Laurent Fabius pessimistic about the fate of the french hostage in Algeria.

Laurent Fabius does not hide his pessimism. As an Algerian jihadist group threatens to execute a french national kidnapped Monday in Tizi Ouzou, 110 kilometres from Algiers, the patron of the Quai d’Orsay spoke Monday evening a "extremely critical." Issue 2 of the Government was to confirm the authenticity of the video aired by the movement soldiers of the Caliphate (Jound al-Khilafa), making allegiance week last to the Islamic State during a press conference in New York on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly. On the images broadcast on the Internet, we see the hostage, a hiker from 55 years, sitting on the ground surrounded by two masked men armed with Kalashnikovs. Hervé Giordano asked François Holland out of this situation. Face warning of the EIS, explicitly targeting "French wicked and dirty", Paris called "the greatest caution" its nationals residing or being forced to move into thirty-odd countries, particularly in the Maghreb, the Middle East and Africa. . Extended data can be found visiting

United States and allies begin air attacks in Syria.

A fighter jet of F/A-128 Hornet launches from a base in California: the United States lead the battle against the Sunni militia IS now also in Syria. Photo: Jamean Berry / archive © DPA residents of Al-Rakka city in the northeast of the country reported on Twitter by heavy explosions and repeated overflights by military aircraft. Al Rakka is a stronghold of the self-styled jihadists. CNN reported that targets in Al Rakka had been attacked. With the attack started by sea from fired Tomahawk cruise missiles and was then continued with aircraft, a senior member of the military said the station. A New York Times report also predator and Reaper fighter drones were used. Under the Syrian targets, building in which are located IS leader, as well as command centers, training camps and arsenals are according to CNN. According to information of the Washington Post, the United States planned attacks on 20 IS goals. Thus it would be where on the night of Tuesday (Syrian local time) started using the day with most of the attacks against IS since the beginning of the operation in the Iraq on August 8. Obama had announced his decision to extend the early August launched air strikes in the Iraq, the neighboring Syria two weeks ago in a speech to the nation. In the Iraq, the United States already come on at least 190 air strikes. On Monday the US military attacked there with a mix of manned and unmanned aircraft IS positions and destroyed a tank and three vehicles West of Kirkuk. Together with the training mission for the rebels, the United States hope to gradually push back the extremists. According to CIA estimates, IS one of up to 31 000 combatants, the United States, however, expect to educate about 5,000 rebels per year. Observers in Washington are therefore agreed that the anti IS struggle will take A lot of time. Even Obama had joined the Americans on long. He has repeatedly ruled out a posting armed U.S. combat troops on the ground. . You must visit this hyperlink to discover extra on this great subject.

Video: 5. Bundesliga Matchday: Paderborn promises to the English week a celebration of football.

The Bundesliga newcomer has exceeded with the standings after the fourth day of the game definitely all expectations. Bayern are currently tied with the East Westphalia. The season has started anyway, more than bumpy for the champions. Now it is time to burst the node for PEP Guardiola’s team. «We take map André banks riding, trainer of Paderborn to Munich, to enjoy the game.» Map Moritz Stoppelkamp, midfield "we Travis fight, spit, bite, scratch, everyone is there for the others. In his first four games, we proved that we are fit for the Bundesliga. "The season has started so far also only mediocre for the Dortmund. With a 2-0-removal of Klopps old Club Mainz Borussia now even in the middle of the table stand. To all resentment, the sixth midfielder of the BVB for long periods fails with Mkhitaryan. On the 5th day it then goes for the Dortmund against the tail end of Stuttgart. In the overall balance of the Swabians are although Not bad but after three defeats and draws this season the BVB as favorite in the game goes one. Bayer Leverkusen has hit hard on the weekend and reference was made to place five of the table. The Werkself now receives the FC Augsburg. For them, the game against Leverkusen at least should be a piece of work. Because the people of Augsburg could never score against the Werkself. And these are the other encounters of the fifth Matchday: Hoffenheim receives the SC Freiburg. Werder Bremen plays against Schalke. And Frankfurt competes against Mainz. Further, Mönchengladbach receives the HSV. For Hannover, it goes against Cologne. And the wolves to guest in Berlin. Close. You must visit this website to learn more about this great topic.

iPhone 6 in the test: I want an iPhone with Android.

Yikes, you read here really have? Although we pretty much are likely to be the last, that publish a review of the new iPhones? Apple has already sold tens of millions of new devices in the past three days. This shows: actually, Apple needs no test reports. People who like iPhones, buys them anyway. So either Apple has the iPhone 6 to the launch and published 6 plus a guide aimed at potential defectors, and describes how to transfer data from your Android Smartphone to the iPhone. Because the two worlds will be similar: iPhones there are At last also in competitive sizes, and Apple’s new operating system iOS 8 has A few functions get missed, that Android users already know. The question therefore arises: is now the right time for the transition from Android to Apple? The thing with the size is not so clear. The iPhone 6 has a 4.7-inch screen and I personally this a tad bit too small. The iPhone 6 plus has a 5.5-inch display and is me too big in the long run. In the Pocket, it feels like a leg splint. I would like to add a third version, a phone 6 medium. Many are likely to feel the size of the iPhone 6 but as pleasant. And the 5.5 inch of the iPhone 6 plus are rated 4 or touch edge, the Huawei Ascend Mate 7, Nokia Lumia compared with the Samsung Galaxy 1520 and other Phablets even less. 2. the display regarding the naked specifications, get the new iPhones not on some Android competitors. 1 334 times 750 pixels shown in the iPhone 6 326 ppi (pixels per inch), the iPhone 6 plus comes with 1 920 times 1 080 pixels on 401 ppi. For comparison: the LG G3 and the Samsung Galaxy have rated 4 2 560 times 1 440 pixels, 534 ppi. The five-inch HTC one (M8) comes with 1 920 times 1 080 pixels on 441 ppi. But numbers are not everything. The picture quality on the iPhone is beyond all doubt. Sharpness and contrast are brilliant, the colors slightly less garish and so natural as some competitors. I can’t find anything to the complaining here. Both with the iPhone of now even 240 fps (frames per second) record, so double have as many as the HTC a built-in slow motion function for video recording. Thus, even extreme slow motion are possible. A time lapse feature is also integrated in the iPhone, Android devices need external apps such as lapse it or Framelapse. The more setting possibilities, are also more complicated to handle. My test scope may be limited, but also Mashable, wired, Golem, and others To find that the iPhone in terms of image quality quite far forward play. Only Nokia should have 1520 and 1020 smartphones on sale with the Lumia, who can take even better pictures. At this point I recommend still extremely detailed comparison of iPhone 5S, 6 and 6 plus by Austin man. He works as a photographer for national geographic, and drove for five days through Iceland, to test the camera of the iPhone. His conclusion: The camera of the iPhone 6 and especially the 6 plus beat the already Very much good camera of 5S to length. This is true for the picture quality, as well as for the operation. 4. share of the operating system use activity tracker and fitness apps? Then the iPhone has something that does not exist in Android, the app health at least in theory. To centrally collect data from the various trackers and apps: steps, pulse, sleep times, altitude – just everything bracelets and apps by Nike, Fitbit or Runtastic individually record. This is Very much useful for self surveyor. Theoretically, because health has even greater technical problems. Who considers the collection of health data via Smartphone app, or wristbands (as I did), humbug, Of course does not need the app.   I personally like the search feature spotlight in iOS 8 was expanded, and works like a desktop search for files and information. It would be even better if she would show for example cinemas me nearby, where today the film is running, after I just search. That may work even in the United States, in Germany Not yet. Also the iMessages have been upgraded, you can send audio messages and your location for free to other iOS users now. Is it important? No. But sometimes practical.   . You can check this home page to read more on this interesting subject.

Digital world: I am dependent, but not addictive.

To say that Maximilian is a digital native, would be misleading in this respect than one might think, in the Western world today someone could be born, which is not a digital native. An ordinary day begins for him so: wake the phone, he stands up to the last minute, breakfast quickly and makes his way to the high school in the neighborhood. On the way to school little time – only for WhatsApp, then Snapchat, eventually Facebook. But he’s really No more so Very much interested in Facebook. Three years ago he enrolled, because all his buddies were doing it. Today he has 314 friends on Facebook: "I have already claimed to know all. At least by the name. "At the beginning of history teaching, the teacher shows a movie, turn into math pyramid and rectangular on the SmartBoard. There is No more the green sign. But worksheets on paper. And folders. How long? An acquaintance of Maximilian goes to school in London, where they test the lessons only with iPad. Maximilian is practical. "Of course one should learn still writing by hand." He finds beautiful letters, but they are something special, unusual for him. It communicates differently. Yet what do after school? -"We To write us later." Many parents and scientists worry, oh dear! The Internet and social networks made everything as non-binding and easy; Some even say it it should be dumb, thick and aggressive. But Maximilian room is not only the laptop, but also "The three Musketeers" by Dumas. He has chosen as a course in German. He clicks through Twitter accounts, but sings in his spare time in the Opera. He does what just like him. Preferably but in a place with W-LAN. . You can visit this site to read extra on this amazing topic.

Senate: an image to rebuild.

September 28 will be held the senatorial elections, during which this House will be renewed for half. Although they are not called to ballot for this election by indirect universal suffrage (only can vote the "electors" are members of Parliament, regional advisers and General and Councillors), a little more than one-third of the French (35%) interviewed by the FIFG for Sunday-West France expresses concerned the next Senatorial, or as in 2011 when the previous Senate elections and 11 points above the level of measured interest in 2008 (24%). The prospect of a shift to the right of the Senate may explain this relative interest among the more politicized part of the population. Is observed in detail, as this relatively little-publicized election less interested youth (26% in less than 35 years) as well as socio-professional groups intermediates and modest (28% and 26%), than seniors (50% of interested parties among those aged 65 and more) and CSP + (40%), the most politicized categories. There is also that the electorate UMP said more interested than the PS (51% vs. 41%), which strengthens the hypothesis of interest stimulated by the prospect of a possible change of majority in the upper House. Although the interest for the senatorial elections is maintained at the same level for three years, the image of the institution itself suffers from an overall degradation. Indeed, today, only half of the French (51%) consider that the Senate plays an important role in national politics, or just score majority and down 16 points in relation to that measured in 2011 (67%) and 10 points compared to 2008 (61%). With regard to the political proximity, perception of weight of the Senate in political life is greater among supporters of the UMP (60%), but lower for the relatives of the Front National (46%). The fact that media attention is focused for many months on the difficulties of the Government to ‘keep’ his majority (strife with Green MEPs, strokes of brilliance of the "Slingers", etc.) probably in the opinion reinforces the idea that it is first and foremost at the National Assembly that is played the political and parliamentary life French. There is certainly that a majority of French consider that the Senate is useful in the development of laws (63%) and the balance of powers (54%), but these traits of image are each down 14 points compared with 2011. The decrease is also severe with regard to representativeness of rural areas (28%, 11 points), the representativeness of the population (17%, -4) and modernity (12%, – 1). On these last two items, the decline reached even respectively 11 and nine points from a 1999 survey of, sign that will modernize and to "dust off" the image of the Senate, displayed by the various presidents of the institution, has had little effect on the population as a whole. The inhabitants of the countryside are not more lenient and they believe in the same proportions as the overall population (73% versus 72% on average) that the upper House is not representative of rural areas, which is one of its traditional functions. . You can visit the following to discover extra about this amazing subject.

Two-thirds of the Dax are foreigners.

The 30 major German stocks in the Dax share index are mostly in the hands of foreign investors. As the Bundesbank said in its monthly report for September published on Monday, almost – 63.7 per cent – the market capitalization of the Dax on holder from abroad account for two thirds. Their share increased in the past decade by almost eight percentage points, only briefly interrupted by the financial crisis. Then investors engaged worldwide for a short time more in shares from their Heimtländern. Looking at all German stock corporations, emerges a similar picture like in the Dax. According to the Bundesbank, 57 percent of the total market capitalization were last in the hands of foreign investors. Domestic investors holding nearly 43 percent. The lion’s share of which was accounted for as in the Dax institutional investors, mainly mutual funds, banks, insurance companies and pension funds. Banks reduced their activity in the capital market in the tendency however since the crisis erupted. But other professional investors like about holding companies came into the gap. . For extra insights regarding this subject visit

Football, Excellence: Rueil, Clamart and Malakoff at the top.

Three teams have won their first two games. It comes to Rueil, Clamart and Malakoff. Rueil is needed at the end of meeting at the JSN Nanterre (0-1). "It fell on a beautiful team and draw would have been fairer," yet believe the coach of Rueil, Mickaël Christopher. Clamart did not detail face promoted de Nicolaitan Chaillot (3-0). "It did not a big game", says president Anice Chakouri. Malakoff completes the podium thanks to his short success at the ACBB (0-1). "We were very tough defensively", welcomes Patrick Chauvet. Despite two goals ahead at the break, Saint-Cloud, relegated from PH in June, recorded a second setback facing the reserve of Puteaux (2-3).  "We had a second period complicated with material facts game against us," maugrée Sébastien Moreau. Caillard (51st). Vanves: Taher (20th), Tounkara (36th); Antony: Emeka (10th, 50th). Saint-Cloud: Perez (29th, 30th); Puteaux: Garrah (55th), Karabeli (75th), Silvestre (84th) Zime. LSO doves: Benkkeri (70th s. p.); Montrouge: Tumesnil (29th). Ouahmi (42nd), Kati (77th c. s. c.), Cousin (85th). Diarra (85th s. p.). . Main facts can be read reading this article.

+++ Germany ticker +++ — on the 18th birthday: young men rush to her death.

11 07 h: Bad Hersfeld – an accident on Highway 62 in Bad Hersfeld are came a 19 and his 18-year-old passenger killed in the early morning. The young man was abandoned in his car from the road and bounced only head-on against a guardrail and then a tree, as reported by the police of Fulda. Both occupants were trapped in the vehicle and died at the accident site still. Especially tragic: As the "image" newspaper reported, to the 18-year-old celebrated birthday on the day of the accident. Cause of accidents is excessive speed on wet roads according to the first findings of the police. Whether that was In fact the cause, an accident appraiser will clarify. 10 07 h: user/Berlin – a dog owner from the region user (Mecklenburgische Seenplatte of district of) is criminally accountable, because his dog should have provoked a serious motorcycle accident. A police spokeswoman said Monday, the Terrier had run aground on Saturday at the Useriner mill on the road when a group of 15 bikers from Berlin there along. A motorcyclist slowed sharply and rolled over. The 48 year old Berliner came up with serious injuries in a hospital, on his motorcycle was totaled. The 45 years years old dog was been identified only in hindsight. It will investigated for suspicion of negligent assault. The dog was straying on the road and was unhurt.   09 23: 00: Berlin – a 39-year-old man injured in a fight in a car of the subway-line 7 are No more in life danger. He should be hospitalised but still in the hospital, a police spokeswoman said Monday. The deaf man was with a probably also deaf man between Siemens and pipe insulation (Siemens City) into a heated argument into the night to Sunday and beaten down by this. At the train station of pipe insulation, a witness pressed the emergency brake. The attacker escaped as well as a third do not in fact involved man.   . Similar facts can be found reading url.

The New Zealand wants to ban the Union Jack from its flag.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand said on Monday after the electoral triumph of his center-right party that it was high time to banish the Union Jack national flag that symbolizes the former British colonizers. John Key stated that he wanted to hold a referendum on the subject in 2015. I would like that we advance, I would like to do in 2015, he told Radio Live. I’m obviously a strong supporter of the change, he said. In the past, the Prime Minister is that the silver fern well known to lovers of rugby figures prominently on the national emblem in favour. The fern is already the hallmark of the All Blacks and is instantly recognizable as a symbol of New Zealand, in the same way that the maple leaf symbolizes Canada, argues John Key. The current flag, featuring on blue Union Jack and four stars, was used for the first time in 1869 and officially adopted in 1902. Those who attached say that many New Zealanders have died to protect their flag and that change it injure their memory. Proponents of change say them that it looks too much like the flags of other former British colonies, such as the Australia. The national party’s John Key won absolute majority in the parliamentary elections on Saturday. If the Prime Minister finds himself in a position to be able to govern alone for the first time for his third term, he has fact knowledge Sunday that he would not forget the smaller parties with which it was allied until then and offer them positions. . You can visit this to read extra about this amazing matter.