Ebola epidemic – Liberia imposed curfew and quarantine.

In the fight against the Ebola epidemic, Liberia has imposed a nightly curfew. As long as the disease stop the movement of the population should be controlled thereby. Liberia is the most affected by the epidemic in West Africa. Chaos reigns in cities. Liberia imposed a night-time curfew because of the Ebola epidemic. As President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf announced on Tuesday night in a radio address, should the curfew Wednesday every night from 21 00 A.m. to 6 00 pm apply. Also, the authorities placed two entire neighborhoods under quarantine, of which one in the capital Monrovia. The Ebola virus appeared first at the beginning of the year in Guinea, in the border area between Sierra Leone and Liberia. It spread rapidly in the two neighbouring countries and finally reached Nigeria. The pathogen raises hemorrhagic fever, which in many cases leads to death. There are no medications to prevent them, but early treatment increases the chance of survival. The virus through bodily fluids spreads from person to person. WHO declared the epidemic now to the health emergency and let the usage of still not proven medicines and vaccines in the countries concerned. Nigeria reported a fifth victim of Ebola on Tuesday. As announced by Onyebuchi Chukwu Minister of health, a doctor, care of late July to Nigeria’s first Ebola deaths, a man traveled from Liberia, died. Meanwhile, three suspected cases in Germany and Austria not substantiated are. How Charité announced the Berlin on Tuesday evening, when a patient who had been delivered under temporary suspicion of Ebola in the hospital, all of the tests for the detection of negative for Ebola. The woman, who had been eight days ago in Africa, therefore suffers from a malaria infection. Also at two Ebola suspected cases in Upper Austria the authorities gave all-clear on Tuesday evening. The two men from Nigeria were also negatively tested on Ebola, as communicated to the Ministry of health. . Inspirational source may be read reading this web site.

Superman comic auction: The world’s most expensive booklet.

A man from West Virginia paid San Jos̩ Рten cents in June 1938 for the comic on its cover a completely unknown hero in Spandexhosen like a Herculean tackle a green car in the air. The brawler is blowing in a red Cape. You hit the booklets, you can see baby Superman as it is sent to a space ship to Earth. Further the Super kid in an orphanage raises already a few panels furniture pieces. The figure as Clark Kent will be presented the comic readers from in 1938 no reader could have imagined, that he would be the first and probably the most famous superhero of in comic book history. The owner of the booklet kept for 40 years there in a box made of cedar wood. Then he sold the action comics 1 dealer. Round 200 000 copies was the first edition of the oldest Superman adventure, only a few of the Urcomics exist today. And because the same copy over the decades has been so well protected, it also today still looks like new. Who wants to offer on that action comics 1, must previously undergo an examination by eBay and prove that he can also pay the proposed summer. The checkout is then later easier: can be shipped Darren Adams declared the seller, the comic book dealer. However, you could meet to pass at a secret location in Seattle. A portion of the sale price will flow to the Foundation of the Superman actor Christopher Reeve. The Foundation helps patients with spinal cord injuries; Reeve himself had become the paraplegics in a horse riding accident. . Similar text can be found reading fact.

World War II bomb rips a crater in the highway.

Just off Highway 3 in the flight path of the airport of Frankfurt and Offenbach a ten-Zentner bomb from the second world war is blown up on Tuesday evening controlled. The explosion tore an about 20 to 25 m wide and two to three meter deep crater in the pavement, a spokesman reported the Offenbach police. No one was injured. The highway was first fully locked, the approach to the airport was again possible in the late evening without restriction. Also in Brandenburg, an unexploded bomb from World War II was discovered on Tuesday. The 100 kilograms bomb in Russian was afternoon found in the vicinity of Neuenhagen (Märkisch-Oderland) in road construction. Nearby, people must leave their homes around 1000. The evacuation began on the evening 19 00 watch and should be done only in the late evening, as a fire brigade spokesman said. On Monday hundreds of residents had must leave in Marburg, Germany because of a bomb their homes. It was discovered during construction work in a residential and industrial area and defused on the evening. . For extra information regarding this subject click http://tomtailor.henrysdaughter.com.

Summer: Ostia is celebrating 31 August the 65 years of football.

Rome, 19 Aug. -(Adnkronos)-Turns 65 years the Football and the Host consecrated, August 31 next year, the ‘ table football Day. The summer is coming to an end, but not the passion for one of the most loved and frequented by Italians of all ages, who arrived in our country in 1949. For the occasion, the lungomare Amerigo Vespucci will become accessible to all with normal Foosball tables along with those used by the Italian National Italian football Paraolimpica, winner of the world title in 2013. Which honor the best in Football if not August, when legions of young, dal dopoguerra a oggi, spent hours under the scorching sun to deal between games of wrist and half ball, rolled, trilled, blend? Makeshift teams, often friends, lost and found, entire evenings passed to slide the ball between moulded plastic figurines of two players. Everywhere and without limits of age or class. In a village Cafe and on the feast of the square by the great metropolitan event to the most fashionable pubs, from campsite inhabited by under 25 at the holiday destination of families and adult couples. And to think that in Italy the spread table football began at the end of the second world war, when crude foosball have been used for the rehabilitation of veterans. Hence the name football that still today at sixty-five years since his arrival in Italy, continues to be the clean and intelligent entertainment and is suitable for all, can develop a sociality now alienated by video games and the most modern consoles. (more). Main data may be read reading the following site.

Tfa, Miur makes budget: 100,000 participants, 40% admitted. Errors? about 2800 32 tests.

The system, which provided an opportunity to consult on the portal of the Cineca and the correct answers from the day after the exam, it worked fine: to 13 August all candidates were aware of the score. Some problems on multiple has been found with regard to the quality of questions and answers prepared by the Ministerial Committee, which during the month of July have triggered protests by participants and that in recent days have led the syndicate Anief talking about "false quiz". Even here, though, according to the Miur, the situation is under control: the reports received were "less than a hundred", all taken into account. In the end, the Ministry has decided to intervene with 32 corrections. Sixteen questions were actually cancelled (by validating all four responses) because spoiled irretrievably: this is the case, for example, the question of merging AC05 38 on the Zollverein, in which it was stated the wrong date of Treaty (1843 instead of 1834). Sixteen questions have been validated two responses on four instead of one, because "the wording of the questions or answers was such as to make it too close the plausibility of the correct answer and the distractor main". However, a small percentage of errors (close to 1% of the questions, 2. a total of 840), which according to viale Trastevere does not affect in any way the validity of the tests. In other cases, the objections raised were analyzed and rejected as unfounded ". Almost inevitable in any event that this year there are appeals to the Tar, but the Ministry is convinced of the correctness of the work. At stake there are 22. 478 posts for aspiring teachers in all of Italy: by 2012 the Active Training, joint Training now to the second cycle, became the only course of qualification for teaching. As expected, the pre-selection test were the major participants leghold traps: although it should be presented to "only" 101. 414 candidates (applications for registration had been even 147mila), the percentage of admitted was 40.8% in individual and collective classes 33.4% in the consolidations. The average age of the future teachers is 33.6 years (less than 35.4 years of 2012). Now between them and enabling step essential to aim for a Chair, are written and oral tests to be held in the autumn. The courses should start as early as November. . Additional information can be found checking resource.

Passera wand the Government does business with entrepreneurs renziani.

Lightning and Thunderbolts in the sunlight. But business away from the spotlight. And so while on the one hand launches darts and criticizes the Government Radio, the founder of Italy and former banker Corrado Passera tries to leverage its assets in investments with businessmen close to the former Mayor of Florence: Leonardo Ferragamo, Christian Esclapon and Paolo Barberis. In a letter sent to prominent members of civil society, just as the country hovers the specter of corrective manoeuvre, the former Minister of economic development of The Government points out that the Government’s response to the crisis "is not appropriate" and "will continue to postpone issues that must be addressed in structural way". Allegations that, if you go to the map of your business, are likely to go a bit like butting with business that Will parallel is developing with some prominent members of the "magic Lily" renziano. Passera is in fact holds the 8.51% (about 200 thousand euros) in Cii2 spa, an incubator that invests in innovative start-ups. In the capital of the company there are entrepreneurs Florentines as a Christian Esclapon (16.6%) and Leonardo Ferragamo (12.7 percent), especially close to the President of the Council. Not to mention that a share of Cii2 precisely the 12.3%, is in the hands of a Florentine society called Tdb srl, which is 46% owned by Paolo Barberis, another entrepreneur renziano, inter alia, founder of white dwarf, an "Accelerator" of companies that are working in close synergy with Cii2. Who knows what they think fellow ventura of stilettate of former Minister against Matteo il Magnifico. Probably if you hold for them. On the other hand you know: pecunia non olet. Ever. And flounder, from former banker, a certain business acumen has it. . Extended facts can be found clicking link.

The Iranian president is counting on the impartiality of IAEA.

According him, the Iran takes seriously the negotiations with six international mediators and the IAEA. The main objective of the Iran is to ensure its legitimate rights, including the enrichment of uranium for peaceful purposes. Last twelve months the IAEA has regularly inspected Iranian nuclear sites declared on several occasions that the Iran nuclear program was not deviated from the path of peaceful development, said Rohani. The Iranian President said a final agreement with the IAEA could be found in less than a year. We believe that with will and determination, it is possible to achieve a final result with the IAEA in less than a year, said the Iranian leader. He stressed that Tehran was particularly willing to achieve a positive result in the shortest time. The three-month deadline imposed by the agreements between the IAEA and Iran for the unveiling of information on Iran’s nuclear programme runs late August. The IAEA conducts a dialogue with the Iran in parallel with the Six and Tehran negotiations on the comprehensive settlement of the nuclear issue. The IAEA is also responsible for ensuring compliance with the agreements between the Iran and the Six concluded late November 2013, as well as possible agreements that may be entered into during the negotiations extended until next November between the Iran and the Six (USA, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, China). . For additional on this matter visit http://tomtailor.henrysdaughter.com.

Portugal’s largest bank fraud: Bank of the unholy spirit.

But also the big name could not prevent that the Bank in early August, collapsed and had to be rescued with 4.9 billion euros of State money. The lion’s share comes from the aid package, which the EU and the IMF for Portugal had set up, among other things to the restoration of the Portuguese banks. After the collapse of the Bank is now becoming increasingly clear looming: taxpayers in Berlin, Paris and Rome are probably responsible for a sophisticated financial fraud in Lisbon. The dynasty has made apparently the Bank the money source for your corporate network, when problems appeared. Want with methods that don’t fit to the sublime name. 2009, as the financial crisis that beutelte banks, some managers were supposed to end still seem to be an idea, what with the distant Swiss offshoot of the Portuguese Empire begin to let. Eurofin and turned into a straw man company, which helped the Bank to sell their own debt of customers – and to financial backers of the Empire made them without their knowledge. That came again from the investors of the Bank: sole purpose the Fund was the issue of preference shares, which were sold to private customers of the Bank according to the annual reports. The investors believed shares in funds to invest, promising top yields, with evocative names such as Aforro and Poupança (savings) or top Renda (top income). In fact their money on the vehicles in the tax havens came back again in the group, who sold them the papers: the Empire of Espírito Santo. The mesh didn’t because the relative shares were issued small slices and served only a few investors: private customers of Banco Espirito Santo. Because the clientele remained so limited, the Bank needed to print also not fund brochures. Where she must disclose actually, how exactly the papers put together. And in what the Fund invested. . You should check the following url to discover extra about this great matter.

Ukraine conflict: No breakthrough at crisis meeting in Berlin.

Berlin – the crisis meeting by German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier with his ministerial colleagues from the Ukraine and Russia is come to an end after almost five hours in Berlin. German Government confirmed that in the night of Monday. Russian Foreign Minister Sergej Lawrow left the meeting venue in Berlin-Tegel without a comment. Despite of the mediation efforts, the fighting in the separatist strongholds of Donetsk and Luhansk worsened at the weekend further. Pro Russian rebels shot down a fighter jet over the Eastern Ukraine on Sunday. Government troops advanced in the direction of Luhansk and regained control of a police station according to own statements, had been captured in April by the separatists. In the evening the station and a residential area of artillery shelling of government troops were taken in the small town Jssinowataja in Donetsk, told the pro-Russian separatists. While there have been injured. The rebels shot back. . Root facts could be studied reading the following http://tomtailor.henrysdaughter.com.

Paris and Berlin are trying to bring Russians and Ukrainians.

The German Foreign Minister and his french counterpart Laurent Fabius invited Sunday evening in Berlin Russian and Ukrainian Ministers Sergei Lavrov and Pavlo Klimkine for a new quadripartite meeting. Frank-Walter Steinmeier spoke before the start of the meeting, "new momentum". The German Foreign Minister hoped to relaunch the dialogue between the Ukraine and the Russia while the conflict between the Government in Kiev and the pro-Russian separatists is still no solution. "Otherwise, we run the risk to stand still, back again and falling again into an escalation," he added. To maintain the thread of the negotiation whatever the cost, the head of German diplomacy and his french counterpart Laurent Fabius had invited Sunday evening in Berlin Russian and Ukrainian Ministers Sergei Lavrov and Pavlo Klimkine for a new quadripartite meeting. Paris and Berlin would lead to a "sustainable ceasefire" in the region and a framework "for the effective control of borders" between the Russia and the Ukraine. But the previous meeting in the same format, early July, had failed to achieve, despite statements of good intentions. The "first step" hailed this day there by Frank РWalter Steinmeier and Laurent Fabius was not followed by effect. And the crash of flight of Malaysia Airlines then made the situation even heavier. "There is no easy solution," said Steinmeier before the start of the meeting. "The news today show that we are far from the end of the conflict, he added. We are far from a political solution. "After taking a new step in the sanctions, Europe worries about loss of control on the ground, between the Ukrainian army, which seems to grow, and the Russia, who does not want to lose face. "If we are not very careful, we will always drift more toward a direct confrontation between Ukrainian and Russian armed forces, warned Frank-Walter Steinmeier. This must be avoided at all costs. "This is why Angela Merkel has only one obsession: do not lose contact with the Russia. The Chancellor spoke Friday with Vladimir Poutine and has expressed it its "concern". Friday, president Fran̤ois Hollande had invited Kiev "for restraint and discernment" in its military operations. "I call on Russia to respect the territorial integrity of the Ukraine", he added. Acting hand in hand, Paris and Berlin give more weight to the European Word. But, for the moment, the efforts were unsuccessful. . For additional information regarding this matter visit http://tomtailor.henrysdaughter.com.