The bags are returning to run, hoping to help the ECB.

New fellowships in Sprint in Milan as in Europe or on Wall Street. Investors are hoping that the ECB to Mario Draghi begins to buy corporate bonds from next year, to support the recovery. It might, however, prove to be a mistake ,. Like in a game of mirrors, good closing yesterday on Wall Street allowed since morning on European exchanges to share after the negative day yesterday, but then recovering the price lists of the old continent is fed by expectations of the launching of a program to purchase corporate bonds by the ECB, giving the pretext to Wall Street to extend its rebound and encourage a further increase of the closure of the old bags Milan Mainland on his head. To drag the upside were again cyclicals as Mediaset and banks such as Bpm, Mps, Ubi Banca, Banco Popolare and Bto. But because the markets continue to rise if the economy stays in private and prognosis study manoeuvres by various European Governments, especially Italian, are not exempt from criticism and have numbers that in some cases seem more an assumption of faith that does not rest on any real hope of accomplishment? Because if the ECB really had to judge appropriate to buy corporate bonds, i.e. bonds issued by companies, not just banks (as in the case of covered bonds, which started today a program to buy up to 200 billion euros, or Abs, or securitized loans, the ECB will begin to purchase from December) in fact Mario Draghi would have found a way to skip banks in his attempt to reach the liquidity to businesses. With some risk, of course. The first of which is what eventually did not do anything: the obstinacy with which Germany continues to plead guilty to this or other measures that in any way could see the ECB constitute as "lender of last resort" is matched only by the doubts about the actual efficiency of such programs should turn to companies (or banks, or even when States to be purchased are Treasury securities) that operate on markets plagued by a crisis by question. The ECB, like the Federal Reserve or the Bank of Japan can "buy time", but cannot actually take off the resumption and the case of Japan, where "Abenomics" should be based on three pillars (a relaxed monetary policy, less restrictive fiscal policy and a significant work of removing bureaucratic obstacles and competition), only one of which has been seen deployed (monetary, in fact) with poor results, should serve as a warning to all those who still believe that central banks alone may "remove the chestnuts from the fire" that decades of misrule have finished with the hoard of deficits and public debts. By dint of buying time by inflating their budgets, central banks (on whose role and effectiveness of which is growing from a debate for now confined to academia but who may soon find one side in the political sphere, especially if the "extraordinary measures" will eventually prove more effective than not "ordinary shares") are replacing more and more ordinary credit banks in the credit provider to the economic system (both public and private). This on the one hand it is good because it melts bench-sovereign bonds threatening that were at the base of the perverse mechanism that led to the collapse of Greece during the sovereign credit crisis of 2010, on the other hand is bad because substitute enterprises (banks) who should try to earn money by presenting the best possible offer in terms of credit and financial services and associated costs is likely to decrease the competition that increasingly we should strengthen, for the sake not only of the customers of institutes, companies and families that they are, but the banks themselves. But how can this be if we’re still talking about purchases of bond or pro-growth measures without innovating our economic culture remains a mystery to me. For this reason I repeat once again: we are facing a profound cultural crisis, Italian and European cuisine. And commitment of all stakeholders should be to accelerate the pace and do the "desert crossing" as quickly as possible and with lower social costs possible, taking advantage of the relief offered by the liquidity so generously provided by the ECB and by her sisters. Stop to linger in the old thinking that models the work of Mario Draghi, or Janet Yellen will be the panacea of all ills would be fatal. . For more facts about this matter click weblink.

Canada, 25-year-old Islamic extremist kills a soldier. The Government: terrorist Matrix.

-It’s clearly a case linked to a terrorist ideology. This is a terrible act of violence against our country, our army, our values. What apparently seemed a tragic but normal, accident, supposed to be hiding actually something much more serious. To confirm it is the Minister of public safety Canada, Steven Blamey, referring to news of the death of one soldier and the wounding of another. Why, last night, on the outskirts of Montreal, the two militaries have been invested voluntarily by an Islamic extremist. Which, after a flight of four kilometres, was rammed by a police flying. And was killed by agents, while, according to rumors, brandished a knife in his hand. If confirmed, it could be the first real attack Islamic State in the West, after his threats. From the outset there were strong suspicions about what could be a real array Islamist attack. Because the killer of the two soldiers is Martin Ahmad Rouleau, a Canadian citizen of 25 years, recently converted to Islam, which in recent months has radicalized considerably: from unshaven to anathemas against the West. So much so that, as Canadian police said in an official statement, was a potentially dangerous subject, already known by the agents. So much so that, according to the testimony of a neighbour of Rouleau, who lived with his family in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (Quebec), the father was shocked by her metamorphosis and has done everything to help him. So much so that in various Twitter account until yesterday Rouleau, a 25-year-old boy, praised the jihad, Islamic State, to revenge against the West. Not surprisingly, on her Twitter profile, it still is a flag of Is. Immediately after the incident, the Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper during a hearing in Parliament, had insuinato than that of Rouleau can be a real attack on the security of Canada: the first news that we have are very troubling. The Canada, which is part of the US-led international coalition against the ISA, is blacklisted by the State Islamic jihadists, who recently called for attacks against the West, including Ottawa. This Is, in its message, calling the attacks of any kind to his followers. And Canada has been mentioned, the last time at the end of September the disturbing case is reminiscent of a soldier slain in London Street last year by two young Islamic extremists. That, after the murder, addressed the audience and the cameras of their smartphones, claiming insanely their gesture. . For more information on this topic click page.

Frodavano tax: 62 suspects and dozens of searches across Italy. Jailbreak for 1.7 billion.

The military police special unit of the Guardia di Finanza currency are running dozens of searches and seizures across Italy in an investigation that has uncovered an evasion Millionairess. In the survey, conducted by the public prosecutor of Rome, are investigated more than 60 people. The contested offenses to the suspects range from conspiracy aimed at tax evasion, bankruptcy fraud, money laundering. During the operation the Financials have seized goods for more than one hundred million. The damage to the State coffers amounted to 1.7 billion caused by mega escape. The mechanism put in place by the suspects, have rebuilt the investigators, was to rely on subcontracting services to specially formed cooperative societies, by companies of the suspects, who are both contracts aggiudicavano public bodies and private companies. In turn, co-operatives give false invoices for nonexistent operations, ensured by the Gdf to about 400 million, crediting the money received to other so-called final cooperatives. These accounts were being progressively emptied through cash withdrawals, not justified by any commercial logic. . You should visit this weblink to read more about this amazing matter.

+++ IS-fight NewsTicker +++: Kobans IS attacking from all sides.

Explosion in Kobans: stop the fighting in the Turkish Syrian border © Bulent Kilic/AFP the Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) want to do more in the fight against the jihadists: with Justice Minister Heiko’s proposals to tighten Maas (SPD), the criminal law, it was not done, said Herrmann Passauer Neue Presse. It must be thinking also, conditions under which Germans, who have a second passport, could be released from the German citizenship, if they were a foreign extremist organisation in services. Maas wants, that is now punishable, who leaves Germany to participate in acts of violence in other countries, or to educate. In addition, the offence of financing of terrorism should be established. Kobans attacking IS on all fronts. According to the Syrian Observatory for human rights, there were fierce battles between Kurdish people defences and fighters IS doing. The Kurdish forces but able to fend off a foray of the jihadists on the city centre. . Root facts can be studied visiting this

Trade unions: Fewer and fewer workers are organized.

The degree of unionisation in Sweden, where nearly 70 percent of all wage and salaried Union is highest. However, there were still over 80 per cent of Sweden in the early 1990s. In this country, the proportion of trade unionists has declined also: while the percentage of organized rose shortly after the turn to almost 40 per cent – since then, the unions lose members but continuously. It is now only every fifth employee in a Union. It looks similar in the United Kingdom, which has a history of the Union. In the 1980s, the compulsory membership for workers of many companies in a Trade Union was abolished under the Government of Margaret Thatcher. in 1990 just a quarter of British workers were organized. Today there are less than 20 percent. The world’s first Trade Union was founded in 1842 by the way by typesetters in Belgium. And in Germany, and more people are joining a Union as a party: just two percent of citizens in the West German Länder have a party book. In the East, there are even under one per cent. . You can visit the following url to learn extra regarding this amazing topic.

Trial Pistorius: what can save Blade Runner of the prison or precipitate it.

Conversely, the defence of Blade Runner pleads for simple work of general interest, or other alternative penalties, a folder where the two sides do agree on one point, indisputable: Oscar killed Reeva on the evening of the 2013 Saint-Valentin. Now, the judge shall give a cost to such a move, even if unintended, and a price on the life of a woman. This in terms of the behaviour of the accused, before, during and after his fatal gesture. But with in addition the yoke of a ultra-hyped trial (because a fallen national hero-centric) whose social, moral, and even political issues are crucial in South Africa. A case that bruissera long ago, because ago safe bet that one of the two parties will appeal after sentencing statement, provided this Tuesday 21 October,.-crying, collapsing, or even vomiting, the attitude of the accused during the hearings was able to convince the remorse sincere man who has committed a fatal error if not be interpreted as the ups and downs of a murderer, struggling with his conscience. Counsel Me Barry Roux, pushing the highlight of pathos in insisting that his client had suffered a terrible ordeal in being presented in the press around the world since the tragedy in February 2013, as a cold-blooded murderer and a Hothead. No punishment could be worse than what he went through for 18 months, he said. Has denigrated it point make him a crazy killer, a killer in cold blood, and a bunch of horrible things. -The inadequacy of the prison with his State of health does not convince everyone. Thus, a South African prison official assured that the athlete with a disability could, where appropriate, be incarcerated safely, despite the danger, aging and the overcrowding in prisons in his country. I can confirm with confidence that if the tribunal, at any time, decides he must go to jail, there are institutions where we can incarcerate and hold the accused. And confirm that the wing medicalized Pretoria central prison, Kgosi Mampuru, had individual cells, with a toilet, bed, mattress, blanket, sheets, pillow, individual Cabinet,. And baths in the medical unit. -Editorialists questioned the use of the argument of the Ubuntu, a more philosophical notion that legal and above all, inappropriate if Pistorius. . .   . For more insights regarding this subject read link.

The baby bonus will go to families with Isee from 30 thousand euros.

Frantic hours for Legislative Office and economic advisers of palazzo Chigi, committed to file and define the contents of the stability law launched last Thursday by the Council of Ministers and waiting in the day al Quirinale to the expected go-ahead. The signature of the President Napolitano will give the start signal (after publication in «journal») to the Parliament’s budget session. In the last few hours, yes it’s gone so specifying the scope of application of the Fund by 500 million euros for the support of families, one of the flag maneuver 2015 standards. Baby Bonus to cores with Isee to 30 thousand euros as announced yesterday by the Prime Minister on tv, starting from 1 January 2015, expects a contribution of 80 euros to new mothers for every child up to three years of life. The baby bonus, which at first seemed destined to families with incomes up to 90,000 euros, should be recognised to families with Isee to 30 thousand euros, in line with a recommendation from General State Accountancy. For the 2015 families shouldn’t go anyway more than 900 euros. Roof decontribuzione hires In an interview, economic advisor of Renzi Yoram Gutfel has stated today that the roof (triennial) on contributions to recruitment without a time limit will rise from 6. 200 euros provided in the draft Bill of 8 stability. 060 euros per year, and will act as a franchise. Companies that would get a greater discount, however, the Inps will pay not the first 8. 060 euros, but only the surplus. The objective of the Government is to facilitate approximately 850,000 hires. VAT, the safeguard clause for the new minimum maneuvering regime provides for a special safeguard clause for joining tax exempt to the new regime of minimum: If the rules applicable so far were more favorable than those that will snap in 2015, the taxpayer may remain in the old system. Transparency, online local policy expenses Online Publication of all expenses for the local politics of regions, provinces and municipalities. . For extra data about this matter click homepage.

Roy Caceres and l? exuberant restaurant Metamorphosis.

LESS IS MORE, warned Mies van der Rohe. Countermand: Less is a bore, objected Robert Venturi. He must have thought something like Roy Caceres, at the time of developing the metaricetta cuisine, whose first ingredient seems to be the exuberance: a vitality all latina, garrula, flamboyant, high-voltage fired in the soft body of Rome. The yawning minimalists have done their time, such as chisels of’s school subtractions. On the plate rampicano fragrances and influences never seen, abbagliate by fluorescent lightning a hyperkinetic acidity. Happens in Rome, where Caceres is landed after a fantastic novel.  Born in Bogota and something years ago, just 16 was already in Rome with her mother, she moved in search of work by caregivers. His first passion was basketball, reluctantly gave up for lack of any stamp at the bottom of a scartoffia. Had to find a job, when a deus ex machina asked him: are you interested in a dishwasher in Misurina? Seasons followed in Italy: Isola Piana, Sardinia, where she met the inseparable Alessandra Ear, barman of the village, now a mother of three children; Bormio and Forte dei Marmi, where came the promotion on the field thanks to the sudden absence of Hairstylist, after years spent to throw the eye over the phrase. On the Monte Amiata the fixed Stud on a sous-chef, although "was a 150 seats, was looking for something different".  "I felt that I was missing something: the encyclopedia of family tastes, those who learn on Sundays for lunch from grandmothers. So I tried on the books, I asked the people in an effort to bridge the gap with my peers, "he tells Caceres. Which to be honest, after switching to Pellicano in Porto Ercole, would be in London, landed there were the September 11 and everything that followed. It is instead fall back on Castel Guelfo, precisely on Locanda Solarola, where a dazzling Antonella Scardovi working at his "home cooking" with the help of a handful of professional chefs. The opportunity to experience all around, and within two years the mindset of a chef in the round. "The work on the product, from Leghorn hens, kept deepening historical head: Sadeghi, Artusi, Cantarelli, Paracucchi,." Lazio Caceres lands in 2009-2010, which chef of Pipero in Albano. So way to familiarize yourself with a privileged location with local producers and customers, in order to prepare the latest metamorphosis in chef patron. The restaurant is almost ready: a single room with a raised space for events and 35 seats, figurative walls and underground kitchen, well equipped (roner, nitrogen, embers, lava stones for bread) but almost devoid of cells, given the proximity to the market. For the star just a year, to confirm a simple calendar change. In the Wildflowers of a global hybrids, starting with Grandpa’s reminiscences of Syrian origin, who as a child made him taste the minced raw meat by hand and expertly prepared by frying with the bulgur and chickpea hummus. Via the Latin nostalgia (which is already nostalgia of a syncretism), the reminiscences of Sardinia (the fregola soup smoked crustaceans and crabs) and Emilia Romagna (dessert pears in aniseed osmosis with squacquerone cheese and freeze cream Parmesan, now evolved into the abyss with Sage, nuts and melted chocolate from the waiter at the table). "My Italian kitchen," explains the chef. "But even I am at km 0. Coming up I thought I’d choose an icon of the Roman world and watch her from afar. Rome is synonymous with carbonara. But because everyone likes? For the creaminess. I adapted this feature and I did the subject of the dish, consisting of low-temperature egg, pecorino and Parmesan foam, guanciale cinta senese and blown the dough crispy. Same fate of matticella artichokes, broken down into several firings ". You can start with the oyster to the almond milk, fermented, sour elegance study in synergy with the flavor, which introduces a naïve and almost enchanted kitchen. And continue with buttons, for once-filled ravioli with butter and oil. The greasy, salty and of Irish descent, is thickened with pectin; in his pasta shell is then served in a Parmesan broth prepared in a pressure cooker, with a sprinkling of white truffle. A dish as essentialist, which never prune dominant exuberance. Or liquid ravioli of fish soup, served with the fish out, strictly raw. The same game, basically, roasted lamb shoulder, lightly smoked, browned and served with an ancho chili mole toasted, dried fruit, green and red tomatoes; yogurt sauce, avocado, mint and onion. Aside from a Sage seed misticanza in emulsifying function for the deadlift aromatic. A Roman institution increased to graze away. . Inspirational data can be studied reading this

The Sweden sees Russian spies everywhere.

On the other hand, only once in the history of the USSR submarine actually ended up in the territorial waters of the Scandinavian State. In autumn 1981, a submarine S-363 diesel was lost due to failures of the navigation system and because of the poor visibility, and ran aground Southeast of the Sweden. The scandal at the time was amazing. Although no submarine is protected against the risk of such an incident, regardless of its country of origin, the Russian submarine commander seriously got back straps, and the routes of Russian submarines in the Baltic Sea were traced more away from foreign waters. Moreover, experienced interceptors can not only identify the foreign desk, but also the class of the submarine in the vicinity. The electromagnetic field and thermal specific to each submarine allows specialists even give the name of the device. And if the latter, as claim the Swedes, manifested by sending a distress signal, then it is only a matter of technique to find the submarine down. . Extended text can be inspected visiting

Premier League review: These video games are more realistic.

You sit with your best buddy on the PlayStation. He Stuttgart, you Leverkusen. In the first two actions in the game, they’re getting powerful with your favorite player one out: only wiggle with Heung min son via joystick snap Stuttgart keeper out – 0:1. Then pull off just angle, 0:2 after a failed discount, from 29 yards. Her buddy lamented that at most IAM so would have made it. Ten-minute try on the hat-trick, but to casual Kalou son on the crossbar. The next big opportunities they vertändeln, only then to natzen (of course after pass from son) Bellarabi five defenders and increase to 0:3. At half-time, blaring abusive songs from the balcony – and miss the latest feature: the speeches in the cabin you can control, good COP, bad COP, good fairy, evil Veh? Your buddy meets twice in half two. You get aggressive, through unnecessarily with son, insist, the following free kick with son away to head – and promptly collect the 3:3. At the end, you are grateful that your goalkeeper in the 94th, save the draw. And a photo-realistic Rudi Völler blames perfectly animated: it was against Bremen, just then making less a nitrous in a frenzy of superior being. These video games are more realistic. Bayern against Bremen, despite, or rather because two historical events. Bremen showed solidarity with the GDL; without scabs in sight she fired a single shot on goal as the first team since the beginning of the gathering of statistics (1993-94). Meanwhile, Philipp Lahm managed at half-throttle his first double pack. He made his second goal per tunnel, he initiated the action itself by hoe. At the end, it was 6-0 against the harmless handful in green. Robin Dutt and Robin Hood may have colour and tonal similarities – in terms of mentality worlds lie between their troops. The Bremen are so poorly equipped that their club is renamed. In Bundeswehrder. About the two Borussias. Gladbach remains on unbeaten and is now first Bavaria Tracker. The latest strike, a threesome 3:0-win against Hannover, managed the Elf from the Rhine Kruse-Double Pack and positive thinking in the direct free kick (Xhaka, you make it!). The Dortmund, however, had raised again fit reus, Mkhitaryan and Gadi optically identical, but Auger untalented doubles of Hummel and Weidenfeller. So it’s time to think the unthinkable–no, not quite as unthinkable as the disposal of Jürgen Klopp. Now they should call but the other Borussia the BVB instead Gladbach. Even in Westphalia, Dortmund is only the second-best team. To Paderborn. . Root source can be found checking the following