PHOTOS. Museum Guggenheim of Helsinki: projects in competition.

1. The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong the 312 rooms of the Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong are spread over 16 floors of the International Commerce Center, which rises to an altitude of 483 metres. This makes the hotel the highest worldwide. Guests staying here can enjoy a 106 cm TV in the room, with docking station for iPod, marble flooring in the bathroom, and especially of a stunning views of the Harbour and the town. A stay at the Ritz five star wouldn’t be complete without a dip in the swimming pool which is located on the top floor terrace. There is also an outdoor living room. Both are the highest of their kind. Finally, the hotel has a spa, with traditional decoration, which extends over 2700 m. (Photo Source: The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong) See more photos of the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong 2. St. Regis Shenzhen (Shenzhen, China) St. Regis of Shenzhen, designed by the British architect Terry Farrell, is a symbol of the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen. The 297 hotel rooms occupy 28 floors of building 100 Kingkey, offering stunning views of the city. The equipment of the rooms is at the forefront of technology, all in a sophisticated and elegant design. The St. Regis has also several meeting rooms and ballroom for weddings and other large events. (Photo Source: St. Regis Shenzhen, Shenzhen) See more pictures of the St. Regis Shenzhen > 3. Jumeirah Emirates Tower, Dubai two Jumeirah Emirates Towers hit the horizon more than 300 metres. The hotel attracts the businessman and the most prestigious travellers with its chic design, 16 meeting rooms, its technological innovations and a seamless service. The hotel has 16 restaurants, one of them lying on the roof of the building, of course, offering stunning views of the city. Guests from Jumeirah have also access to the beaches of the hotels of the group from sea. They can also enjoy free entry to the Park aquatic Wild Wadi, all with shuttle transportation. (Photo Source: Jumeirah Emirates Tower) See more photos of the Jumeirah Emirates Tower > 4. JW Marriott Marquis (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) this stratospheric structure rises to 355 metres and is comprised of more than 800 rooms on 77 floors. The hotel features also 14 restaurants. The rooms and suites are furnished with high quality materials in a modern and minimalist style. The view on the city, and Dubai’s financial district, mainly is breathtaking. And to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, its spa offers ancient techniques of healing and a range of traditional treatments. (Photo Source: JW Marriott Marquis) See more photos of the JW Marriott Marquis > 5. Burj Al Arab, Dubai the Burj Al Arab is the fourth largest hotel in the world (1053 meters above sea level). It is distinguished by its form of sailboat looming on the horizon, off the coast of white sands of Jumeirah Beach. The hotel has the reputation of being the most luxurious in the world. A registration service is available on each floor, a 24-hour service and a fleet of Rolls Royce is the VIP guests. Guests are welcomed in a lobby adorned with gold, with rose water, dates and coffee. Other records: the hotel has the largest atrium in the world, as well as an aquarium containing 4000 fish. (Photo Source: Burj Al Arab) See more photos of the Burj Al Arab > 6. Grand Hyatt Shanghai the Grand Hyatt in Shanghai is located in the Jin Mao Tower and was long the highest in the world. Created in 1999, the Grand Hyatt has 555 rooms spread over 34 floors, all with spectacular views of the city. The hotel is distinguished by its interior, which combines Western art modern and traditional Chinese elements. (Photo Source: Grand Hyatt Shanghai) See more photos of the Grand Hyatt Shanghai > 7. Grand Lisboa (Macau, China) Hongkongais Dennis Lau and Ng Chun Man architects have joined forces to create the iconic Grand Lisboa Hotel in Macau, China. Hotel five star has 15 very reputable restaurants and more than 400 rooms and suites, each equipped with a Jacuzzi and a hammam. In addition to its rooms, the Grand Lisboa is also known for its casino, one of the most famous of the region – where is held each day, and for 27 years, a renowned Parisian cabaret (the Crazy Paris Show). A stay at the Grand Lisboa is not complete without a meal at the restaurant three-star Robuchon at the Dome. Held by the famous french chef Joël Robuchon, he has recently appointed best restaurant of Asia in the Miele Guide. (Photo Source: Grand Lisboa) See more photos of the Grand Lisboa > 8. Baiyoke Sky Hotel (Bangkok, Thailand) located inside the Tower Baiyoke II – the tallest building in Thailand – Baiyoke Sky Hotel offers a choice of 658 rooms located between the 73rd and 22nd floors of the skyscraper. The top floor has a bar on terrace. But customers also have the opportunity to explore the other eight bars and restaurants housed in the Baiyoke Tower. (Photo Source: Baiyoke Sky Hotel) See more photos of the Baiyoke Sky Hotel > 9. Park Hyatt Shanghai (Shanghai, China) the Park Hyatt is perched in the upper floors of the Shanghai World Financial Center, located in the financial district of Pudong, Shanghai. To escape the hustle and bustle of one of the most populated cities in the world, nothing better than a spa located at the 80th floor. The 174 rooms at this hotel guests have the possibility to enjoy its eight restaurants, a Whisky bar with concerts, a Tai Chi Court and many meeting spaces. The rooms are decorated in a minimalist style, with discreet furnishings and upscale. (Photo Source: Park Hyatt Shanghai) See more photos of the Park Hyatt Shanghai > 10. The hotel Four Seasons Guangzhou (Guangzhou, China) the Four Seasons of Guangzhou is located between the 74th and 98th floor of Tower IFC, a building ultra-modern and stylish district of Tianhe. Inside, 344 rooms, including 42 spacious suites of the city. Its six restaurants, including two lounge, offer guests the possibility to taste of Cantonese, Italian or Japanese cuisine very refined. The hotel also features a luxury spa and an indoor pool with views of the Pearl River Delta, where guests can choose from a wide range of Chinese traditional massage services. (Photo Source: Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou) See more photos of the Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou >. Root facts can be read visiting this

The SNCF team its Google Glass controllers.

A beret, a vest and a Google Glass. The panoply of SNCF controllers has been enriched, a time travel, connected Google goggles. The french group has tested Thursday the usefulness of the device on a trip iDTGV (subsidiary of the SNCF) on the line Paris Béziers. It is to make "the home and boarding (,.). more custom and cutback with a greater availability of the agent, a more direct visual contact with the traveler,"said iDTGV told AFP. Specifically, the Google Glass mostly made office supplementary tool control. Once the ticket is scanned with their usual machine, the traveller information appears on the screen of the glasses. The controller can then verify the identity of the user, his seat number, and even his date of birth, as well as the validity of his ticket. "The goal is to enrich the existing device and not replace", explains the SNCF group in a statement. Besides the price, it is not certain that the Google Glass really improve the relationship between the customers and the SNCF controllers. Connected Google goggles suffer since their beginnings in an image of intrusive device. The American Group has even published a guide to good behavior to its users, which recommends, inter alia, not to be a "Glasshole" (which can be translated by ‘shithead with of Glass’ in french) and to "respect the privacy of others. Get wish his birthday by a train controller can be considered as friendly by some, but also completely moved by others. . Additional text can be inspected reading

Students missing in the Mexico: resignation of the Governor of the State of Guerrero.

The scandal of 43 students missing from a month at Iguala, in the South of the Mexico, after having been delivered by the police to a criminal group, has made its first political victim: the Governor of the State of Guerrero has submitted his resignation Thursday night. The pressure for the resignation of Aguirre had ceased to grow in Mexico, particularly in all the recent events. He was accused in his inability to unable to curb the violence of drug traffickers in the region, and especially to have been unable to advance the research of the 43 missing. Elected in 2011 under the label of the party of the democratic revolution (PRD, left), the Governor found himself isolated this week after the request for his resignation by the parliamentarians of the ruling party, the institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) of president Enrique Pe̱a Nieto, as well as by national action party (PAN, conservative). Thursday he knew that he was let go by his own political formation. I decided to ask my leave of State Parliament, said at a press conference. He assured journalists that for him the key was now searching for the missing and the punishment of the culprits and desired that his resignation promotes a political climate that the attention to these priorities and their solution. The Governor did not specify for how long it went on leave from his charge, but he indicated that the regional Parliament should now elect the person who should lead this effort in the coming months. The next elections to the post of Governor of the State of Guerrero should be held in June 2015. The resignation of the Governor intervenes in the aftermath of the announcement by the federal authorities of a warrant of arrest against the Mayor of Iguala, Jos̩ Luis Abarca also an elected representative of the PRD, to be the alleged instigator, with his wife, the attack on 26 September against students. This attack had 6 killed, 25 wounded and 43 missing of which there is still no news, a month after. -Left on the ropes Рnow the PRD, the main formation of the Mexican left, is found in the strings for having supported both Aguirre and Abarca. But outrage affects the entire political class in this case that caused requests for explanation in the world. On Thursday, the European Parliament urged Mexico to move quickly to arrest those responsible. Tens of thousands of Mexicans demonstrated Wednesday in several cities in the country. Thursday, in the State of Guerrero, radical teachers occupied the municipality of Acapulco to demand that is found missing. About 20 of the 81 municipalities of the Gerrero were occupied by teachers Thursday. The Mexican president repeated every day that the priority of his Government is to track down the missing. The priest and activist supporter of the rights of man, Alejandro Solalinde, met Thursday with Justice Minister Jesus Murillo Karam, to inform him he had collected and evidence that would indicate that some of the young missing have been killed and their bodies burned, but some of them would still be alive. Out of this meeting, Mr Solalinde said he had found the Minister in charge of the investigation, very distressed. I do not know if it is for the victims or the political pressure exerted by the movement, which takes unsuspected dimensions. I believe this gives him a lot of headaches, not only to him, but also to the president, he told AFP. . Original facts can be found checking the following

Alluded to the evil within: zombies, knife, chain saws.

Sebastian Castellanos hangs upside down from the ceiling. A fat man goes by a butcher’s knife in his hand. He disappears, comes back with a severed body part, goes to a slaughter. Now I can back Castellanos and her swing until he is able to free himself. He flees and is pursued immediately afterwards – by the thick man who now wears a chain saw instead of a butcher knife. Welcome to the horror, welcome to horror game the evil within. The evil within begins with an emergency Gets the policeman of Castellanos. Something happened in a psychiatric hospital in the middle of a big city. Of course the emergency call at the most interesting point breaks, only death and destruction is of course on the scene. And of course half the city into rubble and ashes is placed in the first thirty minutes. It reveals too much if you tell that man knows similar from resident evil. And so it goes: I help Castellanos flee bloodied spaces, leave men with chainsaws, undead with torches and an amazing staying power behind me. I umschleiche hordes of zombies, to stab with a knife and burn their bodies. Just so they really don’t stand up, otherwise I can be me not so sure. I explore abandoned mansions, wonder about mysterious light signals from a distance. I am experiencing car accidents and people who develop into zombies. I feel at home in a pleasantly eerie way. The evil within is not a game that reinvents the horror. It is also not a game that really creeps me. It uses well-known mechanisms, running me how shower a surreal story of haunted at midnight over the back. In his attempt to be provocative and repugnant, the game is almost nice. The evil within of Bethesda, for PC, PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and one from 40 euro; USK: age 18. You can click the following to read extra on this amazing matter.

Unemployment: How the Government has hardened his discourse against the unemployed.

The Minister of the economy Emmanuel Macron is the last to be converted to this use. Interviewed in the Sunday newspaper, Emmanuel Macron is pronounced for a more comprehensive reform of unemployment insurance. There must not be taboo or posture, he said Recalling that the compensation system today presents a deficit of 4 billion euros, which it cannot meet. There was a reform, it is insufficient, we cannot leave it at that, he continues. The Minister of economy ensures that it is the social partners to seize the record and get things done, but adds that in the event of heavy blocking, the State could take over. Since then, two Ministers have followed suit by Manuel Valls. Jean-Marie Le Guen (Parliamentary Relations) considered that the continuation of the allowance unconditionally posed a number of questions. For his part, Stéphane Le Foll, spokesman for the Government, returned the ball in the camp of the social partners. These are indeed the unions and management which renegotiate every two or three years unemployment compensation rules. The Government, he, the power to approve or not the text. The current agreement was concluded at the beginning of the year and must remain in effect until 2016. The new rechargeable rights mechanism will come into force October 1. It will allow the beneficiaries of unemployment insurance to accumulate rights whenever they rework without losing those already acquired. The job seeker no longer has to worry about a possible loss of his allowance if he finds temporary work. Thus, when an unemployed person arrives at the end of rights, Pôle emploi will consider the number of days worked (and non-compensated) during this period of unemployment and recharge all its rights to compensation. Currently, the amount of allowances received by a job seeker is constant throughout the period of compensation. As regards the duration, it is calculated according to the principle worked someday equal one day compensation, within the limits of two years for the assets of less than 50 years, three years for those aged 50 and over. It must have worked at least 122 days, or about 4 months over the last 28 months (36 months for 50 years and more). . You should visit this to learn more regarding this amazing matter.

Election hinge for Tunisian democracy.

It is a ritual of campaign: each end of day, national television broadcasts, at the rate of three minutes per spot, the messages of the candidates in the October 26 elections. The moment is historic – it comes to the election of the first Parliament since the revolution of 2011-, the exercise remains not less laborious. And for good reason! More than 1. 300 lists, some 13. 000 candidates compete for 217 seats in the Parliament. ‘Some expressed candidates simply to get on TV’, quips an academic. Rather than denounce the fanciful applications – and they are many-, he prefers to highlight the immaturity of the political life. A cela unexceptional: after the yoke imposed by the Ben Ali regime, it was the explosion. But attention, five parties only are able to submit lists in 33 constituencies. Basically, two camps compete. But the almost certain absence of an absolute majority will lead to an inevitable coalition. Ennahdha, the Islamist party, winner of elections in 2011 with 89 seats won, led the Tunisia until earlier this year. While leaving the reins of the Government, the party of the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt adopted in recent months a readily more consensual language, almost Gatherer. "If we go out first, we will seek to establish the broadest coalition possible. "Our hands are extended to everyone, without exclusion no", says Haynes Eddine Taabouri, spokesperson for the party. "If we come second, we have no preference for ministerial portfolios." We are in the context of a broad national consensus for fifteen years to establish democracy and to create traditions,"he says. . Extended information can be read reading reference.

Europa League: brief skirmish police supporters before Lille-Everton.

A brief scuffle broke out between supporters of Everton and police Thursday afternoon in the heart of Lille, in the aftermath of a fight between English and french supporters and a few hours of the Europa League match between the two teams, according to concordant sources. The forces of order have availed a tear bomb and two shots from balls of defense launchers, reported Northern prefecture. There has been no injuries and a man was arrested. In early afternoon, a British police officer spotted two individuals in the crowd of hundreds of Everton supporters gathered on the Grand Place de Lille: one is known as hooligan, one for drug trafficking, said the prefecture. Plainclothes police decide to detain them but, taken to task by a group of English fans, they take refuge in the entrance of the Northern ferret, the great library of the city which overlooks the place, said an AFP photographer who witnessed the events. It was then that the CRS intervened. Some supporters retaliated by launching projectiles. The incident lasted for 5 to 10 minutes. The Toffees on Tour had invested the Grand Place in the morning, including covering the façade of the Theatre in the North of the blue banners of Everton FC, including several messages of encouragement to Roberto (Martinez), the coach. A few minutes after the incident, supporters of Everton were investing again places, redoubling effort in their songs in a gone good atmosphere child and devoid of aggressiveness towards passers-by, found the AFP. The police in turn remained very discreet, monitoring remotely. Wednesday evening, an Englishman had been slightly injured in the Vieux-Lille cheese during a brawl between supporters of Everton and the Losc. The brawl broke out in a bar around 22:45 when a quarantine of the masked face individuals attacked a group of Everton supporters. Some of the attackers were carrying sticks and chains, said the prefecture of the North. The police officers, including the CRS, arrived quickly on-site, immediately away the Group of aggressors. Riot police then had to use tear gas to repel hundreds of English who came in contact. Police operative had remained in the night, without further incident. Shortly before 01:00, all groups were dispersed. An important safety device, altogether between 800 and 850 people, has been in place for the match of Europa League between Lille and Everton (19 h 00). Are present including five to six mobile units of CRS, 300 to 350 members of the public security, and an equestrian brigade of 12 riders. . Main data may be read visiting this fact.

Stress: here’s how it affects the health of the heart and blood.

Let’s see how stress can affect the functioning of the cardiovascular system, and especially how it can be dangerous to your health. As mentioned in the previous post, a danger (experienced or imagined) produces, among other things, an immediate increase in blood pressure and heart rate because of this "stress circuit" just described. The ultimate goal is to increase the blood supply to the muscles of the arms and legs, to facilitate an attack or escape. The cardiovascular response to stress is therefore to work hard for a while the heart and blood vessels. Since the first is nothing but a mechanical pump and hoses seconds, in the long run will wear. When the pressure increases, the blood returns to the heart more forcefully. Over time, the walls ispessiranno producing possibly increased left ventricular mass (left ventricular hypertrophy). The vessels will suffer damage, especially in small arteries branching points of the whole body, in this case increasing the risk of formation of arteriosclerotiche plates. . For extra about this subject visit article.

Car dealerships are accelerating on the tendency of the connected store.

More in addition to Internet users learn about the web before going to concession, when considering the purchase of a car: this search stage is therefore part of the purchasing process, and dealers must integrate. Applications on Tablet, more interactive web sites: the shopping experience starts well upstream of the visit in concession, and nourishes, similarly, by allowing to prepare its potential customer with its selection of models, options, colors, etc. Fact, and thanks to the screens, technical information getting in the dealers sales pitch, allowing to integrate into digital presentations a great number of options, which sellers can now demonstrate on screen without necessarily actually equipped vehicle of the options in question: screen is responsible for presenting the colors, textures, performance. Thus, the connected concession looks like a showroom, and allows its vendors to present interactively models, options, specifications, manufacturing processes, etc. Between models and options selected on shelf and wall projections on a giant screen, the shopping experience is more fun than ever! Virtualization that allows maximum customization, offering a range of ranges and options almost infinite,. but especially impossible to present, in its entirety, in a physical way. Some present manufacturers at the Mondial de l’Automobile go even further now with models with Oculus Rift: virtual speed, discovery of the cockpit test,. The possibilities offered by the virtual helmet bought a few months ago by Facebook are many. An initiative that appeals to the public to believe the queues at the world! You can check the following url to read more on this interesting matter.

Scene München: Half as wild.

The House Party was a go out option celebrated during the student time to the utmost. Beer in the bathtub, broken doors, strangers who make even pasta dishes on the stove after 3 o’clock in the morning, things like that. You did it because it was cheaper than to arrange themselves with friends in a bar, where a drink costs 8.50 euros, and because often there are mottos at house parties, to which you had to dress up. That was sometimes funny. That such dignified House events are so successful, has to do with growing up. However, nothing is to be, finally you will forever drink wine out of coffee mugs. You but looking forward and rubs the cheese and wine quite spherical belly, when it again after months is invited to a house party. It is as before: in the kitchen, their residents are. In the semi-darkness, two make out. Followed by chocolate cake pizza bag follows liquor. It tastes surprisingly good. It feels just wild. Everyone go home at 2 o’clock. Well, almost as before. . Related text can be read reading page.