Stress: here’s how it affects the health of the heart and blood.

Let’s see how stress can affect the functioning of the cardiovascular system, and especially how it can be dangerous to your health. As mentioned in the previous post, a danger (experienced or imagined) produces, among other things, an immediate increase in blood pressure and heart rate because of this "stress circuit" just described. The ultimate goal is to increase the blood supply to the muscles of the arms and legs, to facilitate an attack or escape. The cardiovascular response to stress is therefore to work hard for a while the heart and blood vessels. Since the first is nothing but a mechanical pump and hoses seconds, in the long run will wear. When the pressure increases, the blood returns to the heart more forcefully. Over time, the walls ispessiranno producing possibly increased left ventricular mass (left ventricular hypertrophy). The vessels will suffer damage, especially in small arteries branching points of the whole body, in this case increasing the risk of formation of arteriosclerotiche plates. . Inspirational source could be studied clicking the following

Car dealerships are accelerating on the tendency of the connected store.

More in addition to Internet users learn about the web before going to concession, when considering the purchase of a car: this search stage is therefore part of the purchasing process, and dealers must integrate. Applications on Tablet, more interactive web sites: the shopping experience starts well upstream of the visit in concession, and nourishes, similarly, by allowing to prepare its potential customer with its selection of models, options, colors, etc. Fact, and thanks to the screens, technical information getting in the dealers sales pitch, allowing to integrate into digital presentations a great number of options, which sellers can now demonstrate on screen without necessarily actually equipped vehicle of the options in question: screen is responsible for presenting the colors, textures, performance. Thus, the connected concession looks like a showroom, and allows its vendors to present interactively models, options, specifications, manufacturing processes, etc. Between models and options selected on shelf and wall projections on a giant screen, the shopping experience is more fun than ever! Virtualization that allows maximum customization, offering a range of ranges and options almost infinite,. but especially impossible to present, in its entirety, in a physical way. Some present manufacturers at the Mondial de l’Automobile go even further now with models with Oculus Rift: virtual speed, discovery of the cockpit test,. The possibilities offered by the virtual helmet bought a few months ago by Facebook are many. An initiative that appeals to the public to believe the queues at the world! For additional facts about this matter visit

Scene München: Half as wild.

The House Party was a go out option celebrated during the student time to the utmost. Beer in the bathtub, broken doors, strangers who make even pasta dishes on the stove after 3 o’clock in the morning, things like that. You did it because it was cheaper than to arrange themselves with friends in a bar, where a drink costs 8.50 euros, and because often there are mottos at house parties, to which you had to dress up. That was sometimes funny. That such dignified House events are so successful, has to do with growing up. However, nothing is to be, finally you will forever drink wine out of coffee mugs. You but looking forward and rubs the cheese and wine quite spherical belly, when it again after months is invited to a house party. It is as before: in the kitchen, their residents are. In the semi-darkness, two make out. Followed by chocolate cake pizza bag follows liquor. It tastes surprisingly good. It feels just wild. Everyone go home at 2 o’clock. Well, almost as before. . Main data could be found visiting the following info.

EU, EU: Italy among the countries with highest sales tax evasion.

Rome, Oct 23. (Afpenglish)-approximately 177 billion Lost VAT receipts in 2012 due to violations of the rules and lack of payouts. An amount equivalent to 16% of VAT revenue of 26 Member States for the same year. It highlights a study on the VAT gap, funded by the European Commission within the scope of its activities aimed at reforming the system in Europe and to combat fraud and tax evasion. The study shows that Italy is among the countries with the highest VAT evasion (33% of expected revenues), the same level of Greece. The VAT gap-Algirdas Semeta, commented European Commissioner for taxation-is essentially an indicator of how effective or ineffective enforcement measures and implementation of VAT within the European Union. The data published today indicate that we must do much more. No Member State can afford revenue losses of this magnitude and must strengthen its action in taking decisive measures to recover the public money. The Commission, for its part, continues to support a fundamental reform of the VAT system in order to make it more robust, more effective and less prone to fraud. The more modest differences were recorded in the Netherlands (5 percent of expected revenue), in Finland (5%) and Luxembourg (6%) and the most important ones in Romania (44% of Vat receipts expected), Slovakia (39%) and Lithuania (36 percent). Between 2011 and 2012 in eleven Member States it was observed a reduction in fifteen and an increase in the VAT gap. The Greece is the country that registered the most significant improvement in 2011 (9.1 billion euro) and 2012 (6.6 billion euros), although it remains one of the Member States with the highest VAT gap (33%). You can check this site to learn more on this interesting subject.

Juncker ahead of the investment plan for fear of recession.

Or in the camera or to the press wanted to Juncker reel off the details, which are still unknown; especially the fresh money included in this package. Yes clarified that that million-dollar investment will not be at the expense of more public debt: can not be financed with more debt. We must ensure a wise use of public funds to mobilize the private sector. Not only the States are called to create employment. I recommend private leaders that they assume their role, to get out of this quagmire. That will be more complex balance of the start of the legislature; not succeed, political shock is secured. Berlin insists on the need to maintain the path of deficit reduction, but Paris and Rome call for a relaxation in the guidelines that alum recovery. There will be no change of rules, but they will be used with flexibility. The austerity wishful thinking does not lead to growth. Neither the debt overhang in pursuit of growth. We need two things, said Juncker trying to combine two strategies, which in many cases will be antagonistic. One of the latest movements of the outgoing Commission gives to understand that nothing has changed too: Brussels announced Wednesday consultations with several countries budgets sent to Brussels. In the case of France and Italy, the Commission openly asks more cuts. Paris, in the mouth of his Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, refused on Wednesday in round to use scissors. New anger at the sight: the Commission gave to understand that these consultations, the first step to return the budget to the countries, has been made with the placet of Juncker. . Additional information can be found checking

Shootout in Ottawa: “Canada will allow it not be intimidated”.

At a stop on the Canadian Government District, a man had shot a Guard soldier at the War Memorial in the city of Ottawa. Then, several dozen shots were fired in the nearby Parliament. In an another security guard was injured. The police contradicted information, which was also been shot in a shopping mall in the city centre. The Canadian Parliament, the seat of Government and the entire surrounding district were sealed off by the security forces. All schools in the area were closed. Armored vehicles and heavily armed police officers and soldiers went before Parliament in the position. You roadblocks, where cars that drove from Ottawa, were controlled. Canada and the United States put their air defense on high alert. The Police urged the population, avoiding the city centre and to publish any pictures and videos of the attack types, not to obstruct the prosecution of the suspected bombers. Incidents occurred at National War Memorial, near the Rideau Centre and Parliament Hill this morning. #ottnews_-Ottawa Police (@OttawaPolice) 22 October 2014 the background of the attack was initially unclear. Only on Monday, a Muslim convert had his car in St Jean-sur-Richelieu around forty kilometers southeast of Montreal hit a soldier and killed. The 25-year-old driver was shot dead after a chase by police. The fact of man was described by the Canadian Government as terrorist. The Government in Ottawa to raise the terror alert level from low to medium then. The man was a supporter of the terrorist militia "Islamic State" according to Canadian authorities. The Canadian air force will soon support the American-led military alliance, which bombed IS positions in Syria and the Iraq. IS called his followers for attacks in the States, which belong to the International Alliance or support them. . For extended regarding this subject check homepage.

Careful Polish doctors after the operation of a paraplegic who work again.

Polish doctors who managed to walk a paralyzed man, announced Wednesday that they were looking for other patients, while preventing that they did not want to give hope to all people with damaged spinal column. Darek Fidyka, a Polish firefighter of 40 years, is the first person in the world to recover from a complete breakdown of the nerves of the spine. Operated two years ago, he was able to resume an almost normal life, walk with a Walker, driving a car. The type of injury suffered by Mr. Fidyka is very rare, however warned the leader of the project, Dr. Pawel Tabakow at the Medical University of Wroclaw, in the southeast of the Poland. Treatment developed in Wroclaw may cover only injuries caused by a sharp instrument, such as a machete, said his supervisor, Professor Wlodzimierz Jarmundowicz, adding that he did not want to give hope to all people with damaged spinal column. Such patients will be sought globally through two Web pages outlining recruitment criteria – one in Polish, in the centre of rehabilitation Akson in Wroclaw where Mr. Fidyka is processed, and the other at the British Institute of the University College London (UCL) who collaborated with the Polish. -Synergy – University centres of Wroclaw and London worked together on the project for years, but it is a coincidence that contributed to rush things, said Dr. Tabakow. Specifically, doctors have transplanted nerve cells called olfactory ensheathing cells (CSB) on the spine. These cells have enabled the sectioned nerve fibres to recover. But while generally is taken these cells in the nose of the patient, this technique has been impossible in the former firefighter because he was suffering from inflammation of the sinuses. Therefore, cells were taken from the olfactory bulb. This necessitated the opening of the skull, a process considered as risky, explained the doctor. For me, it is even more impressive that the first steps of man on the Moon, had commented before the Professor Geoffrey Raisman, of the Institute of Neurology of UCL, a pioneer in the work on this method. This technique gave convincing results in the laboratory, but had never been tested successfully in humans. Full of promise, the surgical intervention in Wroclaw must, however, be treated with caution and requires other confirmations, agree doctors and medical experts. -Kick the ball – very moved, Darek Fidyka attended the press conference in Wroclaw, during which he had to remind the assault with a knife he had suffered in the back in July 2010 on the part of the alcoholic ex-husband and drugged his roommate. At the time of the assault, my life has been upside down. After the surgery, it is a movement in the opposite direction, he said. In my daily life, I am already able to put me all alone in bed, dressing and undressing me without assistance, take the car, he said. Referring to the progress of his treatment, he also mentioned the return of sexual function. I always find it hard to realize what is happening. I’m a lucky man, proportionately, he insisted. Initially, I said to the doctor: we go, do what you can. It can’t be worse, he recalls. I experienced ups and downs, I had a moment of despair, but I managed to overcome. Always moving forward, he stressed to AFP in addressing future patients. Movies were shown to journalists, comparing its prior State and several months after the intervention, including the kick that this goalkeeper has managed to give ball given by his doctor. I am 40 years old, I’m too old for football, found, yet the Colombian Faryd Mondragon was 43 in the world, so I do not lose hope, he said with a smile. . Similar information can be inspected visiting article.

Solar cycle in the Netherlands: let the sun into the concrete.

Since 2009, the company SolaRoad working on the concept are silicon solar cells embedded in two and a half times three and a half meters wide concrete slabs. Furthermore, a layer located safety glass that is particularly stain resistant. The solar panels will withstand even rain, snow, ice and the high stresses caused by truck. In the case of a fracture, does not splinter the material, but disintegrates into small pieces like a car windshield. The cycle path in Krommenie is a first test, then plan the Dutch roads, where cars can drive. A similar project pursues the couple, Scott and Julie Brusaw who have collected nearly $ 2 million per Crowdfunding in recent months. Also ihreSolar roadways to provide power to the surrounding area. In a first step, the two Americans paved a parking area with solar cells. With the collected money, they want to bring their system to the series production stage. This should provide not only electric power, but also be able to brighten up driveways and sidewalks. They have already aroused much attention, even President Barack Obama follow them on Twitter. . For more facts on this matter read link.

(Reuters Health)-Tablet, mobile, pc and tv don’t help the digital natives to move, so that now the sedentary lifestyle has become a pathology, impressive sized in Italy. Italy is in the top 20 most lazy Nations in the world: we’re 1981 ICF, with an index of 54.7% idle. To outlining the framework are the sports that doctors from 23 to 26 October gather in Catania for the XXXIV National Congress of the Italian sports medical Federation (Fmsi), sedentary lifestyle theme: a new disease. The Fmsi, as medical Federation of the Italian National Olympic Committee from 1929 and scientific society of sport medicine, launches so this message to the country and to the Minister of health, Beatrice Latt. Latt, who has demonstrated on several occasions of great foresight, will be the first in the world-write Fmsi-to introduce the sedentary life as real illness recognized by the national health service. As cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer. Our country is in the top 20 most lazy Nations in the world. We’re 1981 ICF, with an index of 54.7% idle. The media stops at 31.1%. If reported to the European Union, the picture is even more bleak: we’re fifth, overtaken only by Malta, Cyprus, Serbia and United Kingdom. Istat enumerated, in 2013, over 24 millions of sedentary, approximately 42% of the population. We then decided to bring in the middle of our meeting, which brings together more than 1. 500 doctors among the 5000 members of the Fmsi, the concept of physical inactivity as real pathology, sports physicians explain. At the Conference there will be the masterful readings by Giuseppe De Rita, Censis and President Michael Sagner President of European Society of Lifestyle Medicine. In addition, will Cristina Posts (New York University), during the session on exercise, brain and mind. Several studies have now shown that being sedentary reduces the neuroplasticity and the size of the hippocampus, as well as promote aging of Telomeres. Physical activity promotes instead a neuroprotective effect, with improved learning outcomes. That’s why remains strongly indicated in the third age. Talk about prevention Giuseppe Novelli, Rector of the University of Tor Vergata, Rome, with a reading entitled genetic testing in preventing sudden death. Frame the sedentary lifestyle as a veritable pathology will also speak from the point of view of the social and health costs, thereby reducing the total load. The specialist doctor in sports medicine is, therefore, the occupational physician and exercise must occupy rightful place on the preventive level, therapeutic and rehabilitation. If you could communicate some data on capillary because sport is healthy, we would pull many people also sedentary lifestyle. Somewhat surprisingly are just the guys to be very lazy in adults between 30 and 50 years. Over 30 begin to practise sports as a factor of aggregation or to follow your doctor’s advice. Once you have finished school, where the facilities are lacking, teenagers are not equipment and suitable spaces and dropping out of physical activity accordingly. Becomes important and then exploit also offer media to communicate the importance of exercise, say Italian sports medical Federation. Physical movement is, along with proper nutrition, one of the guarantors of individual well-being. And it should be prescribed as treatment, like a drug, in the right individual dose, where sedentary lifestyle must be recognized as a disease, say doctors sports. For all these reasons, the scientific message he wants to get to the Ministry of health is to proceed with the Fmsi on a path now should not be delayed and for the health of all citizens, which sees the recognition of sedentary lifestyle as pathology within the Ssn, For additional facts on this topic click

Fugitive of Matacena Scajola in court.

Started in Reggio Calabria the process that sees accused former Interior Minister Claudio Scajola, who was accused of failure to obtain it for the former lawmaker Amedeo Matacena, fugitive in Dubai after being sentenced to 5 years for collusion in mafia association, recently reduced penalty by Supreme Court to 3 years. Here there is the same at home, Scajola, who got permission to go into the city in Calabria for the process. Scajola, accompanied by his lawyer, the lawyer Perroni, made his admission in court without releasing statements given its status as a detainee under house arrest. According to surveys of Dia, who last may took him to jail along with the wife of former Congressman Amadeo Matacena, Chiara Rizzo, and others, the former Minister of Interior and productive activities would be activated to help the fugitive by Matacena, convicted of collusion in mafia association, for the purposes of the transfer from Dubai, where he is a fugitive in Lebanon. For Scajola investigators had also asked the aggravating external competition in mafia association respnta from Gip. . For additional facts on this matter check