The president of the Republic, on behalf of the principles which the France has defended, react!.

I hope that this letter will find you excellent health, hoping that you will be one that will read it and that it will not be one of your advisers who will have the task of synthesizing the first. Actually, I am writing as a french citizen to inform you that I feel powerless faced with the worrying trajectory that takes the France. Whether it’s the economy, societal issues or international politics, I am more in agreement with the trade-offs of the France. Democracy, you tell me. And I fully agree, I am a fervent promoter of democracy (with any justice it embodies originally). But the France has not always been so. It has a heritage, values that she has ardently defended; Why is underway all these values? That was not tempted Sir? Recovery by the growth? Companies are muffled under fiscal pressure. But if it was just question of tax burden, I am for a redistribution of income to the extent reasonable when it allows social cohesion. But it’s a poorly deeper. Take action to change it, once, twice and so on. Tax legibility and legal certainty: two reasons that prevent the growth on the hexagon. That was not tried? Recovery by the consumer? Households are totally jaded, worn. The middle classes, those which, on the other hand, are the most to even to revive consumption, languishing under fiscal pressure in the same way as companies. Households are depressed and as result of this depression, they consume no chocolate. They stay quietly at home, reduce the budgets for recreation, consume small fire the little happiness that they have and show discontent sulks consumption. Our company also takes a disturbing trajectory. Multiple cursors to measure this disturbing trend. The FN breaking records in the legislative elections, Marine Le Pen and his team accesses the European Parliament while the PS raises the question of his leadership. I criticizes not the PS, nor am I defending the UMP (which is, in my view, in a very deplorable state). But if the parties supposedly moderate are lacking, the polarization of politics will do only increase; voters will fall back towards a policy more left or more right. Secularism takes more disturbing turns. While it allowed to ensure the togetherness and tolerance (I repeat here the leading specialists of secularism which, inter alia, Jean Baubérot), we end up in a society where religion is constantly pointing the finger and becomes the privileged target of secularism. But secularism is not intended to target, disunite, branding. It is supposed to embody the vector of religious harmony. Our diversity is totally emptied of its substance. Young people, due to lack of work or the misery of ridiculously low wages given the number of years of schooling, go find El Dorado elsewhere. Most live in this myth of the France which is a land of welcome. For that the France would be a land of welcome? The highest income leave, young people who cannot find work are going and those few who still have the strength every day to face a social cohesion in the process of disintegration are depressed and contribute more than very partially to the economy. This country that I love so much has not always been so. He fought for major societal values and was at the forefront of these. But today we live in a myth of the great acquired values. I would like to clarify, Mr President, that the issues of social cohesion and justice are the pillars of a society healthy. If you succeed to ensure cohesion within the French and to ensure absolute justice then the situation of France in General will improve. I do more understand our international policy. We talk about the France country of human rights. Where is the France who ardently defended the rights of man? Today, everything is set aside if warranted by economic interests. I am more in agreement with the trade-offs that you lead. Regarding Palestine, while hundreds of human lives have been lost, nothing is carried on the side of the France. On the contrary, my country became the first to ban demonstrations for Palestine; It prohibits manifestations of people who fight for justice. I can understand that thugs will meddle in this fight and affect public tranquility. But the actions of a minority should not condemn the fight of a majority. What do we expected exactly to respond? That even 100 people will be kill missiles suddenly? Do you see all these appalled people in this situation? Why not talk to the Israeli Government firmly negotiating a cease-fire? Why not draw their attention to civilian casualties caused by this conflict? I acknowledge more impartiality of the France in conflict at risk. I acknowledge more this France which defends human rights and international law. What has been done for other countries? Countries where the France did not of history, it does interest that very little while it comes to the essence of international relations. What about the Rohingya in Burma? Christians and Muslims ahmadis in Pakistan? Of the Bahá ‘ is in Iran? France, country of the rights of man, land of the Revolution against the injustice and privileges. France, countries to the motto: liberty, equality, fraternity. We have when brotherhood established within our social fabric? What country do we have allowed access to freedom or absolute justice? The Iraq? The Egypt? The Libya? But then why when we put in place a policy to put countries on track of democracy, we end up in countries that collapsing into chaos? What is our responsibility towards these countries on the international scene? You can visit this to discover extra about this interesting topic.

Territorial reform: which vote for? That vote against?

This is a reform that was not made for twenty years, saying impossible and made a few weeks ago and I think that with equanimity, we will have a very broad majority much wider that the simple political majority on this text insists the Secretary of State. The chosen dreads that whole swathes of our territory are abandoned and points this paradox: citizens complain that the elect to be disconnected from reality and this reform will keep away them even more. I am against this landerisation. I am against because first, I know that it comes from and they should have the honesty to say: it comes from Brussels. Brussels calls for the France is landerise, there are large regions, large baronies. But the France is not a federal State, it is a Republic one and indivisible and it is a State that needs national unity, slice the vice-president of the FN. We consider that the Republican model should apply, i.e. the commune-State triptych. To the departments and municipalities proximity, to the strategic State, considered the MEP. However with the reform currently in review, there will be super regions that will be super expensive, further away from citizens and it will be very bad for the French countryside and medium-sized cities because they will be more far from the decision-making centres. No, I can not support it. If, in principle, I agree that there is major regions in France, I think that the method is not good and that the Government had made three fundamental errors which it will not rise again in the coming weeks: first, should begin with skills, know exactly what skills we would give to these new areas rather than technical cutting. Secondly, it was necessary to consult the inhabitants of these regions to find out exactly what they wanted rather than leaving the negotiations in the hands of the Socialist barons. The France does not belong to the Socialist barons, that they understand. [. . . ] Thirdly, I think it would have been interesting to see what he was going to happen to the departments. It is not known, it is regrettable.   -MEPs environmentalists have chosen critical forbearance, explains their co-Chairmen, François de Rugy, elected personally favourable to the incorporation of his Department to the Brittany and Loire-Atlantique. Environmentalists have decided their position in the light of the lack of openness demonstrated by the Government against the amendments of the ecolo group, and the condition that remains in the map for the West of France, where Brittany, Pays de la Loire and central regions remain only. Not completely satisfied with, the elect of the UDI, which have always been decentralise and consider it a necessary reform because we no longer know who is doing what and that the time is in savings, consider that the map of regions has improved somewhat compared to the initial version announced by the president of the Republic, explains Philippe Vigier. . You should visit this to read extra about this amazing subject.

Matteo’s challenge: don’t count the times, but if you don’t pass the reforms will go to the polls.

ROME-no mediation is possible. Because each day of obstruction is, for me, a point gained in polls, says Matteo Renzi to his faithful. For the moment, that’s okay. We are at the final showdown. Want to go until August 15? Ok, so I’m not going on vacation. The point rather is another: this Parliament is at a crossroads: either proves to be capable of change by making the reforms or conviction alone and go back to the polls. Negotiation is not a hypothesis in the field. The premier the snubs bluntly: go figure. Yesterday slammed the door in his face even to Italy Force main ally. Is the vote on the arrest of Giancarlo Galan to slow the work of the Senate. Early morning Undersecretary Luca lots, the premier’s right-hand man, receives a call from an Executive of Forza Italy. The request is very simple: deferring the vote on prison for former Governor of veneto a week. Galan is in the hospital, give them a chance to defend themselves in the classroom. Lots for Renzi, who is not formalized: it can be done. But the Conference leaders Renato Brunetta, who rows against the Pact of Nazareno, puts it down hard: or we vote the postponement or jump the reforms. If so, put no postponement. I do not accept blackmailing from anyone, not even by them, says Renzi. And negotiation, as if to say, humanitarian fails. In fact the house arrest is voted, Galan moved to the prison of Opera and to Italy Force Senate takes revenge by voting against the forced stages of the new timetable for the work. Calendar that passes with just 5 waste vows. Did you know that there is-says Renzi in his talks-, we gave him a lesson. I can show that reforms are even without Berlusconi and without the League. . Similar information can be read reading homepage.

Holland tackle Gattaz: there is a problem of language.

Young entrepreneurs of the G20 express willingness to create 10 million jobs Articicle from 21 / 07 on economy world digital sector 50 measures defined including 2 applied insertion of entrepreneurship and the teaching of the web language of the early age and creation of the PEA SMEs certainly all is not sweet Candy funding and sustainability of the start up training rest another problem the consolidation and the emergence of these new entrepreneurs also accelerate the decline of some major groups frozen in their structure and refusing the research and development of other issues for the wage system and the evolution of trade union organization Goshn model with its flaws is the typical example. Creative image of automobile, predecessor, it is to car seller (we stop models), relocating in Romania, India but now its key France plants. Today he leaves sr Dynamics creativity with Fiat in light he was able to rehabilitate its structures, its investment products. Additional info can be found reading page.

Concern and anguish Jiménez Fortes.

Concerned about increasingly m s Jim nez Fortes. Or at least to worry about your professional and personal environment m s that who signs this duty. A Bull the hiri new yesterday. The bulls caught, clear est. But SA l Jim nez Fortes is no longer so much that seizes it, but c mo glimpsed it. The beautiful third port of San Lorenzo le levant the feet off the ground when the slaughter was coming to its end. Or do time than as the stipulate to. No room to m s. Every good thing that offers to the onslaught by the right now the hab to delivered in dense series of even seven muletazos per round. In chest passes the toro blew the face, as when sent to not be tied down, as at the beginning of work. In each bound, Fortes are entangling, salt trompicado medium, escaping narrowly hooks. As a slow in the fray of body to body gil p. Thereby he could overthrow him on several occasions. On the left the Bull is defendi badly at the top and provoc disarmament. As another room to suffered in a Festival whose nico prop site seems the n. atragant . For extra information on this topic visit

Facebook, Twitter, Amazon,. All to the conquest of the purchase with a click.

The social network has started testing a new button buy, first for a few small American, inlaid directly at the end of advertisements for products. A click on it, the user fills in his credit card number and delivery address, and hop, the object was shipped and the debited account. All without ever leaving Facebook. The idea is to keep the user in the Facebook ecosystem, without being forced to go through another site or app to buy a product seen on advertising. And, although we wonder who pay for something discovered in the first pub happening, the transaction process is simplified to the extreme in the vein of the purchase with a click, popularized and patented by Amazon. Banks and Visa and MasterCard payment systems could then make their own with their own payment service. Remains to simplify them and expand them to a maximum of e-tailers to get closer to the idyllic purchase in one click. The sector is changing, estimated Jean-Philippe Poisson. To create the system of tomorrow, should meet a wide park of consumers (and with 1.3 billion members, Facebook is well armed) and reassure a wide park of starting to adopt the solution (what banks, Visa, MasterCard and PayPal know do). In short, the chicken- and -egg paradox. . Additional facts can be inspected clicking

The Senate rejects once again the amending budget of the social security system.

The Senate rejected again Tuesday the draft amending budget of the social security for 2014, that the National Assembly should adopt definitely Wednesday. While the Government has resorted to block vote after the adoption of two provisions without his approval, the Bill’s financing of the social security amendment (PLFSSR) was rejected in new reading by 189 votes (Communists, IDU – UC, UMP) against 142 (Socialists). 15 elected representatives (environmentalists) abstained. The text translated the Covenant of responsibility with business by first reductions in employer contributions on low wages to boost hiring and improve their competitiveness. If it also endorses a decrease in contributions for certain employees early 2015, it provides the freezing of above 1 superannuation. 200 euros a year extra. The senators have gone beyond the consideration of the first part of the Bill, devoted to recipes, unlike what had happened at first reading and despite the repeated use by the Government in a vote blocked on this part. Against the advice of the Government, parliamentarians have indeed adopted Tuesday an amendment UMP that provide relief from social security contributions increased for all private employers, as they had already introduced it unanimously at first reading. But the National Assembly voted Monday for a doubling of the reduction of premiums for jobs at home (by 0.75 euro to 1.50 euro per hour) in only services for the custody of children, dependent elderly people and persons with disabilities, with the endorsement of the Government. The Secretary of State for the Budget Christian Eckert asked Tuesday the Senate a new deliberation on the relevant article of the Bill, raising the ire of many senators. Elected UMP and IDU did not participate in the vote, allowing the version of the Assembly, with the field restriction, to be finally adopted. Then in part expenses Bill, senators adopted amendments Communist, ecologist and the UMP, deleting above 1 pension freeze. 200 euros, against the advice of the Government, which has renewed his appeal to the vote blocked on the article as well as on the Bill as a whole. The Assembly will have the last word Wednesday afternoon. . Original facts can be read clicking the following

Former Captain Dunga coach of Brazil again.

The new coach Carlos Caetano Bledorn Verri Selecao, better known as Dunga (IjuA, October 31, 1963) is a former Brazilian footballer. Already captain of the Brazilian national team 1994 world champion, and was the head coach from 2006 to 2010 and has led to victory in the 2007 Copa America and the 2009 Fifa Confederations Cup. He started his career in the Internacional of Porto Alegre. In 1984 was bought from Fiorentina in the Socrates affair, but it was decided to let him play in Brazil three years to mature. Moved to Corinthians before moving to Santos in 1986, and in 1987 to Vasco da Gama. In the fall of 1987 ‘ landing in Italy and the company violates those on loan to Pisa: with the nerazzurri Dunga reached a long-awaited salvation. In 1988 came to Florence (lost the double Uefa Cup 1989-1990 against Juventus). In 1992 it was put out by Vice-President rose Cecchi Gori and was later sold to Pescara: biancazzurro club relegated, after which closed his Italian experience. Afterwards I ‘ two seasons with VfB Stuttgart, four with the Japanese side Jubilo Iwata, to finish his career in Brazil in Internacional. With the youth national has won the Under-20 World Cup in 1983 and the silver medal at the 1984 Summer Olympics. 91 appearances and has 6 goals in the senior side, which beginning in 1987. After the triumph in the Copa America 1989, came the disappointment of the 1990 FIFA World Cup, where it went out in the round of 16 against defending champions Argentina ‘s, which would have then lost the final with Germany. 1994 FIFA World Cup was for almost every game the team captain. This is the fourth sign of the penalty shootout of the victorious final against Italy. In 1997 triumph ‘ again in Copa America. He remained the captain of the team and closed the international career at the World Cup 1998, where a sign is the fourth Brazilian series penalty in the semi-final against the Netherlands before losing the final against France. In July 2006 he replaced Carlos Alberto Parreira coach of the Brazilian national team, starting his first experience as a coach. He made his debut in the friendly match against Norway in Oslo on August 16, 2006 and finished 1-1. At the helm of verdeoro won the 2007 Copa America, beating Argentina in the final by 3-0, and the 2009 Confederations Cup by winning 3-2 against the United States. The 2010 World Championship, despite the favors of the prediction, the Brazil of Dunga and was eliminated in the quarterfinals, beaten 2-1 by the Netherlands. The same day Dunga was dismissed. The August 30, 2011 became head coach of Al-Rayyan, takes the place of compatriot Paulo Autuori who guide the Qatar national under 23 with the aim of qualifying the team to the Olympic Games in London. The September 8, 2011 is replaced by Uruguayan Diego Aguirre technician with whom he played in the 1988 season in Fiorentina. Now back at the helm of Selecao. . You must check this homepage to read extra about this great topic.

Balotelli between Arsenal and Galatasaray: with AC Milan is a love in the end credits.

Yesterday as today, in Milan Inter Bank, as a Manchester City side, and more than ever in Milan is pursuing her personal battle against those who do not understand and do not support, inside and outside the field. Because he always puts his face, him. And wrong, and then, only because the filter that should restrain her emotions more bulky failed long ago. Supermario is Supermario: are others who don’t understand. Balotelli tonight will find his Milan under the stars in New York. After the post-World vacation, striker biker will aggregate the permanent team led by Filippo Inzaghi for the long tour stars and stripes of the devil. Time passes and change priorities and perspectives. Only a year ago, Mario was considered the Savior of the fatherland, the rossoneri player-one of the few in pink available to Massimiliano Allegri-capable of upsetting the balance on the pitch. Then came the Championship. During which Milan is wrecked under the blows of storms of every order and type. And Balotelli, more men became over the months in humans in less. Apathetic, bad-tempered, discontinuous, fortissimo yet fragile, Supermario left peanuts into the tray and allowed to come out of the closet the ghosts of the past, heavy shadows of a spent that has affected and not just his career. Behold, here we go again, hasn’t changed, the comment more widespread among critics of the first hour. That sore digerivano his stubborn display of a plot hatched its damages for unspecified reasons. The season doesn’t end well, indeed. Balotelli is brought to attention by the company and by the fans, who are critical to engage less than it could and should. The Brazil? Cesare Prandelli take note but does not erase his name from the list of 23. Why Balo is Balo and with him in the field everything is easier. The three races will be a blues truth other, reaffirmed loudly and clearly by the great old ones of the tricolour, Buffon and De Rossi in the lead. Balotelli is not and relaunches, as usual. Between messages to Dynamite on social networks and photo from revolutionary. In part, he’s right. The defeat of Italy on the Brazilians is not only his responsibility. However, the people, the common sense, the sentence without appeal. In fox hunting also fits the AC Milan President, Silvio Berlusconi, who would give voice to a definitive statement of rejection, in tune more or less like this: "but what Italy, the World Cup I lost myself because I was selling Balotelli to a top English club to 35 million. But after this world who I take more?». The top top English in question would be Arsenal, which in the aftermath of the defeat against Uruguay blue would crumble the offer to 20 million. Take it or leave it. For the moment, the Milan responded Spades, because it wants to find ways to raise more money for his assignment. Galatasaray would be the last suggestion. From Turkey they know that the club of the Bosporus could decide to sacrifice to make room to Sneijder Supermario. Shame on the bench of the Gala sit a few days ago a certain Cesare Prandelli, the last of the disappointed Balotelli workshop. And then, what to do? Pending news from the Milan market will deliver the player to Inzaghi to restore joy and conviction. We have tried many, now it’s his turn. . Inspirational source may be studied reading the following

Two year Al-Qaeda process – the trail leads to Osama bin Laden.

For two years, the four defendants in the high-security wing of the Düsseldorf Oberlandesgericht in silence wrap. You should have planned a devastating terrorist attack in Germany in the name of Al-Qaeda’s. Move to get to the bottom of the Senate under the chairmanship of Judge Barbara Havliza has heard since FBI officials, terrorism experts and intelligence chiefs. It is after all, the role of Osama bin Laden, the US intelligence service NSA and a mysterious Sheik in Mauritania.   FLASHBACK: on April 29, 2011 a special unit proposes to: in a nondescript apartment building at the Düsseldorf joking road near the University a terrorist cell of Al-Qaeda’s should have begun with the construction of bombs.   That flies a House observed by the authorities as a terrorist hideout along with innocent neighbors in the air, they wanted to risk it. Access is ordered, what the evidence for the process may have deteriorated significantly. Subsequently it also transpires: the danger was not so acute, because the suspect had bought the wrong barbecue lighter, namely one that not contains the witch Amin key to the construction of bombs.   But the quantity purchased is then too large for a friendly barbecue evening with co-religionists. Also it is read with E-Mails of the main accused in the Al Qaeda Leadership: "Oh, our Sheikh, we keep our promises yet. We will start with the slaughter of dogs. "Shot a few weeks after the access in Düsseldorf" Navy Seals "of the United States Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in the Abbottabad Pakistan." Found on the hard drives, which took her out of the House and handed over to the FBI, evidence of the "Düsseldorfer cell": A letter to Osama bin Laden with details about the Group was stored in his house several times.   . Root source can be read clicking this