually invisible until five minutes before the break, was fouled by Mangala – and Alonso took the free-kick to the boss. Naughty and callously he turned the ball to the wall at the bewildered hard pass into the network and celebrated his fourth goal in the 99th Champions League match. . For more information regarding this topic read homepage.

Innovation here is Shaw, the free app against violence against women.

It’s called the app created by to offer aid to victims of abuse and neglect. Stands for, the free app for your smartphone ensures in case of danger. Not only. With a ‘ tap to click ‘-explains, club President of Sassari, promoter of the initiative-Shaw gives access to all the tools available today: demand for immediate aid to law enforcement or to the emergency room, to suggestions and useful info on anti-violence centres and antistalking. The project, born in national headquarters, relies on contributed five of Sassari, Sardinian club Cagliari, Nuoro, Oristano and Gallura. In case of danger, eg. Or freephone number 1522, and anti-violence and antistalking multilingual, 24-hour active and 24 for 365 days a year. There is also a section that identifies the anti-violence centers closest to your position on the territory. Still, you can access the text the Code Pink, an access path to preferential aid victims of violence, and more. This application offers a wide range of functions to try to stem a drama that takes on increasingly worrying dimensions-adds Etudiante-Soroptimist thanks to an extensive network of qualified partners and also through international cooperation creates. It’s also a campaign in place for future updates and for translation into other languages, in addition to Italian, English, French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic. . You can visit this site to discover more regarding this great matter.

Mamère: “the crash scheduled french nuclear.

However, at the same time, we learn after that EDF postponed for at least a year the start of the Flamanville EPR and Areva collapses on the Stock Exchange after the announcement of the suspension of its financial Outlook for 2015 and 2016. . . Who will stop this forward perpetual leakage, which is to bail out companies promised disaster financial and industrial, without mention of its intrinsic dangers, at the time where it is claimed to fight public deficits in addressing the purchasing power of households, public services and local authorities? The game of musical chairs of to replace the leaders of EDF and Areva may be nothing. The appointment of Philippe Varin, who merged the car company Peugeot with a brand Chinese, both announced a restructuring that will go through hundreds of redundancies as it did in PSA d’Aulnay, and a new Chinese Earth french nuclear expansionism. China, as always, is the artificial paradise of all the vultures of the planet. But these gentlemen might once more to burn fingers. . Original facts can be found reading this link.

Ferguson: the police version is unveiled.

This is where the incident skids explains Darren Wilson. At the time where they pass near my window, the second throws me nothing to do with what you talking about. The officer then recedes to follow two individuals, and tries to open his door. The policeman, graduated 5 years States have never sought confrontation and be never served his weapon before. But the young black would have prevented him from opening his door and allegedly assaulted him from outside of the vehicle. It started to hit me, says Darren Wilson. The young man takes over and Darren Wilson panic. I pulled out my gun and I pointed it in his direction. The officer ordered the man to stop otherwise I’ll shoot him shouts it. The young black man would have told you don’t have what it takes to shoot me. The officer explains that Michael Brown allegedly grabbed his weapon and would have returned it against him. I was convinced he was going to shoot tells his statement. The officer fired again missing once more its target, but away her assailant. Via his radio he asked reinforcements stating that fires shots were exchanged. Then, Darren Wilson tells that the man stopped, (,.) it has growled. (. . . ) He was mad. He started running towards me. He put his right hand under his T-shirt. I ordered him to stop and get on the ground. He refused. I shot several times. Michael Brown is finally shot in the head and collapses. A bullet was found inside the door driver side. The other bullet fired by Darren Wilson of the Interior of the vehicle was not found. Blood and/or Michael Brown’s DNA were also found on the left trouser leg by Darren Wilson at height from the top of the thigh on the collar of his shirt and on his weapon. The police officer was the subject of a medical examination after the shooting. He had some redness on the face and some swelling of the face. A gall on the right thumb by Michael Brown would be the first injury and at point-blank range only. He then received fire six or seven other times. At the top of the head injury was the last. . Original data can be read checking the following article.

Boxing: Klitschko heavyweight champion wants 4 belts.

The undisputed boss of the heavy, the Ukrainian Vladimir Klitschko, who defended his IBF/WBA/WBO titles Saturday, said Wednesday will be the first boxer in history to win four belts at the same time. One of my big wish is to bring the WBC belt home, announced Klitschko, whose big brother Vitali won the title twice, the German magazine Sport Bild. 38 years champion retained his IBF/WBA/WBO title for the 17th time destroyed the Bulgarian Kubrat Pulev of a powerful left to the fifth resumption, Saturday in Hamburg, thus signing the 63rd victory of his career. Of the four belts, IBF, WBA, WBO, and WBC, only the last, owned by Canadian Brendan Stiverne, loss of Ukrainian collection. Vladimir is an icon of the boxing and the WBC would fully support a unified title match, said the president of the WBC Mauricio Sulaiman. Stiverne will defend his title for the first time on 17 January in Las Vegas against the American Deontay Wilder and Klitschko will most likely face the winner. The legends of boxing Lennox Lewis, Riddick Bowe, Evander Holyfield, Buster Douglas and Mike Tyson have all won a maximum of three belts at the same time as Klitschko,. until now. . You must read this resource to discover more on this great topic.

Jerusalem bombing: recognize Palestine, this is guaranteeing peace.

ISRA l will long remember the heinous attack that has stain, this Tuesday, November 18, 2014, a J Jerusalem synagogue, that, in total, seven dead (five Jewish victims and two Palestinian terrorists). Certainly the way which this killing has been perp e tr by these murderers (two Palestinian cousins from J rusalem is), is av re-t-elle particularly particularly cruel, of savagery without name: stabbed, beaten with axes and knives! But what is r v the even more challenging, if not shocking, in this absolute abomination is that this collective murder is seen perp tr, for the first time in the story of Isra l, in a place public religious, symbol of Jewish identity: a synagogue! So say that a new cap, dangerously exacerbat, comes to be crossed in the spiral of hate putting fire and blood, today J rusalem. PIs: this isn’t any neighborhood of this Holy City, mill nary cultural cradle of the three ISMS monoth (Judah EMS, Christianity, islam), which has been chosen as the target of this abject carnage, but that, J rusalem West, of Har Nof, bastion of Shas, the ultra-Orthodox Jewish party, racist overtones and sometimes also naus abonds than those of Hamas, does tol rant, of Furthermore t, no compromise policy, no dialogue m me, with the Palestinians. It was under their fundamentalist and irrational (f) rule that the current Government isra link has also said forced to close, all men of less than fifty years, the esplanade of the mosqu es (whose that Al Aqsa) for sacrosanct pri re of Muslims. It is to say if, without good s r nothing justify intellectually this new Act of barbarism, and that I condemn as such without the least ambiguous t, l are unacceptable two and p rilleux extr mismes, horrible matrix id ideological orientation of any rancid intol religious as any human (in) violence, opposing l, for the worse and a cycle of violence which it is not, h. las, the end o, to perhaps a term (that is, at least, esp rer) this pan of hell on Earth, the greater White-fronted and wise imp n need recognize tre Finally, after decades of trag dies d, Palestine as a State part enti re, free, ind during and sovereign. In short: the coexistence of Israel and Palestine, c te c te, in a just and lasting peace, as the Nuncio diplomatic language. Conclusion? Is working for peace – the peace of the brave, as I have often, and since long d j, qualified – as accept Palestine, all effects within the concert of nations. This equitable and adequate resolution, countries like the Su ad and Spain come very courageously, and tr s m ritoirement, to adopt d definitively, by a majority vote within their respective Parliament. Therefore remains in whole European Union, and in particular a country such as France, which boasts to be the homeland of human rights, follow this in inevitable, difficult but beneficial, path to peace. Are there not others, whatever may say or think Benjamin Netanyahu, the current Prime Minister of Isra l! Root data can be found visiting this

New accusations of violence to Bill Cosby from former model: “I raped 32 years ago».

After the former actress Barbara Bowman, who accused him for an incident decades ago, this time former model Janice Dickinson to point the finger at Cosby, for an episode of 1982 in Lake Tahoe, California. Netflix, meanwhile, decided to postpone the special dedicated to Mr. Robinson, ‘ Bill Cosby 77 ‘, which was to be launched on the occasion of the Thanksgiving holiday. The tale. Speaking to u.s. media, the former model said that he had met Cosby in Lake Tahoe, after that he promised to help her with her singing career. After dinner, she and the actor have retreated into his hotel room and he offered a glass of red wine and a pill because he was suffering from stomach pains. The next morning I woke up without my Pajamas on and I remembered that before going to sleep I had been raped by this man, "said Dickinson. The actor denies and through his lawyer says that Dickinson’s claims are an outrageous and defamatory lie. New allegations of rape by former model for Bill Cosby, the popular comedian who is at the center of a scandal for alleged sexual assaults against several women in past years. . Additional facts can be inspected reading

Wave of deaths of children in a desert in the South of Pakistan.

Nearly 300 children have lost their lives since the beginning of the year in a desert of southern Pakistan where low monsoon as a disease decimating livestock have exacerbated the chronic problems of malnutrition, officials said Wednesday. An alarming number of children weakened by pneumonia or diarrhea, consequence of drought, poverty and lack of health infrastructure, was reported in the Thar desert, a strip of sand located in southeastern Pakistan, near the Indian border. This crisis is at the heart of a lively debate in the southern province of Sindh, whose Government is led by the party of the people of Pakistan (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, the son of the late first Minister Benazir Bhutto and President Asif Zardari. Since the end of December 2013, 496 people have lost the life in the desert, including 296 children, told the AFP Taj Haider, a framework of the responsible party of the sensitive issue of Thar, theatre of a severe drought according to the Pakistani meteorological services. And since the beginning of October, they are 48 children who lost their lives in the desert, said the doctor Abdul Jalil, responsible for local health services, accusing the Pakistani press, which reported at least 72 dead, inflate recent assessments to annoy the Government. This week, some 40 children were under medical supervision in a public hospital in Mithi, city at the door of Thar, many of them in critical condition, according to humanitarian sources. According to the Working Group on food security, which brings together UN agencies and NGOs, farmers seed burned due to insufficient rainfall in recent months. Also, sheep pox decimated some of the livestock essential to the survival of part of the population. The current situation is due to a combination of factors. Poor rains and sheep pox have exacerbated problems of malnutrition and health infrastructure, said an official of the United Nations in Islamabad. In the Thar desert, the health infrastructure remain indeed precarious and parents must overcome distances to access a clinic and are sometimes too late, with children in a critical state. . For additional facts regarding this subject visit

Volvo Ocean Race: In a boat against the sailing show pink.

With the participation of, the only women’s team of competing in the Volvo Ocean Race wants to prove that women can sail as well as men. And it looks good. Special recognition earned it the team derived from the British exception yachtswoman Samantha Davies when he succeeded on the first long haul over 6 000 nautical miles from an almost hopeless last place again to fight. In a dramatic finale, the girls on the boat MAPFRE occupied with Olympic athletes and highly decorated Einhandseglern pass.   A great triumph for the eleven women, also because the weaker physical condition for strenuous work on board is a natural disadvantage. And so they have scratched in the nerve-grueling doldrums on the mast, to summon a little more wind. Buffeted and media kept their hands swollen by seawater and hard work in the cameras installed on board.   Exactly this Sammy Davies is the central figure of the team. It is one of the best solo seglerinnen of the world, mother of a young son and for the first time in the race around the world. We are driven to 23 knots, were the fastest boat and have never ceased to fight and beat the boat, she says. Davies knows what it means to be for a long time at sea. Twice she participated Vendée Globe in the infamous race for solo sailors, in which the sailors as soon as possible sailing unassisted nonstop in around eighty days around the world. From Volvo Ocean, the longest period of time they will have been ever nonstop at sea now only about four weeks – for many of the women took the first stage. The current stage, which takes about 6 000 nautical miles to Abu Dhabi, is also a family feud. The Spanish team MAPFRE engaged the British as new watch Captain Rob Greenhalgh. Sailing against him, as a ship’s Navigator on board the SCA, his sister Libby. When it became known that her brother is now one of the worst competitors on Lake, Libby Greenhalgh said: of course I want to beat him. . Root facts can be studied clicking the following source.

IN PICTURES. These great names of history died in improbable conditions.

The opportunity to learn more about life – and death – of Kings, politicians, intellectuals or religious past, of Vercingetorix to Félix Faure passing by Attila, Freud and Vercingetorix. Anthology.   It shakes all over Europe, threatened to seize the two Roman empire, it was one of the largest – and one of the most bloodthirsty – military leaders. Yet, this is a valiant warrior, a skilled assassin who floored him but a nosebleed beast,.   That has happened? The body bears no trace of injury or violence any. No sign of poisoning is visible. The bride, in shock, tells that Attila collapsed upon entering its apartments before sinking into a drunken sleep. He finally awoke to vomit. The blood then began to gush, stuffy Attila. Doctors diagnose an hemorrhagic stroke attack and put out cause the girl.   Excerpt: Pyrrhus, who wants to invade Greece, went to Argos. There, he confronts Antigonus Gonatas and the battle turns to the advantage of the latter. (. . . ) According to Plutarch, in his life of Pyrrhus, King of Epirus, sure of his defeat, is would rid bondi attributes which identified it and would be on his horse to escape. But an old woman who follows the battle from the roof of his house throws a tile in his direction,. and fact fly!  The first physician called to the Elysée at the bedside of Félix Faure, believing in a banal indigestion, he prescribed the Mint alcohol and Evian water. Error diagnosis. (. . . ) Félix Faure died so a few hours later of a stroke caused by ‘a strong emotion’. The new noise (,.) the rumors are good train,. and also jeers. Marguerite Steinheil is thus decked out the bit laudatory sobriquet of ‘funeral pump’.   Excerpts: On November 25, 1763, after a lunch at the Benedictine monks of Saint – Nicolas of CYA, Abbot Prévost decides to go home (,.) Well bundled up in a coat and wearing a tricorne hat, it turns on. Come to the cross of Courtreuil, located approximately at halfway, the Abbot feels bad. It falters (,.) Struck down by an attack of apoplexy, he collapses while at the foot of the cross and no longer moves. This is found the next day, stiff and glossy.   Her condition leaves no place for doubt. Moreover, it is completely unlikely that a man of sixty and a few years could survive a frigid fall night in the forest! Death is thus diagnosed and the corpse is delivered the surgeon to the Abbey so that it opens up the body and prepare the minutes. At the time where the incised practitioner using his scalpel the chest of the supposed death, that it starts to push a howling blood-curdling! He is recovering and looks stunned the surgeon, who lack well, too, to die of apoplexy,. The doctor include, although a little late, that his patient is living! Appalled by his mistake, he tried many sewing up, but it is definitely too late! The wound left by his scalpel is fatal,. The ill-fated Prévost reopened eyes only to see the dreadful misunderstanding that it closes forever!  Pushing a cry of pain, Henri III seizes the weapon and tears from his injury he expanded considerably. He then used the knife to hit his assailant in exclaiming: ‘ villain! You killed me!’ The tip of the knife bounces off the skull of Jacques Clément and Henri III, wanting to defend himself, is still injured hand. His guards, the blood, are flocking to her assailant and hit several shots of halberd. The corpse is stripped and (,.) is thrown out the window. The same evening, the fever said. Henri III, plagued by delusions, died a few hours later.   . Similar facts can be read visiting url.