Square Georges Marchais debaptised in Villejuif: “Lamentable” according to his widow.

Removed 18 months after having been glorified. The name of Georges Marchais will be finally wiped off the map of Villejuif. -Patron of the french Communists – was member of Parliament for 24 years, will soon see its debaptise square. Inaugurated 15 years after his death, it was the first public place to honor him in one of the last red departments of France. But the new mayor UMP intends to promote "other characters in the story. Georges Mathe, eminent oncologist of the city and fervent Gaullist, will have the scoop. "Lamentable", sighs Liliane Maia, the widow of activist still installed in Champigny-sur-Marne. "It is to him we owe the metro in Villejuif. He has done much, with Mangal, to medical research and the institut de cancérologie Gustave-Roussy. ""remove plaque will not rewrite history, also said his son, Olivier Marchais. "What is happening is serious, and the prefecture will respond!The decision was posted Wednesday by the majority "Civic Union". This unprecedented alliance UMP-IDU-EELV-KVD that toggles Villejuif in March. After 89 years of municipal communism, is the time for rebalancing. «Take a plan, said the Town Hall. Most of the names of streets and places refer to communism. There are many other talents, other figures to recognize. It is time to bring a little diversity here. "The local Communists scream to the"provocation ". "We do sums not fetish, lance Pierre Garzon, their leader. But you want to erase the name of a man who did so much to Villejuif statement of bigotry. ""Provocation is to have imposed on the city this monolithic vision of past events, responds the municipality. As Georges Marchais remained a controversial figure. "And denouncing his"repeated support plan Soviet, responsible for millions of deaths", its ‘silence during the Prague Spring’, its ‘absence of resistant l’action. Disgusted and decided to save the memory of Georges Marchais, the local PC announced already a Republican rally Monday night. «He was asked technical services to put plate in the trash, reported Pierre Garzón.» We’ll release them at 18:30 back to the National Assembly. ‘ > Stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. Similar info can be inspected checking info.

Economic heritage of the France is the on-site.

A stable level over one year. National economic heritage of the France – representing the value estimated assets and liabilities public and private nation – grew by 0.1% in 2013 in constant euros. It is thus established at 13. 345 billion euros, eight times the net domestic product (PIN) of the year (ie the wealth produced less depreciation and impairment of assets), according to the annual study by Insee published Friday 19 December. The decline in real estate prices weighs on the heritage the reason for this low growth can be explained by the stagnation of the value of housing and built land, which slowed down the progression of the heritage of french households. Nearly two-thirds of this heritage consisting of real estate assets in berne, the French have are therefore moderately rich in 2013 explains Insee: end of 2013, the wealth of households stood at 10. 414 billion euros, or eight times their disposable income net. Its growth is moderate for the second consecutive year (+ 1.8% after + 1.7% in 2012), because if their financial wealth continues to grow significantly, their non-financial assets is almost stable. Unlike real estate, financial assets held by households have them, continued to grow at a steady pace. Their value rose by 4.8% in 2013, because flow still significant investments and revaluation of securities, explains Insee. Finally, the heritage of public administrations (548 billion euros) remains almost unchanged – after will be much eroded in 2012 – since it is made up 87% of buildings and land. . Similar text can be found clicking http://ericnadel.eu.

Judge Ruz proposes to prosecute 11 people for the event’ Pretoria’.

The case Pretoria on urban corruption uncovered in October 2009 in municipalities of the Barcelona Metropolitan belt nears trial. The judge of the national audience Pablo Ruz has today issued the self that becomes the cause abbreviated procedure, equivalent to indictment step. In the case are accused, among others, Bartomeu Muñoz, former Mayor of the PSCE in Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona), and Macià Alavedra and Lluís Prenafeta, two men of the utmost confidence of the former catalan President Jordi Pujol. The former Deputy of the PSC Luis Andrés García, nicknamed Luigi, that as conseguidor of contracts is also accused. The auto, 27 pages, gives finished the investigation into the case, that judge Baltasar Garzón, initiated and understands that there is evidence to prosecute 11 people for trafficking of influence, bribery and money laundering offences. Public finance crimes allegedly committed by defendants already have been prescribed, according to the instructor magistrate. The judge described in its reasoned resolution how the accused, between 2000 and 2009 intermediaron or influenced public auction in the province of Barcelona. In particular, it refers to three urban operations in Santa Coloma, Sant Andreu de Llavaneres and Badalona, in which Luis Andrés García had a keynote speech. Influences that Luigi moved sought the allocation of municipal land, retraining and its sale to a subsequent price. The accused perceived to change, according to Ruz, "substantial commissions, which subsequently would be to hide both his ownership and his allegedly criminal origin" through "corporate and financial networks complexes". Alavedra and Prenafeta judge figure at 6.08 million (Alavedra) and 14.9 million (Prenafeta) the profits generated, in part by commissions. The money, which was regularized in its statements of income, was diverted to a corporate network of Andorra and the Cayman Islands. In the case of Luis Andres García, which, according to the judge, had a keynote speech, profits amounted to 5.8 billion euros and 1. 728. 064 Bartolomé Muñoz. Research now ending has been extended to six countries (Costa Rica, United States, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland and Andorra), who sent their banking details last October. After analyzing the documentation, the tax agency submitted a report to the judge Ruz. With this document on his desk, the judge understands that you can "give finished the detailed instruction of this cause, having been indiciariamente accredited the systematic Commission of the acts under investigation". . You should check this http://ericnadel.eu to discover more regarding this amazing matter.

Bygmalion: the former Financial Director of the UMP loads the entourage of Sarkozy.

Marianne reveals Thursday having consulted the minutes in custody, end of October, Fabienne Liadze. According to the weekly, the former administrative and financial of the UMP, explained in detail to the police from the financial brigade case Bygmalion. On the same topic why Sarkozy has repaid the man’s case Bygmalion, Jérôme Lavrilleux UMP, leaves local mandate VIDEO. Bygmalion: Cope swear again that he knew nothing VIDEO. Case Bygmalion: amazing exchange between Sarkozy and an interactive activist. All about the battle of the UMP it was mainly pointed to the role of some relatives of Nicolas Sarkozy in this system of false invoices designed to pay to the party the former head of the State presidential campaign spending. She particularly described to police, according to Marianne, the role played by Eric Cesari, former Deputy of the UMP. Indicted for breach of trust in this matter, this close to Sarkozy "had administrative power of decision," she told investigators.  "He checked the quote and ask me regularly the justifications for the expenditure. I said that I was dealing hierarchically to Eric Cesari", she added. For Fabienne Liadzé, this man was aware of the invoices of the company Event & Cie, Bygmalion subsidiary in charge of the Organization of the meetings, the cost overruns of the campaign and their regulation by the party.  "When he gave me part of a decision, I know not if it came from him or from Jérôme Lavrilleux", said the former Financial Director of the UMP. It stated, however, that Jérôme Lavrilleux, the man through whom scandal erupted, had final decision-making power ". Marianne also ensures that Fabienne Liadzé, placed under the assisted witness status, explained why Cesari signature was on documents relating to the Sarkozy campaign expenses paid by the UMP.  "Once the quote is validated by the applicant, there was commitment. I conveyed to Eric Cesari for visa", she said. Within the party, Cesari was nicknamed ‘the eye of Sarkozy ". Lavrilleux, he has always released the former president of the Republic in this scandal. The latter, by refunding early December the UMP €363 615 of the penalty imposed for exceeding campaign expenditure, thought extinguish the fire related particularly to this case Bygmalion. The flames remain always vivid. VIDEO. Sarkozy caught up by the business, its activists don’t believe pasVIDEO. Sarkozy has repaid the UMP penalties for 2012La accounts of the meeting in Villepinte campaign would have been Truqueele large rally of Villepinte (Seine-Saint-Denis), which was held on March 11, 2012, has been the focal point of the candidate Sarkozy’s presidential campaign. Fabienne Liadzé, former Financial Director of the UMP, has confirmed to investigators, according to Marianne, that its accounting had been rigged. Costing more than EUR 3 million, it was the subject of a double billing. The weekly says that Fabienne Liadzé questioned several officials Nicolas Sarkozy campaign team. > Stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. Extended text can be found reading http://ericnadel.eu.

The oroCos ì nanoparticles kills the cancer.

Use the fearsome ability of cancer cells to survive even in low oxygenation to make them identifiable by gold nanoparticles can locate them and destroy them. This is what was done by a group of researchers of the Institute of applied physics of the Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche (Ifac-Cnr) and the University of Florence. The new technology, shown on Advanced Functional Materials, and is protected by patent.  Cancer cells are distinguished from healthy ones for their ‘ thirst ‘ of oxygen. With our work we found that just the features developed to respond to hypoxia can be used for their identification, said Fulvio rat, study author and researcher of Ifac-Cnr. In particular, we found that hypoxic cancer cells react to oxygen-deficiency has continuing-expressing a membrane enzyme called carbonic anhydrase 9 (Ca9). We have made this sort of recognizable impression by gold nanoparticles with an inhibitor of Ca9, for example a sulfonamide: nanoparticles thus identify and attack hypoxic cancer cells, which are the most difficult to reach with conventional therapies. Once bound selectively to these cells, nanoparticles can be activated with a laser. Depending on the light exposure system, ultrasonic or generate nanoparticles that heat could be used respectively for diagnostic imaging or to remove malignant hyperthermic cell, said the rat. The experiments conducted so far have been carried out on cells grown in the laboratory and prove that, soon replaced conditions of hypoxia, cancerous cells can be effectively recognized and destroyed. The way to apply this technology to the man it is nevertheless still long: will indeed require complex stage preclinical testing in animal models, before entering the clinical trial. . Related info can be inspected checking reference.

IN PICTURES. Prince Harry embarks on the photo in Lesotho.

Modern and always relaxed, the Scamp of Buckingham went the week last in Lesotho, a Kingdom landlocked in South Africa. During this visit, prince Harry visited the orphanages run by his "Sentebale" association This organization was established in 2007 following the havoc created by AIDS, which is rampant in this small territory, plagued by poverty and violence. On the same subject in pictures. Kate Middleton wearing the sweat Hoody as person the Lesotho recorded the highest rate in the world of HIV. One child in three is an orphan. With a father Christmas hat or lifting a laughing boy in his arms, the brother of William paid his person. But it also turned into photographer. A device in the hands, it multiplied shots all week. The photos make the English sites. Among the most touching images, that of a group of small boys who expect to participate in a market for their school.   > Stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. For more information regarding this subject check page.

The criminal of the Supreme Chamber criticized the interference of the Government.

Thirteen of the 18 judges constituting the criminal of the Supreme Court Chamber signed a letter addressed to the Chairman of this body, Carlos Lesmes, Act to some recent statements by the Minister of the Interior, Jorge Fernández Díaz, in which it described as "unfortunate" the ETA members releases decreed by the national court and by the Supreme. The letter is signed by all members of the Board of the Supreme except for the President, Manuel Marchena, and judges Julian Sanchez Melgar, Antonio del Moral, Andrés Martínez Arrieta y Carlos Granados. Among the signatories are several judges belonging to the conservative sector of the judiciary, but that, like the rest of his companions, criticize interference by the Minister and alert Lesmes of "malaise" that they have been manifestations of Fernández Díaz. Statements referred by judges are part of an interview with Minister published last Saturday by La Razón. Fernández Díaz was asked by the releases of ETA issued by the national court and by the Supreme Court, which in March forced the audience to review the conviction of the ETA José Luis Urrusolo Sistiaga to discount him the sentence time honoured in France in accordance with an agreement European framework which allows for the accumulation of sentences. "Find it me regrettable from all points of view, also legally", replied the Minister, that the question of whether judges could be prevaricando to make these decisions, he replied: "I’m not saying that, but if that political or administrative authority had, perhaps currently is would be accusing him of a possible crime of prevarication". more Informacionla audience disagrees about discount to the ETA in France the Supreme punishment postponed the decision on the accumulation of penalties of the ETA the Government criticized the release of ETA: "This cannot be" judges of the Supreme collected in their writing these statements, as well as others of the same interview in which Fernandez Diaz, referring to the chances of the Government to curb the releasesRemember that already promoted a legislative initiative to avoid what he describes as a"deeply unfair". Judges cite, finally, other two statements of the Minister: one in which regrets to make "an alternative use of the right" and another in which argues that these decisions of the hearing and the Supreme "cause lack of confidence in the institutions". The 13 judges who signed the letter, "without adding any qualification regarding the behaviour of a member of the Government", ask the President of the Criminal Chamber to convey to the President of the judiciary, Carlos Lesmes, his "distress" by statements from the Minister. Judges will also require that, if the President of the judiciary considers that Fernandez Diaz claims "are not appropriate, nor saved due respect" to the Supreme Court I do know the President of the Government and collect this "institutional reaction that puts coto" events like these. The reaction of the judges of the Supreme occurs after several weeks in which the Government has repeatedly criticized the releases of the ETA. The trigger have been manifestations of the Minister of the Interior, but among the members of the Supreme, the audience and the General Council of the judiciary not sat well criticisms of the Vice President, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, after the release of the historic ETA Santi Potros. "This cannot be", then said the number two in the Government, adding: "the citizens do not understand and we (the Government) nor understand it". The Minister of Justice, Rafael Catalá, joined a few days ago in criticism of the prisoner releases and showed his confidence that the Supreme Court "validate" the Spanish law that restricts the accumulation of sentences, promoted by the Council of Europe. Català launched its message days until the High Court held a plenary which, in principle, would set a single criterion on if Spanish prisoners who have served sentences in prisons in other countries of the EU can be deducted from the time of conviction in Spain. But the Supreme, ultimately decided to defer this decision until, at least, the month of January. . Related text can be read visiting reference.

Coca-Cola against Pepsi: Holy’s Fläschle.

One day, something from the sky fell. The story begins with a pilot in a small propeller plane, which flies over the botswanian steppe, opens the window and throws out an empty Coca-Cola bottle. For Master Chief XI, which drops the bottle at the feet, the story begins with a question: why had the gods sent something so strange? It looked like water, but it was harder than anything he knew. The strangest and most beautiful thing they had – ever seen so the Narrator voice-over describes the astonishment in XI’s tribe if this gift of God. The heritage of Coke bottle is good even today for slapstick. This time: Australia 2014, Supreme Court in Adelaide, also quite sunny, also a kind of culture clash. Namely the between Coca-Cola and its largest and old rival Pepsi. The latter had started on the seventh continent a few years ago, filling its Brown competition shower in glass bottles, which resemble the Classic Coke bottle with the longitudinal curves, the slim waist and the white Coca-Cola logo embossed on proud swollen breast confusingly. So anyway, lawyers for Coca-Cola argued: likelihood of confusion! Trademark rights! Exploited our good image! Briefly summarised the judgement of the presiding judge Anthony Besanko goes something like this: Nope. In the long version, the Court argued of course legally correctly, almost already philosophically. The Pepsi bottle is now times not similar enough, was the judge, because she have neither flutes (Kannelüre: vertical Groove on the column of Latin canna = pipe, channel, furrow = French cannelure), still it had a clearly delimited, flat belt strap with the lettering as the container of the competition. Much more horizontal waves dominated the bottle shape. Also, Besanko said the Pepsi version, her waist is gradual and it seems to extend higher on the bottle. UH. Yes. Coca-Cola or Pepsi, which is under sugar shower drinkers in the United States an age-old question of faith. Here, there is no confusion. But somehow you can understand, if Coca-Cola opens a four-year process. When the company presented its new bottle in 1916, the designer Earl R. Dean had won a competition, the result of which a bottle which recognizes someone even in the dark, should be shaped so that everyone knows what it was, even if it is broken. The thing is just sacred. . Original data can be found checking this reference.

Athletes, students, citizens – America protested against its police force.

But there is another way: Stuart Geiger (27), doctoral candidate at the University of California, has also participated in the demonstrations. He filmed how peaceful demonstrators prevented the looting of an electronics business. See the tweets can be found about a photo of prostrate participants of an Anthropology Conference at a University in Washington, D.c, At this as "the in" designated form of protest deaths symbolic "mimic", by the protesters lying motionless at the bottom. The protests in Berkeley and in other American cities began on November 24. Then decided a grand jury in Ferguson (Missouri, United States), to open no court proceedings against the white police officer Darren Wilson (28). This, even though the officer shot and killed the unarmed black Michael Brown (18) on the road. The nationwide protests were then also fired when a court in New York also pretty much decided on December 3. Although the white policeman Daniel Pantaleo (29) at his arrest to death choked the black Eric Garner (43) and was filmed here, he is not indicted. . Additional facts can be found checking http://ericnadel.eu.

Ecopolises, ecoparcs: towards a sustainable industrial model.

Ecoparcs, ecopolises, ecosites, eco-industrial park, ecological economic parks, green parks, natural parks,. the names are many. Nevertheless, it seems that today ‘ hui, using primarily the first two. What differentiates them? Few things, if it’s only the ecopolises designate activities parks specifically dedicated to companies in the sector of eco-activities. According to the international OECD definition, eco-activities are "activities which produce goods and services to measure, prevent, limit or correct environmental damage to water, air, soil and the problems related to waste, noise and ecosystems. -Industrial and territorial Ecology: it is inspired by the functioning of natural ecosystems to know an organization characterized by an optimal use of resources and a high rate of recycling of the material to an energy recovery. Specifically, waste some, instead of being incinerated, buried or released into the natural environment, become resources for others. Thus, the community present on the ecosite communicates with all types of actors – companies, communities, citizens, associations – acting on the same territory to exchange materials, energies, information to have a triple environmental, social and economic performance. This Exchange is called industrial symbiosis. In a few words, these ecopolises and ecoparcs promote economic development and job creation by encouraging the development of more environmentally-friendly practices. They revisit the space and enrolled him in a perspective of sustainable development for a new economic dynamism. . Extended information can be read reading link.