With Zac Posen is dedicated to the star.

(La Presse)-the guy has guts for sale. Also for this back in 2001, just over twenty years, he has managed to be very restricted space in the firmament of stars of world fashion. Now, thirty-four more years to accomplish, that dress the red carpets leading and his clothes, worn by the most prominent, celebs fill the pages of glossy magazines and fashion blogs. The winning mix of stubbornness, boldness and a bit of healthy self-centeredness pushed him to ignore most commercial shortcuts to Posen not interested in dressing the women, even rich, that has to go into the Office or who wants to be a tone to the neighbours ‘ children’s day. film and music, the Princesses and super rich wives of American magnates, Russian or Arabic. While remaining within the prêt-à-porter fashion shows of Posen point to feel to the Oscar ceremony or party organized by some Prince in search of his wife. And the parade for next spring summer presented at New York fashion week once again confirms this vocation. The clothes have lengths that don’t climb ever above the knee and necklines, different cuts, leaving the shoulders and neckline. Great evening imagined by Posen admits but very different tissue types, from neoprene to technical refined lace craft mastery. On the New York catwalk simplicity is only apparent: to highlight the female forms in order to exalt the grace and sensuality (and to hide the defects) Posen relies on its great sartorial skills. That gives the star less refined touch of elegance in addition. .

CsC estimates Gdp Italy size: -0.4% in 2014. «React with revival of competitiveness and investments».

Unemployment at 12.5% in 2014 and in 2015 the unemployment rate in Italy will remain anchored to the 12.5% instead in 2014 and 2015. To get a complete picture of the weakness of the Italian labour market, says the CsC, are approximately 3.2 million unemployed estimated in the second quarter of 2014, while 7.8 million people who, in one way or another missing work. Stability, law for 2015 are still found 15.9 billion Confindustria estimates that "in order to finance a series of commitments already established» stability law 2015 as ‘ minimum ‘ hypothesis should provide resources for 18.6 billion next year, in 2016, 30.3 25.7 in 2017. In particular, for 2015, 2.7 billion are already identified by the personal income tax cuts of Dl, but for others it is high 15.9 the risk of more traditional roofing». Confindustria: avoid linear cuts Are from "prevent", explains the Director-General of Confindustria Marcella Panucci, «linear cuts to spending that characterized the final years ‘, as well as «a tax increase that would surely be negative in terms of growth and recovery of the country’s competitiveness. " The stability law 2015 must therefore focus on selective cuts that affect the unproductive expenditure and curb production, warns that on astronomy, and do not affect an investment policy that must be relaunched. "Investments are a third lower than in 2007," recalls the Director of the centro studi Confindustria, Padmore, with heavy effects on the crisis, "as in particular in the construction industry." Panucci: review article 18 in overall reform To Confindustria «also the article 18 shall be subject to a review, but in the context of overall reform of the labour market in terms of "flexsecurity, flexibility and safeguards. Is the position of Confindustria confirmed by dg, Marcella Panucci for which ‘ serves a deep overhaul to make it more dynamic labour market, with greater flexibility in the management of labour relations ", which touches the article non-18 as the starting point of the discussion but as a point of arrival ‘, even ‘ deleting the reinstatement». .

Marchionne: «The Italy will make it, but I do not know when. “

Sergio Marchionne has no doubts: the will Italy. The CEO of Fiat-Chrysler but adds: When I do not know, do not see things improve in the short term. " The United States, where he received an award, Marchionne spoke a few hours after the disappointing GDP data released by Italian Osce stressing that "the only thing to create growth are investments. We cannot attract enough capital». In the United States the situation is different: they returned to growth after the crisis of 2008, continues. Marchionne reiterated that Fiat disembark on the stock exchange in New York on 13 October and with a joke adds that that day will come on Wall Street «in Maserati, Ferrari not ‘ alluding to the fact that the October 13 Marchionne will assume the leadership of the House of Maranello. The fact of taking the reins of the Horse, as well as those of Fiat Chrysler, could result in benefits for the initial public offering: «maybe» says Marchionne. Not expecting any road show for investors before listing, whose ‘ process goes forward, "Marchionne «bless» the big initial public offering (with a collection of more than 21 billion u.s. dollars) of Alibaba and says: «we must remember where we started." .

Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, sounds of actor to remember Francis of Giacomo.

It is an idea that you can’t stop, is a tribute to the unforgettable voice of the Tour, Francesco Di Giacomo. An idea that can’t stop of Banco del Mutuo Soccorso comes in double cd format and triple vinyl. Includes 18 of the most evocative and captivating stories in the rich repertoire of the Roman band and 50 minutes of unpublished recordings outside the box, with contributions from some of the most important players in the Italian panorama-Toni Servillo, Valerio Mastandrea, Giuliana De Sio, Franca Valeri, Alessandro Haber, Giuseppe Cederna, Moni Ovadia, Rocco Papaleo-who read James ‘ lyrics on original music by Nocenzi. This is the trailer to pay homage to his singer died tragically in a car accident 7 months ago, his companions of the Prince of Italian progressive rock, starting with keyboardist Vittorio Nocenzi who conceived and directed the project, they decided to entrust some original songs to major actors of our cinema and our theatre, by Alessandro Haber to Franca Valeri, by Giuliana De Sio to Moni Ovadia, by Toni Servillo Rocco Papaleo, by Giuseppe Cederna to Valerio Mastandrea. Their starred listening now on unpublished music written for the occasion by the keyboardist of Vittorio Nocenzi, that of those texts was the author together with Giacomo himself. So happens that a song the complex as later ,. nothing is more the same becomes a lighthearted even reggae while the words tell the disaster of Stalingrad and a soldier who no longer has the strength to face the world. Instead of the tenor Giacomo’s stamp here’s beautiful voice by actor by Alessandro Haber, which reads the original text on the original signed by reggae Nocenzi.  The central idea of this work is to show that these texts had and maintain a force standalone poetic explained Nocenzi presenting the album coming out these days. And choice of songs I wanted to focus on the lesser known songs, titles of second floor but I still very nice written by myself and Francis. This giveaway is meant to be a point of arrival and departure to emphasize to its figure of artist and non-conformist man and always outside of the rules. Rocco Papaleo, who reads the disk Sirenee lyrics of Even that, it says amazed at how I could make my own the words of these songs and proud to have been part of this project. I think we’ve driven something intangible but very real. Alessandro Haber says that the contrast between the drama of diDopo text ,. nothing is the same and the lightness of reggae music written by Nocenzi contrapasso is the right for that song, because dramatic moments are really the most ridiculous things. I always say that it is a shame not to have known before friends of the bench, because I would like this game started to remember Francis does not end ever. And in fact the appointments with the dealer does not run out with the release of this double album: the December 6 the historic core of the group, joined by a second battery and a percussionist, as well as a section of 4 horns, will be in concert at Gran Teatro di Roma. While we continue to work at the Orlando rock opera inspired by Ariosto’s Orlando furioso: in January, Francis fell in love with the project and had already began to write songs, should be ready for the second half of 2015. But first, in February, will start the Italian tour, but the number 10 Jersey of Francis we retreat, warns Nocenzi, his voice will be replaced in turn by a group of singers, including yours truly.    .

Tanger points to Algeciras.

On the ledge that the Tanjazz festival visitors swarm in summer mass tourists, and this weekend, enjoying a temperature and atmosphere are splendid, but although it is Ramadan, all settlements and neighbors respecting the rules of their religion. If not you can drink and have to close premises and fast it is not questioned. Other pedestrians of the ride come from outside, come from crowded neighborhoods that nobody visits, from Bani Makada for example, where it was missing until recently all and there are more breeding ground for fundamentalism. After a first attempt of social accommodation with some public services, the authorities are now busy in other districts, for no disenchanted to the middle classes. The problem is hidden, is postponed, until it explodes any revolt, as the originating after the Oktoberfest at the end of August of the Senegalese Charles Ndour by a Moroccan youths with machetes. The urban administrator of Tangier metropolis is Abdelatif Brini. You get in an office that in Spain would be the port of a Concierge. In addition to compliment the initiative real and the last three walys (governors) of the region, this urban Manager defends his vision and counters the critics who fear the Tangerine bubble burst: "this program has not fallen from heaven, nor has been inspired by people from outside, we have done, it has gone here in which we work and we know what it takes". Through the Smart City, Segovia, Valencia, Lyon, Milan, have visited to rethink their city and face chaotic traffic problem and evil environment that it generates. And resolved two things: expel from the Center large equipment to relieve that pressure and another policy of circulation, with 15 exterior parkings and bypass roads. Not fixed yet. "Well, you must change a culture of driving and living, another civic education. The first time you retire a car and the second does not work, but the third,. ", smiles Brini."   .

Afghanistan, those girls who are forced to put their pants.

In 2003, while the international coalition led by the United States George w. Bush trying to ferret out al Qaeda from the caves of Tora Bora, in Cannes comes a nice Afghan films, the first built after the fall of the Taliban. "Osama" directed by Siddiq Barmak-producer, told of how in a family of women mother Maria decides to disguise his eldest male to find work in one of the shops for men only (like all social life) to Kabul.   After 9 years the unfortunate land of Afghanistan is still on the high seas as are her courageous daughters. A few months ago Col. Jamila Bayaz jumped to the Chronicles as the first woman to hold the post of the head of a police district in Kabul, Karzai’s previous Government had appointed 67, 27 and 3. ministre (health, women’s Affairs and labour), the former Governor of Bamyan Habiba Sarabi raced in the last presidential elections and there are a dozen delegates in the High Council for peace which seeks to open negotiations with the Taliban. In short, women are seen more, and never stops to remember the former Italian Foreign Minister Emma Bonino, "are the backbone of Afghan society". But Bonino is often alone in his battles, it always has been, ever since she was arrested in Kabul at a time, the 1997, when the world did not know that those parts were in use the stoning of adulteresses. The independent Afghan Commission for human rights (Aihrc) reveals that the emancipation of women increases but also increases the men’s rage: in just six months have received 3. 331 complaints of physical violence, sexual, psychological and economic.   And here we are to Osama. There are still so many as the child of the film by Barmak in Afghanistan, forced to wear trousers to keep family or study in classes they foreclosed. An interesting feature of The Atlantic tells how live the identity denied these small, lesser-known workers of Malala, which Pakistan for their rights risked being killed in bombing signed by pakistani Taliban, but equally courageous.   There is Mehran for example, 6 years old and the pistachio-coloured clothes hidden vezzosi in the closet with the name given at birth by Mahnoush. Her mother cut her hair, wears a baseball cap, teachers in school have stopped asking questions and the other children have ended up forgetting who he is really that tomboy interested in playing soccer, a race, a makeshift hide. On the other hand there are teachers like Miss Momand which in turn have had pretend not to have a daughter in order to guarantee a salary in addition to the family.   Officially the girls as Meharan do not exist in Afghanistan, where the separation of the sexes is rooted in a culture that hard work to comply with laws (as they do). But everybody knows at least one, at home or in the homes of neighbors. The call "bacha posh," which in dari language means "dressed as a male": the practice is unaware of the deception and let go when accompanies mothers in hospital and sisters to visit a relative. In fact there is only one couple in every school.   According to scholars the phenomenon is widespread in all social groups and all ethnic minorities: the only thing that is common to a population so divided is the devaluation of the daughter, considered a ballast for the family economy. The male works, confers status at home, ensure social compliance. If there is you need to knows, at least until the girls do not become teenagers, i.e. maritabili, and can be "spent" otherwise. It’s all about keeping the secret, that everyone knows but irrivelabile it the banning of the poor thing that at this point, no man will ever marry.   The problem, psychologists point out, is that this perverse social game often leaves the signs. In a community where sex is taboo connotation is all in the clothes: calzones for kids and skirts for the girls. If you bring the press does not appear to a baby but you’re a bimbo: and long finish to believe it too. Mehran for example has become increasingly arrogant as they never in male clothes, speaks louder, runs, looks like a little man to the greengrocers who avoids watching his eyes because aware that she was a female until a few months ago. If Freud argued that gender differences emerge in 4/5 years, other colleagues anticipate the times up to 15 months of age.   Mehran tries to get confused with tomboy ways, others like Nima they do but remain silent, low-profile, because his voice would betray sensitive and would lose that minimum wages providing the family with no income since his father is unemployed. Nima is not happy, between the walls plays with robes and veils of MOM the console by repeating them bear with us just a few years.   In other Islamic countries, such as India and China, have a daughter is considered a misfortune. Only 4 years ago the major world media denounced the selective abortions that they failed to call at least one hundred millions of teenagers: a gender genocide (gendercide, wrote The Economist) global scale against which has repeatedly raised his voice the Indian Nobel laureate Amartya Sen. Even more conservative countries of our Western Italy happened to less than 50 years ago after the birth of a child you congratulasse coldly: "Well congratulations, just that there is health." You change, thankfully, but not all at the same speed. According to a recent book entitled "Unnatural Selection: Choosing Boys over Girls, and the Consequences of a World Full of Men," the number of missing children is 160 million, even higher then 100 million of 2010. There are those that do not arise, there are armies of Osama, but there is also the voice of Malala provided his enemies the Taliban have such fear, perhaps scarier than that of American drones.   .

The separation and divorce short at the civil status officer.

1. the spouses may conclude, first, to the Registrar of the place of residence of one of them or of the municipality in which it is writing or transcribed the marriage certificate, separation agreement or, in the cases referred to in article 3, first paragraph, number 2), subparagraph (b)), December 10, 1970, law n.   898, dissolution or termination of the civil effects of marriage, as well as amendments to conditions of separation or divorce. 2. the provisions referred to in this article shall not apply when there are minor children, incapacitated adults or children with disabilities or serious dependent economically. 3. where the Registrar receives from each party personally the Declaration that they want to secede or to end the civil effects of marriage or its dissolution in accordance with the conditions agreed between them.   Similarly we proceed to modify the conditions of separation or divorce.   The agreement may not contain terms of asset transfer. The document containing the agreement is completed and signed immediately after receipt of the statements referred to in this subparagraph. The agreement takes place of the judicial measures that define, in the cases referred to in paragraph 1, the processes of separation, termination of the civil effects of marriage, dissolution of marriage and of amendments to conditions of separation or divorce. 4. in article 3, the second indent of point (b)) the number 2 of the first paragraph of the law 1 December 1970, n.   898, after the words «turned into consensual ‘ shall be added as follows: ‘, i.e. from the date certified separation agreement reached as a result of assisted negotiation Convention from a lawyer or from the date of the document containing the separation agreement concluded before the civil status officer. ". 5. the Decree of the President of the Republic, November 3, 2000 n.   396 are makes the following changes: a) in article 49, paragraph 1, after the letter g-bis), and ‘ the following point is added: ‘ (g) ter) agreements of dissolution or termination of the civil effects of marriage are received by the Registrar; "; b) article 63, paragraph 1, after the letter g) and ‘ the following point is added: ‘ (g) ter) separation agreements, of dissolution or termination of the civil effects of marriage are received by the Registrar, as well as amendments to conditions of separation or divorce, ‘; c) article 69, paragraph 1, after the letter d-bis), and ‘ the following point is added: ‘ (d)-ter) separation agreements, of dissolution or termination of the civil effects of marriage are received by the Registrar; ". 6. in table D), attached to the law June 8, 1962, no. 604, after the special rules 11, insert the following paragraph: ‘ 11-bis) fixed by law require the municipalities when concluding the agreement of separation, or dissolution or termination of the civil effects of marriage, as well as amendments to conditions of separation or divorce, received by the Registrar of the municipality cannot be established in excess of the fixed stamp duty tax planned for wedding publications by article 4 of the table in Annex A) the Decree of the President of the Republic October 26, 1972, n.   642. ‘ 7. the provisions of this article shall apply as from the thirtieth day following the entry into force of the law of conversion of this Decree. .

MELANI Costa: ‘I am expectant to my new stage in Madrid’.

He has been the undisputed star of the parade of Juanjo Oliva for Elegy at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. All Melani Costa has had to face reporters and c maras that thronged to ask them about their relationship n with Cayetano Mart nez de Irujo. The swimmer, extremely measure t, hardly understands the uproar mounted around it. It is the first time I come to Cibeles and the truth is that I am excited. Well, I’ve come to pas rmel well and I’m going to concentrate on that. I am a sportsman and that is what matters, are the first words of the young woman of 25 to you. So it not flagging in ning moment, Costa thought at work I’ve been behind s. Also n in the support that give you yours never I missed support from nac. We assume that also n of Cayetano, which also is has delivered much sport, although she does not scan citamente say it. .

Yemen: not out of crisis following the discussions.

Yemeni power and the Shiite rebellion of Ansaruallah pursued Friday their dealings without result so far, for output of the crisis that paralyzed the capital for three weeks, was learned from source close to the negotiators. The conclusion of an agreement, given as imminent Thursday, is still under discussion between negotiators of power, led by Abdelkarim al-Ariani, Adviser to the president Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi and the rebellion, led by Mehdi Machchat of the office of the Chief of Ansaruallah, Abdel Malek al-Houthi, according to both parties. Negotiations continued late into the night from Thursday to Friday and progress has been made, said a source close to the negotiators told AFP without giving details. The negotiations focus on the appointment, within 48 hours, a new Prime Minister and a new decline in fuel prices, two main applications for insurgents who claim too, according to the same source, a timetable for implementing in? implementation of the results of the national dialogue, which ended in January. Power calls in return for the dismantling of the rebel camps installed since August 18 in and around the capital. Armed militants occupy the main roads connecting Sanaa to the rest of the regions of the country. The authority wants the dismantling of the camps upon the appointment of a Prime Minister. But for us, it will be made after the formation of a new Government, said an official of the rebellion who requested anonymity told AFP. Other Apple of discord, Ansaruallah demands apology from the Government for the death of eight of his supporters, killed Tuesday during the suppression by the police of an attempted assault on the seat of the Government, according to the source close to the negotiators. The Ansaruallah rebels, who accuse the Government of corruption, are suspected of wanting to expand their area of influence in the future federal State which must count six provinces. Ansaruallah calls for a revision of the administrative division of the future federal State so that their province has an opening on the Red Sea, according to the same source. Differences persist but the settlement negotiations are continuing in a positive atmosphere, the rebel official said. Sign of optimism, the voltage dropped on the ground: rallies that drew power and rebellion, on the occasion of the weekly Friday prayer, took place in calm, according to witnesses. Tens of thousands of supporters of Ansaruallah, gathered in the North of Sanaa, near the international airport, including chanted their traditional slogan death to America, death to Israel. In the centre of the capital, the supporters of the regime, gathered massively on the avenue of the sharp, near the residence of president Hadi, have called for the withdrawal of militias armed by Sanaa, before dispersing without incident. .

Desire for secession: Bavaria, the new superpower.

Within the allies the Bavarians would prominently weighty in the truest sense: the force is currently only 12 000 troops mountain rifle in 47 companies. They bring together the U.S. Marines but about that A lot on the scale like the 200,000 men. The standard armament consists of tried and true 98 Mauser carbines, robust Muzzleloaders and firecrackers guns of different caliber. Because many comrades are already A little bit older, the Defence Ministry in Munich battlefield should be drawing a plan barrier-free by 2020: include XXL parachutes for intervertebral disc victim, extra loud mobile phones, day vision and Geländerollatoren. Area or not, what really counts are the people, who live in a country. The number of deputies in the European Parliament, for example is not according to the area, but according to the population of a State. Bayern would be certainly not under the wheels: In the Europe-wide comparison, it takes in terms of population, a proud ninth. Immediately after the Netherlands against Belgium, Greece and – Austria. Even the mighty Scotland, which now also seeks independence, has only half as many people. There was a German gold medalist who did not come from Bavaria at the recent Winter Olympics in Sochi at all? After the first days of the competition Bayern would have led even the medal as an independent nation – before Russia and Norway, and all the other winter sports powers. And very far ahead of the’s winter sports dwarf of Germany of rest of. At the Luge races, it was indeed, that were all awarded gold plaques in the region of Bavaria. At the end of the Putin games Bayern had six gold, two silver and two bronze medals dangle your neck. Thus they would have ranked after all, seventh in the world ranking. And when is the Neureuther Felix on the way could hurt after Russia in an accident on the Starnberg Highway, what then about still have been possible. No matter, indeed, so Bayern were two places better than the Austrians with their measly four first places, although Austria has more snow than tanks and the Bavarian Zugspitze on 2964 metres. Still, until it becomes to the peaks, it may take as the uplift of the Alps is progressing Very much tough. .